What Does The Green Circle Mean On Instagram Story ? 2023

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Welcome to your blog TechiGem. So, recently I was surfing on Instagram, and suddenly I came to interact with a story appearing in the Green circle. I wonder if this is possible to change the color of our story icon. As I always saw every story color in a red circle. That time I decided to explore it further. So that I could also change the color of my story icon as I wish.

You have also seen that when you follow a person on Instagram, their profile picture appears encircled by a Red-pink circle in the story panel. But sometimes, you see an alien’s story surrounded by a green ring. Are you also confused about that?

If yes, Here is the answer to all your confusion.

To give you an answer in detail, Shyami baba today wrote this article. You need to read the whole article and then understand it carefully.

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What is the meaning of the Green and Red circles on Instagram Story?

First, we need to know the difference between a green and a red circle on Your Instagram Story.

Red Circle- Whenever we explore the recently added stories on Instagram, we see a Red ring around the profile picture icon. The Red circle means that we haven’t viewed the story yet, and the loop will disappear once you consider that story.

Green Circle– For sometimes, if you view a Green circle around the profile picture of someone on your Instagram. Be happy! You are on his close friend list. Now you will be confused about why I am saying so, and I have an answer to explain.

Sometimes we want to share our stories on Instagram but not for everyone. We want to share it with some selective special people. To-Do so, Instagram provides its users a unique feature to make a close friend list. Once We make a list of our closed ones, We can share our story with those people added to the list. They will see our story with our profile picture encircled in green. In other words, If someone added us to their close friend list, we will see their story encircled in green. Hence Green circle and Closed friend list features are linked to each other.

If you also want to show someone your profile icon in the green ring, add them to your closed friend list.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a closed friend list on your Instagram account.

Step 1– Launch the Instagram app.

Step 2- Go to your profile section by clicking on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

What Does The Green Circle Mean On Instagram Story ? 2022

Step 3- Tap the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) on the top right corner of the page.

What Does The Green Circle Mean On Instagram Story ? 2022

Step 4– Select the Closed friends option in the 7th place on the menu.

What Does The Green Circle Mean On Instagram Story ? 2022

Step 5- Now add friends by tapping the add option in front of their profile given in the list.

What Does The Green Circle Mean On Instagram Story ? 2022

Now you have created a list of your closed ones.

What is ahead now?

Once you have created a list of your closed ones on Instagram, you have two choices now to share your Instagram story. The choices are given here.

  • Share your story publicly, and the people will find your profile icon red-circled. Everybody will be able to see what you posted in your story.
  • Share it privately; only the people added to your closed friend list will be able to see your story. Your profile icon will appear encircled green to them. The people who are not on the closed friend list; will not be able to know when you posted your story and what you posted.

The closed friend list feature will ease you to add or remove anyone in your friend list without letting them know. You can also add or remove someone from your friend list according to your wish.

Can anyone know if they are on my closed friend list or not?

Instagram does not notify anyone if they are added or removed from anyone’s closed friend list. So, there is no way to let them know. However, anyone can get to see if they know the meaning of a green circle or red circle meaning on an Instagram story. If they don’t know, share this article with them.

How to know if we are on someone’s close friend list or not?

There is no way to get to know this, as I said above. Neither will you be notified about that. But here is only one way to get to know about it. Observe the icon of every story shared with you by people. If the profile icon in their story appears Red, you may not be on their closed friend list. But if the profile icon of anyone appears green, you have a reason to be happy as they included you in their closed friend list. And now, you will be able to access all of their stories, even if they hid them from the other people. But remember, you will not get any notification; if they removed you once from their closed friend list.

So, friends, I tried to clear all your doubts in this article. But if you still have any doubt, Do not hesitate to comment in the comment box. Your friend Shyami will try to give you the solution instantly. Also, if you have a query common to other friends, I will prepare my next article to solve the problem. You can also share the article with your friends so that they can add you to their closed friend list.

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