All Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

Hitman is a famous stealth game series that was designed by a Danish company called IO Interactive. The game was developed after the shooting and launching of the famous movie called Hitman too. Hitman video game can be played on Microsoft Windows, IOS, Android, Mac, among other game consoles. Hitman game comes as a series game, and it includes eight video games that were released since the year 200o. The latest Hitman game was launched in the year 2018. Here are the Hitman games in order.

Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

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Hitman 1: Codename 47

Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

Codename 47 is the first Hitman game to be produced by the IO Interactive company. However, after its development, the game underwent publication by Eidos Interactive. The writers of the game are Peter Gjellerup Koch and Morten Iversen. The compose is Jesper Kyd. Hitman Codename 47 was released on the 21st of November 2000. The game was designed to be played only one person, and it is compatible only on Microsoft windows.

The story of the game revolves around Agent 47, who is a human clone with a tattoo at the back of the head. The main is trained in all methods of killing. The man is assumed to have escaped from a test facility and was later hired by an Agency in Europe. The agency uses him to kill concrete and wealthy criminals.

Playing the game starts by strangling a man who is urinating in a grate. You will be the killer in the game who uses firepower and stealth to murder several criminals and thugs. The background voice is in Russia, and it is the one which is used in the training video. You will be trained on how to use various ammunitions in the training and guiding video. It is an easy to play game with excellent features that make it enjoyable.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

 Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

Silent Assassin is the second video game under the Hitman game series. The game was also published the same companies that published the previous game. However, this game was compatible with an array of devices ranging from PlayStation, Microsoft, and Xbox to GameCube. It was among the highest selling movies in its years. Silent Assassin game was released in the year 2002, and Morten Iversen wrote it. The game was also composed by Jesper Kyd, the one who composed the first game of the Hitman Series.

Players of this game assume the role of an assassin whose name is Agent 47. The murderer is working secretly as a killer with a secret killing company. He is sent for missions to kill wealth and remorse criminals fully equipped with firearms and other ammunitions. It is divided into levels, and in each level you are given objectives to achieve by your company. You have various options to carry out your assassinations. You can use poisons in drinks, set traps, and kill using silencers or any other options which the game provides you.

It is a beautiful game that is designed to be played with only one person at a time. The game improves your interpersonal skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is an excellent game with high-quality graphics that will enhance your enjoyment.

Hitman 3: Contracts

Hitman Games In Order 2021

Hitman Contracts is the third video game in the chronological order of the Hitman Video games. It was released in the year 2004 by the same company, Eidos Interactive. The writer of the game was Greg Nagan, and the composer was known as Jesper Kyd. The game can be played in the following consoles: PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox. Commercially, Hitman Contract had sold almost two million copies across the globe, which was in the year 2009. It is a high definition game that can only be played by a single player.

The gameplay of this stealth game involves a payer who will be controlling the Agent 47 to conduct missions. The agent is working for a killing company, as stated earlier, and he is being sent to go a kill naughty and wealthy thieves in continents like Asia, Europe, among many others. In the game as the player, you can use various weapons ranging from knives to quality firearms. As a player, you are allowed to take even the most violent approach of killing the enemies so that you can get at the top of the game. The fun about this game is the fact that you can also plan accidents and kill your opponent.

Hitman 4: Blood Money

Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

Hitman Blood Money is among the thrilling games of the Hitman video games. The same company which published the previous games, Eidos Interactive, published the game, and its director was Ramus Hojengaard. On the other hand, the producer of the game was Heller Martinis’. The writer of Blood Money game is the same who wrote the previous game, Greg Nagan, and so is the composer. Blood Money video game was designed to play in the following platforms only: Xbox, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows ad PlayStation 2. It was released officially on May, 26th 2006 and was among the most loved video game. This thrilling game has excellent graphics and various controllers that make it amazing to play.

The storyline of the game is the same as that of the previous games. The agent 47 is instructed to go a kill criminals and thongs. However, in this game, Agent 47 is facing some challenges and obstacles through his mission. There are security checkpoints, armed guards, and witnesses who are attempting to hinder his projects. As a player, you need to undertake the mission and escape the targets by guiding Mr. Agent 47. You are provided with a topographical map that will guide you. Use various methods to complete the mission but do not harm the bystanders.

