15 Best Home Decorating Games (Android/iOS) 2023

For those of us with a keen eye for interior design, it is no surprise that home decorating games are becoming more and more popular.

But with so many to choose from, which ones should you prioritize?

Read on as we look at the 15 best Home Decorating Games (Android/iOS) 2023! We will cover multiple genres and themes that can provide hours of entertainment. So if you’re ready to redecorate your virtual living spaces or just trying these games out for fun – let’s get started!

My Home Design – Modern City

 Best Home Decorating Games

Your ideal NYC home can be decorated 🎨🌃

Modern City is your new favorite home design game set against a stunning backdrop of New York City!

The Modern City offers new experiences for interior designers.

The interior designers Chloe and Liam are looking forward to working with you!

We invite you to meet several clients with different styles and demonstrate what you can do for them. You will be helping them renovate their homes, so they are eager to meet you.

These clients have very different tastes and standards, which is why they need someone with a good eye for design to impress them.

Collect coins to decorate clients’ homes with luxurious and exquisite furniture, decor items, and more by solving exciting and addictive puzzles!

You can turn simple houses into trendy and unique designer homes with your magic touch!

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Decor Life – Home Design Game

 Best Home Decorating Games

Would you love to renovate your house? Would you like a blank canvas on which to create your ideal home design over and over again? Decor Life is the game for you if you’d like to play out your interior design fantasies in a fun, relaxing environment where you can experiment with different furniture and décor concepts as you please.

Decor Life combines simple mechanics with an array of unique spaces, furniture items, and design objects to make moving and decorating fun without all the hassle.

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Home Design Makeover

 Best Home Decorating Games

It’s time to design, customize and decorate a dream home with beautiful decor in Home Design Makeover! Help lucky families turn dreams into reality with amazing home makeovers! Solve fun match 3 puzzles to help you create your perfect dream home! Remodel their fixer uppers to make them shine!

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My Home Design – House Game

 Best Home Decorating Games

This My Home Design – House Game & home decorating game lets you build houses, design floor & decor interiors, and renovate dirty rooms. 💡

Decorate your home with unique styles and renovation skills and express your creativity. You love real home decor, my home, house games, home design, home makeover, decor rooms, renovate houses & interiors, home flippers, home flippers, and decorating games? In that case, this Room FlipTM My Home Design – House Game is a must-have! 😀

Play this my home design & house flipper decorating game and renovate devastated houses, renovate your furniture, decorate interiors, and give them a second life.

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 Best Home Decorating Games

Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas to your real life. If you like home decor, you will love Redecor.

These features include:

You can style photo-realistic spaces in a variety of styles with the Daily Design Challenges

Choose from a wide range of high-end options to express yourself

Learn about different interior design styles while relaxing.

Be part of an inspiring community by voting on the designs

From the most classical to the trendiest, Redecor offers unique 3D design possibilities that let you express your style completely.

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Home Designer Decorating Games

 Best Home Decorating Games

Play challenging puzzle games and discover your inner home designer stylist with a perfect dream house design!

Become the perfect house designer with Home Designer – Makeover Blast!

Design and decorate the perfect home with beautiful furniture! Solve matching puzzles to transform drab living spaces into fantastic rooms! With your dream home design expertise, we will transform a drab home into a beautiful home! From rustic to modern, from contemporary to Victorian, from shabby chic to industrial. Your clients are counting on you to make their dream homes come true!

In the decoration games, you can create a designer dream makeover if you’re a good house flipper.

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My Home Design: My House Games

 Best Home Decorating Games

Do you wish to design and makeover a millionaire’s home? If so, My Home Design Luxury is the perfect game for you! Enjoy the best of luxury home design combined with crossy word puzzles. You will be helping stars, millionaires and billionaires to build their dream homes with interior worth millions of dollars, using amazing makeover designs. Test your brain by solving crossword and anagrams! Also, restore, fix and flip homes to create the perfect luxurious dream house with beautiful room decoration.

In this game, you’ll be tasked with designing, decorating, renovating, flipping, fixing, makingover, and restoring your client’s luxury house or mansion home with a garden and word puzzle games. In order to restore, renovate their down-and-out fixer uppers, you will become the best home designer!

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Design My Home: Makeover Games

 Best Home Decorating Games

Welcome to Design My Home Makeover! Discover the latest home design-themed word puzzle game. Assist clients in making their homes become a reality with fantastic renovations! How about testing your brain with some scrabble and crosswords? Challenge yourself with the best offline house designing words game out there. Solve creative puzzles as you help plan, decorate and refurnish, reconstruct, assemble, mend, develop or craft the ideal dream home featuring great decorations in every room.

