How to hide your Amazon orders 2024

Are you tired of your Amazon orders being visible to everyone who shares your account? Maybe you’re buying a gift for someone, or perhaps you just don’t want others knowing what you’ve been shopping for. Whatever the reason, it’s understandable that sometimes we want to keep our purchases private. Fortunately, Amazon has a solution: the Household feature allows users to hide their orders from certain profiles within their shared account. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through how to use this handy tool and keep your purchases under wraps!

How to hide your Amazon orders

How to hide your Amazon orders

When it comes to hiding your Amazon orders, the Household feature is your best bet. This tool allows you to create a separate profile within your account for family members or roommates. You can even choose which profiles have access to certain items!

To get started, navigate to the Account & Lists section on Amazon and select “Your Account.” From there, click on “Amazon Household” and follow the prompts to add members and create profiles.

Once you’ve set up your household, you’ll want to customize each profile’s viewing permissions. To do this, go back into the Amazon Household settings and select “Manage Your Content & Devices.” Here, you can toggle whether a profile has permission to see certain purchases or not.

It’s important to note that some types of content cannot be hidden from other profiles within your household – such as Kindle books or music downloads. However, physical items like clothing or electronics can easily be kept private with this feature.

Using Amazon Household is an effective way of keeping your purchases under wraps without having to create a separate account altogether!

How to hide your orders by using Amazon Household

If you’re looking for a way to hide your Amazon orders without having to create a separate account or go through the hassle of deleting your order history, then Amazon Household might be the perfect solution for you.

Amazon Household allows you to share select Prime benefits and digital content with another adult in your household while still maintaining separate accounts. This means that you can add someone like a spouse or trusted friend to your household and have them make purchases on their own account without them showing up on yours.

To use Amazon Household, simply log into your Amazon account and navigate to Your Account > Amazon Household. From there, select “Add Adult” and enter the person’s information that you want to add. They will receive an email invitation asking them to accept the invitation and join your household.

Once they accept, they will be able to shop independently using their own payment methods but still enjoy some of the benefits of being part of a Prime membership.

By using this feature, you can keep certain purchases private from other members who are also sharing an account with you. So if privacy is important to you when shopping online, consider setting up an Amazon Household today!