If you want an experience of powerful cinema audio quality at your home than invest in the best home theater system. It has surround sound, HDMI out, HD audio and more. There are different types of home theater available in the market but it depends upon you, which fulfil your needs. For a small bedroom, 2.1 channel system is best with subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers, and for big living room 5.1 home theater systems with unique surround sound. We have listed the top 15 home theaters as per your requirements.

1. Philips Heartbeat 

 Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

Philips Heartbeat provides you with 5.1 multimedia speakers with magnificent sound quality. Philips Heartbeat provides you with five speakers with one subwoofer and a remote controller. If you want high surround sound, connect this device to your laptop or TV. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • The frequency range of subwoofer speaker 40Hz – 150Hz
  • Goes well with mp3 players, mobile phone, PCs and laptop
  • With 5.1 channel output best sound quality
  • With surround sound system unmatchable audio experience
  • With USB connectivity
  • Affordable and 1-year warranty

2. Zebronics BT4440RUCF

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

Zebronics 4.1 channel multimedia speaker looks beautiful with a glossy finish.  It is well designed and best sound system. The speaker has a good bass system with led display. It has multi-connectivity options like SD card, USB, Bluetooth. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Fully functional remote control and FM blue LED power indicator
  • Good quality and excellent bass system
  • Remote sensing distance up to 6 meters
  • Can supports Bluetooth, SD card, UDB and FM radio

3. TRONICA Super King Series

 Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

TRONICA super king multimedia speaker provides you 5.1 music system with fully loaded features. It gives you a grand theater experience at your home. It has high features like high – performance stereo sound, digital FM radio, bass control, fully functional remote control and many more. TRONICA provides you with five satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Extended bass quality with stylist 5.1 speaker
  • It has one subwoofer and five compact satellite speakers
  • It has wired remote control for easy access
  • Superb sound quality with a beautiful look
  • Support USB, SD card, Bluetooth and FM

4. Creative E2400 Home Theater System 

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

Creative E2400 home theater system is ideal for music lovers and movie fans. This home theater system has an in-built FM receiver which automatically tunes your favourite channel. Creative home theater is in classic black color which looks nice in your home. It can connect to the other external drives like media player, tablet and laptop by RCA and 3.5mm input. It has two speakers and a wooden subwoofer. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • With wireless remote you can control your system easily
  • It has dual input connectivity
  • 25 watts row power produced through that high performance wired speaker
  • USB thumb drives play music by the built-in MP3 player
  • It is lightweight and has clear sound
  • For excellent bass reproduction, it has a wooden subwoofer


 Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

ZEBRONICS provides you LED power indicator, LED display and a woofer with a glossy finish. It has a high-quality sound with bass and treble. This is the finest product which comes with an eco-friendly budget. This system is awesome and with an amazing look. Its subwoofer can easily accessible. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • It is lightweight and with a beautiful glossy look
  • With superb sound and powerful bass and treble
  • It has a fully functional remote control
  • Can supports SD card, pen drive and USB
  • It comes with a built-in stereo FM

6. F&D A180X 4200 

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

The F&D speaker is beautifully designed in a diamond shape. It has top-quality sound and bass system. The speaker system is with Bluetooth connectivity. It is suitable for small parties and can support any audio and video system. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Crystal clear sound with super bass quality
  • Fully functional remote control
  • Contrast LED digital display so it can easily readable
  • FM storage up to 100 station
  • Awesome experience of listening to music with F&D speaker

7. IBALL TARANG Classic 

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

IBALL TARANG classic provides you with premium wood casting with real fabric cover. It is a portable system so you can easily carry it anywhere. With 2.1 multimedia speakers super sound quality and premium look. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • It can support Bluetooth, SD card, AUX and FM
  • It is with treble and bass control system
  • Classic look with a dynamic subwoofer which can operate by remote
  • Quite and an impressive connectivity
  • You can tune your music through trebles and bass controls

