How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad 2024

As a professional who frequently deals with documents and images on my iPhone and iPad, I understand the importance of being able to convert photos to PDF format. Whether it’s for sharing documents, creating a digital portfolio, or simply archiving important images, having the ability to convert photos to PDF directly from my iOS devices is incredibly convenient. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through four different methods to convert photos to PDF on your iPhone and iPad, providing step-by-step instructions for each method.

Method 1: Use Files App to Convert Any Photo to PDF on iOS

How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad 2024

The Files app on iOS devices is a powerful tool for managing and organizing various types of files, including photos and PDFs. One of the lesser-known features of the Files app is its ability to convert photos to PDF directly. To begin the process, open the Files app and navigate to the location where the photo you want to convert is stored. Once you’ve located the photo, tap and hold on the image file to bring up the contextual menu. From the menu, select the “Create PDF” option, and the Files app will instantly convert the photo into a PDF file.

Once the conversion is complete, you can rename the PDF file and choose a destination folder to save it in. This method is ideal for converting individual photos to PDF, and it offers a seamless and integrated solution for iOS users who prefer to work within the native Files app.

Method 2: Turn a Photo into PDF File Using Printer Option on iPhone

Another method for converting photos to PDF on your iPhone and iPad involves using the built-in “Print” feature. While it may seem counterintuitive to use the Print function to create a PDF, this method is surprisingly effective and simple to execute. To get started, open the Photos app and select the photo you’d like to convert to a PDF. Next, tap the “Share” button and scroll down to find the “Print” option. Upon selecting “Print,” the device will display a preview of the photo, along with various print settings. To convert the photo to a PDF, use a pinching gesture on the preview image to zoom in, which will open the photo in a new window. From there, tap the “Share” button again and choose the “Save to Files” option. Finally, select the destination folder and tap “Save” to complete the process.

Method 3: Use Apple Books App to Convert Picture into PDF File

The Apple Books app, which comes pre-installed on all iOS devices, offers a convenient method for converting photos into PDF files. To begin, open the Photos app and select the photo you wish to convert. Next, tap the “Share” button and scroll down to find the “Copy” option. Once you’ve copied the photo, open the Apple Books app and create a new blank document. Then, tap and hold within the document to bring up the paste option, and select “Paste” to insert the photo. After pasting the photo, tap on it to bring up the contextual menu, and select the “Create PDF” option. The Apple Books app will then convert the photo into a PDF file, which you can rename and save to your desired location.

Method 4: Use Third-Party Image to PDF Converters on iPhone and iPad

For users who prefer third-party solutions, there are numerous image to PDF converter apps available on the App Store that offer advanced features and customization options. These apps typically provide a user-friendly interface for selecting and converting photos to PDF, along with additional options for organizing and managing the resulting PDF files. To use a third-party image to PDF converter, simply download and install the app from the App Store, open the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to select the photos you want to convert. Once the conversion process is complete, the app will allow you to rename and save the PDF files to your preferred location within the app or the Files app on your iOS device.