Hiitman 5: Absolution

Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

Hitman Absolution is among the Hitman games that underwent a complex process until the time it was released. The developers of the game are the IO Interactive Company, Nixxes Software, and Feral Interactive Company. After its development, it was published by two companies, namely Square Enix and Feral Interactive. Peter Fleckenstein and Tore Blystand were the directors of Hitman Absolution, while Hakan Abrak and Lee Varley were the producer and designer, respectively. It was written by three experts, namely Tore Blystand, Greg Nagag, and Michael Vogt. The composition was made by Thomas Bartschi, Peter Kyed, Pere Peter, and Dyna Medion. Hitman Absolution game can play on the following platforms: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360.

This stealth game was released in the year 2012 and was made to be among the easiest games to play. In this game, you are also required to control Mr. Agent 47 to complete specific objectives given by his company. You can use various approaches to finish the mission and achieve the goals. The plot of the game is that Agent 47 is ordered in this game to kill his girlfriend Diana, who has betrayed him to the ICA. Agent 47 kills Diana, and as he kills her, he comforts her while asking him why she betrayed him. Diana was hindering him from achieving his objectives, and now she has been eliminated, Agent 47 can go on with his mission.

Hitman Go

Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

This is a puzzle game and the sixth game under the chronological account of the Hitman game series. It was developed by Square Enic Montrell Company, which is also the publisher of the game. The director of the game is Daniel Lutz. Hitman Go puzzle game was designed to play in the following platforms: Windows, Ios, Windows Phone, Android, Linux, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4. It was officially launched in the year 2015 for iOS and Android. The other versions of the game were launched in 2015 and 2016. It is a single-player puzzle game equipped with high-end graphics and other excellent features.

In this game, the player controls Agent 47 through grid-based levels. The levels consist of lines and nodes and are displayed on a board, making the game look like a board game. The characters in the game are designed like miniature figures. You can dispatch the enemies by moving onto the line or node which they occupy. Playing the game is similar to playing chess. The game received some critics, but it also received excellent reviews. It employed simple game mechanics, aesthetics, and art. The producers of the game were also praised for translating the Hitman Game into a game that is playable in mobile devices.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

Hitman Sniper is the seventh released game in the order of Hitman game releases. It was developed by Square Enix Montreal, who is also the publisher, the same as the previous game. The game was designed to play only on Android and iOS devices. The mode of playing of the game is a single-player, and its genre is a shooting gallery. Just as the name suggests, Hitman Sniper involves shooting, and it is an enjoyable game that you can play on your mobile phone.

In this game, the player controls the main man Agent 47, who is looking for a sniper to go and shoot some powerful criminals and figures who have gathered at a lakeside without telling their associates. You should help the starring to find ammunition, especially a sniper within the environment. You will be provided with a topographical map that will show you where to get any of the weapons that you want to use. As you keep on progressing in the game, the more you keep unlocking powerful weapons.

HITMAN™ (season) 2*

 Hitman Games In Chronological Order 2021

This is the latest game of the Hitman game series, which was launched in the year 2018. IO Interactive developed it, and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment was its publishing company. The programmer of the game was Maurizio De Pascale, while the writer and composer were Michael Vogt and Niles Nielsen, respectively. This stealth video game is compatible with Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 devices. The mode of playing is either single-player or multiplayer. It is the first video game in the whole Hitman game series, which you offer the multiplayer playing mode.

The storyline of the game is the same as the previous games, but this game has eight missions. The missions are set in various locations. These fictional locations featured in the game are as follows: Hawk’s Bay in New Zealand, Racetrack in Miami, Santa Fortuna in Columbia, Mumbai slums, Isle of Sgail in North Atlantic, Milton Fitzpatrick in New York and Haven Island resort in the Maldives. You have to control Agent 47 to conduct missions in the mentioned locations.


Hitman Game Series offers you the mentioned eight games which you can play comfortably in your device. However, you should identify the Hitman game type that you want before downloading. As you have seen, all the games are compatible with specific devices. Also, download the apps or software from reputable sources to avoid downloading malware in your device.