How to Send Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger 2024

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most popular messaging platforms, allowing users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues from all over the world. With its constant updates and new features, Facebook Messenger continues to enhance the user experience. One such feature that has gained immense popularity is Soundmojis, or Sound Emojis. In this article, I will guide you through the process of sending Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger, allowing you to add a touch of sound to your messages and express yourself in a more creative and fun way.

What are Soundmojis (or Sound Emojis)

Soundmojis are a new form of expression on Facebook Messenger, combining the power of emojis with the element of sound. They allow you to send short audio clips in the form of emojis, adding a whole new dimension to your conversations. Whether you want to send a burst of laughter, a heartfelt applause, or even your favorite song, Soundmojis make it possible to convey emotions and messages in a more engaging and interactive manner.

To access Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger, simply open a chat window and tap on the smiley face button next to the text input field. This will open the emoji menu, where you can find a new tab labeled “Soundmojis”. Once you enter the Soundmojis tab, you will be greeted with a collection of audio clips, each represented by an emoji. From animals and nature sounds to popular songs and movie quotes, there is a wide range of Soundmojis to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect one for every occasion.

How to Send Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger

Now that you know what Soundmojis are, let’s dive into the process of sending them on Facebook Messenger. Follow these simple steps to add sound to your conversations and make them even more expressive:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger on your device and select the chat window where you want to send a Soundmoji.
  2. Tap on the smiley face button next to the text input field to open the emoji menu.
  3. In the emoji menu, navigate to the “Soundmojis” tab by swiping left or tapping on the tab.
  4. Browse through the collection of Soundmojis and tap on the one you want to send. You can preview each Soundmoji by tapping on the play button.
  5. Once you have selected a Soundmoji, it will be added to your message input field. You can also add text or other emojis to accompany the Soundmoji if desired.
  6. Tap on the send button to send the Soundmoji to your recipient. They will receive a message with the Soundmoji, and they can tap on it to play the audio clip.
  7. Enjoy the interactive and engaging experience of sending Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger!


Q: Can I send Soundmojis to anyone on Facebook Messenger?

A: Yes, you can send Soundmojis to anyone on Facebook Messenger, as long as they have the latest version of the app installed on their device.

Q: Can I customize or create my own Soundmojis?

A: Currently, Facebook Messenger only offers a pre-set collection of Soundmojis that you can choose from. Customization or creation of your own Soundmojis is not available at the moment.

Q: Can I send Soundmojis in group chats?

A: Absolutely! Soundmojis can be sent in both individual and group chats on Facebook Messenger. Spread the joy and laughter with your friends and loved ones.

Q: Are Soundmojis available on all platforms?

A: Soundmojis are available on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that users across different platforms can enjoy this fun feature on Facebook Messenger.

Q: Do Soundmojis use data or consume storage on my device?

A: Soundmojis are designed to be lightweight and do not consume a significant amount of data or storage on your device. They are optimized for a smooth and seamless messaging experience.