How to Remove ‘Recommended’ Section from Windows 11 Start Menu 2024

As a Windows 11 user, you may have noticed the ‘Recommended’ section on your Start Menu, which offers suggestions for apps, files, and websites. While this feature aims to enhance user experience, some may find it intrusive or unnecessary. Fortunately, there are several methods to remove or customize this section, allowing you to tailor your Start Menu to your preferences. In this article, I will guide you through various techniques to eliminate the ‘Recommended’ section from your Windows 11 Start Menu, providing you with greater control over your user interface.

How to Remove ‘Recommended’ Section from Windows 11 Start Menu 2024

One effective way to remove the ‘Recommended’ section from your Windows 11 Start Menu is by using an Explorer patcher tool. These third-party applications allow you to make modifications to the Windows interface, including the Start Menu. By applying a patch to the system files, you can customize the appearance and functionality of the Start Menu, including the removal of the ‘Recommended’ section. However, it’s important to exercise caution when using patcher tools, as they can potentially impact system stability and security if not obtained from a reputable source. Always ensure that you download such tools from trusted developers and follow the provided instructions carefully to avoid any adverse effects on your operating system.

When using an Explorer patcher to remove the ‘Recommended’ section, it’s crucial to create a system restore point before making any changes. This precautionary measure ensures that you can revert to a stable state in case of any unforeseen issues arising from the modification process. Additionally, carefully review the features and functionalities of the patcher tool to understand its full scope of modifications and potential impact on the Windows 11 Start Menu. Once you have successfully applied the patch to remove the ‘Recommended’ section, restart your system to allow the changes to take effect. By utilizing an Explorer patcher tool, you can effectively eliminate the ‘Recommended’ section from your Windows 11 Start Menu, providing a more customized user experience.

If you prefer to retain some elements of the ‘Recommended’ section while also customizing your Start Menu, you can opt to reduce the size of the ‘Recommended’ area and allocate more space for pinned apps and shortcuts. Windows 11 offers flexibility in adjusting the layout and content of the Start Menu, allowing you to prioritize your preferred applications and resources. To achieve this, simply right-click on the Start Menu and select “Settings.” Within the settings menu, navigate to the Personalization section and choose the Start tab. Here, you can adjust the size of the ‘Recommended’ section by dragging the divider to allocate more space for pinned items. By expanding the area dedicated to pinned apps, you can create a more tailored Start Menu layout that aligns with your workflow and accessibility needs.

In addition to resizing the ‘Recommended’ section, consider organizing your pinned items to optimize productivity and convenience. Arrange your most frequently used applications and files within easy reach on the Start Menu, streamlining your access to essential resources. By strategically positioning your pinned items, you can enhance your workflow efficiency and minimize the reliance on the ‘Recommended’ section for app suggestions. Furthermore, take advantage of the customization options within the Start Menu settings to personalize the appearance and functionality of your pinned items. By reducing the prominence of the ‘Recommended’ section and prioritizing your preferred shortcuts, you can create a Start Menu that reflects your unique usage patterns and priorities.

Windows 11 offers native settings that empower users to customize the content displayed on their Start Menu, including the ability to manage and remove recommended items. To access these settings, navigate to the Start Menu and click on the settings icon, represented by a gear symbol. Within the settings menu, select “Personalization” and then choose “Start.” Here, you will find options to toggle the display of recommended items, allowing you to disable this feature directly through the Windows settings interface. By deactivating the display of recommended items, you can effectively remove the ‘Recommended’ section from your Start Menu without the need for third-party tools or complex modifications.

In addition to disabling recommended items, explore the advanced customization settings within the Start Menu preferences to further tailor your user experience. Windows 11 provides granular control over the content, layout, and appearance of the Start Menu, enabling you to curate a personalized interface that aligns with your preferences and workflow. Take advantage of these native settings to refine the visibility of recommended items and streamline the content displayed on your Start Menu, fostering a clutter-free and efficient user experience. By leveraging the built-in customization options, you can seamlessly remove the ‘Recommended’ section and optimize the Start Menu to suit your individual needs and aesthetic preferences.

Alternatively, you can directly remove recommended items from your Start Menu without eliminating the entire ‘Recommended’ section. This approach allows you to retain the section’s structure while selectively filtering out specific recommendations. To achieve this, navigate to the Start Menu and locate the recommended items that you wish to remove. Right-click on the respective item and select the option to remove it from the Start Menu. By individually removing unwanted recommendations, you can declutter the ‘Recommended’ section and tailor its content to align with your interests and usage patterns. This targeted approach enables you to maintain the overall structure of the ‘Recommended’ section while exerting control over its displayed content.

In addition to removing recommended items, consider customizing the content displayed within the ‘Recommended’ section to reflect your preferences and priorities. Windows 11 allows you to personalize the types of recommendations presented on the Start Menu, enabling you to refine the content to align with your interests and productivity objectives. By curating the recommendations to showcase relevant apps, files, and resources, you can transform the ‘Recommended’ section into a curated selection that complements your workflow and enhances your user experience. Embrace the flexibility of customizing recommended items to create a tailored Start Menu that aligns with your unique preferences and usage patterns, maximizing the utility and relevance of the ‘Recommended’ section.