Makeover, flip, fix, renovate & restore your client’s house, mansion or home and play fun word puzzles. Become the best home designer as families rely on you to renovate their fixer-uppers.

Search and scrabble words, solve crosswords, and hit the highest score in this free offline home design word search game.

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Kawaii Halloween – Home Decor

 Best Home Decorating Games

If you’re into home design & home makeover, how about starting your own business with a Kawaii furniture showroom? With this free home game, you can choose your favorite furniture and arrange it according to your client’s requests, but still be able to show off your own style. Enjoy one of the best DIY House games today and let your creativity shine!


With this interior design game, you can design anything, from a messy living room to a narrow bedroom, with various furniture styles. Make your dream home come true, decorate and organize interiors, style your creativity to become the most famous home stylist in the Kawaii Home design world. ✨


Support other talented stylists of home makeover by voting on the best home designs in Public Polls. Your Home design blueprint will also appear on the voting polls.

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Home Design Dreams house games

 Best Home Decorating Games

Welcome to Home Design Dreams! Playing the Home Design match 3 puzzle game is both fun and creative! You’ll be able to restore, makeover and decorate a home as you solve colorful matching puzzles.

As a fantasy room designer, help lucky families turn their dreams into reality with beautiful home makeovers. Choose from many free furniture combos while in-game then combine them to create the perfect dream home.

Make smart decisions – will it be a flip or flop? Countless families rely on you to turn their fixer uppers into something special – let’s jump into the happy paint lane of great memories!

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Interior Home Design Game Girl

 Best Home Decorating Games

Do you ever envision what your dream house would look like? Home Interior Design House Decorate Match 3 Blast offers you the perfect opportunity to fix up and refurbish your home Mansion in any way you can imagine! This game combines elements of makeover, decorating, and match-three puzzles. Your mission is easy: use matching levels to restore, redecorate, and flip areas of your stately abode. Enjoy this unique combination of colorful puzzle levels and mansion renovation today!

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Home Design & Manor Decorating

 Best Home Decorating Games

Have you ever thought about how your dream home would look like? Now you get the chance to decorate and renovate your Mansion & blast items exactly how you want them! My Home Design for girls meets Match 3 Puzzle Game! Play a fun match 3 puzzle minigame as well as design, decorate, flip and restore your housescapes! This colorful matching puzzle game combines the fun of making over, decorating, and restoring the mansion in a fun game.

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My Home Design Makeover Games

 Best Home Decorating Games

Welcome to My Home Design Makeover! Here you can enjoy the perfect combination of home design and cube blast puzzles. Support your clients in turning their dream home into reality by designing, restoring and decorating it with stunning room décor. Take on these fun match 2 or 3 game puzzles to renovate, fix, create, build or flip the space of your dreams. Test your wits at this award-winning offline home design adventure!

Play fun toy cube blast puzzles while creating, designing, decorating, renovating, flipping, fixing, makingover, & restoring your clients’ houses, mansions or homes. As many families rely on you to repair, renovate their down-and-out fixer uppers, become the best home designer!

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Cooking Decor – Home Design

 Best Home Decorating Games

Cooking Decor Game is a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of a top chef and an interior decorator in our 5-star madness restaurants.

Discover the most SPECIAL FEATURES:

🏠 Home design game offers addictive gameplay

*You are the one who makes decisions, chooses what you like, and owns your home 🎉️🎉️🎉

Decorate different spaces: Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Pool, Garden to sharpen your decorating skills.

Your house can be designed and renovated in different styles: classic, simple, trendy or modern.

Take advantage of the most realistic and diverse home space available.

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My Home Makeover Design: Games

 Best Home Decorating Games

Play the newest home design meets word puzzle game and design your own home while expanding your vocabulary at the same time! Help clients transform their dreams into reality with incredible home makeovers! Help them decide, design & decorate their homes!

In the best offline home design words scrabble game ever, challenge your brain by solving all the crosswords and anagrams. Design, decorate, renovate, restore, build, fix, flip and design the perfect dream home with beautiful room decor by solving fun stacks of word game puzzles.

Play fun stacks of word puzzles while designing, decorating, creating, flipping, fixing, renovating & restoring your client’s house, mansion or home. Become the best home designer because a lot of families need you to fix up their fixer uppers!

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