How to change your name on Fortnite

Are you tired of using the same old Fortnite username over and over again? Do you want to change it up and stand out in the gaming crowd? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to change your name on Fortnite. Whether you’re playing on a console or mobile device, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. So grab your controller or phone, let’s dive in and give yourself a new identity in the world of Fortnite!

How to change your name on Fortnite

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How to change your Fortnite name from the Epic Games website

Changing your Fortnite name from the Epic Games website is a quick and easy process. First, you will need to log in to your Epic Games account. If you don’t have one yet, create an account by clicking on “Sign In” and then “Sign Up.”

Once you’re logged in, click on your username located at the top right corner of the screen. Then select “Account” from the drop-down menu that appears.

From there, navigate to “Personal Info,” which is found under the Account Information section. Here, you’ll see an option labeled “Display Name.” Click on this option and enter your desired new username.

After entering your new display name, click on save changes at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to change your name; simply follow these steps and voila! Your Fortnite username has been updated.

It’s important to note that changing your Fortnite name through Epic Games may take some time for it to appear in-game as it needs time for processing. So give it some patience before checking if it worked properly or not.

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Can you change your Fortnite name from the mobile app?

Many Fortnite players prefer to play the game on their mobile devices due to its convenience and accessibility. However, if you want to change your Fortnite name from the mobile app, you may be disappointed.

Currently, Epic Games does not allow players to change their Fortnite name from the mobile app. This means that even if you have downloaded and installed the game on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to use a web browser on a computer or laptop in order to modify your username.

It’s worth noting that this limitation is not specific only to mobile devices as users of Nintendo Switch consoles also face similar restrictions. So it seems like changing your name either requires playing through PlayStation or Xbox consoles or using a desktop browser.

While it may be frustrating for some gamers who primarily play Fortnite on their phones, there are still options available for those who wish to update their display names. As long as you have access to an internet-connected device with a web browser, then changing your Fortnite username should still be within reach!

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Can you change your Fortnite name from a Nintendo Switch?

If you’re playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering if it’s possible to change your name. Well, the answer is yes! You can indeed change your Fortnite name from a Nintendo Switch, but the process isn’t as straightforward as on other platforms.

Firstly, you need to go to the Epic Games website and log in with your account details. Once logged in, hover over your username at the top-right corner of the page and click “Account”. On this page, select “Connected Accounts” and then choose “Nintendo Account”.

You’ll then be prompted to sign into your Nintendo Account. After doing so successfully, return back to the Connected Accounts page on Epic Games’ website and click on “Unlink” next to Nintendo Account.

Once unlinked, launch Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch and create a new account using a different email address than what you used before. After creating an account with a new email address that’s not linked anywhere else already (e.g., Xbox Live), connect it with your newly disconnected Nintendo Account by following these instructions once again from scratch.

It may seem like a bit of work for something as simple as changing a name but it’s definitely doable!

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How to change your Fortnite name on PlayStation

Do you want to change your Fortnite name on PlayStation? It’s a fairly simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

First, log in to your Epic Games account on the official website. From there, navigate to the “Account” section and select “Connected Accounts”. Choose PlayStation from the list of connected accounts and click on “Disconnect”.

Once disconnected, go back to the main account page and click on “General Settings”. Here you will find an option called “Display Name”, which is where you can change your Fortnite username. Type in your desired new name, then hit save.

After changing it through Epic Games’ website, launch Fortnite on your PlayStation console. Your updated username should now appear within the game.

Remember that changing your display name will not affect any progress or items you have earned within Fortnite. So go ahead and switch up that old handle for something fresh and exciting!

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How to change your Fortnite name on Xbox

And there you have it, folks! Changing your Fortnite name is a simple process that can be done on various platforms. Whether you’re playing on Epic Games website, mobile app, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox, changing your in-game name is no longer a daunting task.

Remember to choose a unique and memorable name that reflects your gaming persona. But also keep in mind that the chosen username shouldn’t contain any offensive language or symbols.

So what are you waiting for? Follow our step-by-step guide for changing your Fortnite username and start showing off your new identity to other players online. Happy gaming!