How to Access Your PC from Your Phone [Best Solution in 2023]

Scenario: Can I access my PC through my phone?

“Does anyone know if there is a way to remotely access your PC from your phone over the Internet? I work for an IT company and need to assist our clients with remote support. But I can’t guarantee that my computer will be with me in case of an unexpected problem. I’m searching for a feature to let me access the computer remotely from my phone over the Internet.”

How can you access your PC from your phone? With professional PC remote control apps, you can access your PC from your mobile devices. Keep reading.

What is remote access?

Remote access refers to the ability of users to access a device or a network from any location. With it, you can remotely access a Windows computer using an Android or iOS device, allowing you to view and control the computer while you are away. You have complete access to the computer and can access files on the remote PC.

What are the benefits of remote access from phone to PC?

You can be anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and control PC from phone Windows 10. Mobile devices can access and control network-attached computers no matter where they are located. While your PC may not be portable, Android and iOS devices certainly are, and with the right software installed, they let you enjoy the full functionality of your home or work computer.

People can check an important file on their home computer while at the office or access work computers from home, enabling them to keep an eye on things while they are away. Utilizing remote access tools will save time and money when providing onsite technical support for businesses that rely on their computing environment.

How to access your PC from your phone

There are numerous remote mobile access software solutions on the market, and deciding which one to use might be difficult. To assist you in selecting the program that best suits your individual requirements or professional goals, we go over AnyViewer, the top remote access app for iOS and Android.

AnyViewer is free, fast, and simple mobile phone remote access software. It provides users with a virtual mouse and keyboard on their phones, making remote control much easier. It offers a variety of control options; users can operate the remote computer using a mouse or touching the screen. These controls make accessing data on your computer or performing tasks simple.

Besides, AnyViewer is a very secure option with high-level safety features. It provides two-factor authentication to protect your account and privacy mode to prevent data leakage during the remote session.

Key features of AnyViewer for mobile

  • Unattended remote access: Users can work on an unattended computer remotely from a phone without a person to assist in setting up the request.
  • View screen: Users can view the remote computer’s screen without control.
  • One-click unlock: Users can save a Windows login password of an assigned computer to the local device and then unlock the PC with one click.
  • Remote lock/reboot/shut down. Users can remotely lock, reboot, or shut down the PC with one click.
  • Virtual mouse/keyboard: Users can use the virtual mouse and keyboard when controlling the remote computer.
  • High image quality: Users can alter the image quality depending on the network.

How to control Windows PC from the phone via AnyViewer

Use the following steps to access your computer from Android/iOS.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch AnyViewer on your remote computer. Create a new account and log in.


Step 2. Download, install, and launch AnyViewer for mobile on your local device. Log in to the same account as on the remote computer.

Step 3. Go to the Device interface, select your remote computer, and tap One-click control to establish an unattended remote access.



It’s good to know that a remote access solution AnyViewer allows you to access your PC from your phone. It is completely free! Now you can leave home in full confidence that your PC is only ever a tap or two away.