8. F&D A140X

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

F&D speakers provide you rustproof metal grill on all speakers. The speaker has multi-function remote control. It has a plug and plays USB card reader and FM playback.  Balance sound that is pleasing to ears by the 2.1 channel system of the speakers. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • The subwoofer has 4-inch bass driver and multicolor decorative LED
  • MP3/WMA dual formats decoding  and up to 100 station FM storage
  • Plug & play USB card reader
  • Nice sound with an awesome look
  • Can connect laptop and smartphones

9. F&D F210X 

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

F&D 2.1 channel speaker has a beautiful look and easily operate with IR based remote controller. It has a simple wireless streaming of music. Bluetooth range is up to 15 meters. It has 4 inches bass driver for the subwoofer and 2.5 inches driver for satellites. It is best for a medium-sized room. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Sound quality is crystal clear
  • Up to 100 stations FM storage
  • It is compact & portable
  • Superb Bluetooth connectivity
  • Attractive look and easily operate
  • Plug & play USB card reader

10. iBall Hi-Basss 2.1 Speaker 

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

IBALL Hi Basss provides you with two satellite speakers and one sub-woofer. It has an LED display with a digital and remote controller. It has Built-in radio. It has a high quality of sound and terrific bass reproduction. If you are music lover IBALL Hi BASSS system is for you. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • It is portable and lightweight and has a built-in radio
  • Has an attractive sleek design and digital LED display
  • Remote control with full functioning
  • Supports USB, AUX and SD card
  • 10 days replacement and 1-year warranty

11. ZEBRONICS ZEB-Juke Bar 5 2.1 Multimedia Sound Bar  

 Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

ZEBRONICS provides you with simple and elegant design with LED display.  With 5-inch subwoofer and juke bar 5, you feel the room-shaking bass Experience. Soundbar 20 watts and output power subwoofer 25 watts. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Connect with Bluetooth, SD card, USB, AUX and FM
  • Wireless and functional remote control
  • FM Built-in and independence subwoofer
  • Room shaking bass experience with subwoofer and juke bar

12. IBELL IBL2045DLX 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

IBELL speaker system is a glossy finish with a sleek design. It gives you crystal clear sound. It has 5.25 Inch speaker with 2.5” inch subwoofer. Total RMS output of 45 watts by both unit. All sound ranges are covered by the product. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Up to 10 meters range Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless and fully functional remote control
  • Connect with USB, SD card, MMC and AUX
  • 1-year warranty and within 10 days replacement
  • FM stereo radio

13. ZEBRONICS BT6860RUCF 5.1 Bluetooth Speakers 

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

ZEBRONICS BT6860RUCF speaker has an eye-catching design and 5.1 channel wireless speaker. Its total output power 70 watts. The multimedia speaker gives you sparkling sound experience with ample features. The speaker power consumption is 45W. Let’s check out the product detail.

  • Fully functional remote control and in-built FM in the speaker
  • Can support USB, SD card, Bluetooth, AUX and MMC
  • It has a Stylish 5.1 multimedia speaker
  • It gives a 1-year warranty and 10 days replacement
  • It has a multi-connectivity option like wireless streaming via Bluetooth.

14. F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

This Speaker System plays your motion pictures, recordings, sounds, games, and more with enhanced bass and amazing sound. Besides, its wide similarity bolster lets you appreciate music with different gadgets, for example, DVD or MP3 Player, PC, TV, and the sky is the limit from there.


  • Massive on audio
  • Easy to carry
  • Satellite design

15. KRISONS Polo 7.1 Home Cinema Speaker System

 Best Home Theater under 3000 2020

Krisons Polo 7.1 Home Theater Speaker System has different sources for input like Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio, AUX-IN and is good with your Mobile Phone, Tablets, PCs, Television and so on. It accompanies 1 Sub-Woofer and 7 Satellite Speakers. It has a remote for usability. It has a High Output and completely clear common sound. It is an ideal home amusement sound framework with conditions of workmanship innovation and European Design. For the individuals who favor genuine worth, alluring looks, and prevalent execution this is the correct decision. Simply Plug-In and enjoy.