Top 15 Best Grass Mats Buy IN 2021

A grass mat is a woven trimmed simulating grass that gives an elegant look of grass that looks real. It is used primarily to form the background for theatrical scenery and display. But as the name suggests, it can serve different purposes. Some can be used in walkways, entrances, or any grassy area, whereas some protect turf from footfall. The grass mats are also safe and non-toxic for pets. It can also withstand great weight from moving objects, humans, or even cars. Grass mats are solid, weather-resistant, and durable to be installed both outdoors and indoors. The design of the rugs protect the root of grass and promote growth while allowing natural drainage. Many homeowners are turning to synthetic grass matting is that is cheap to install. Also, after installation, it looks natural. The best thing about grass mats is that they can be used in dryer areas because they do not require watering. Synthetic grass matting remains vibrant all year round. To save time and money on maintenance work, it is advisable to go for synthetic grass mats.

The most widely sold Grass Mat

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 Clean Machine Scraper Door Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


This Grass Mat is made up of Green Astroturf which implies it belongs to a very premium quality. It originally is sold under Grass Worx brand whose size is 17-1/2″ X 23-1/2″ or 24 x 18 x 10 inches weighing 12 ounces. It can be basically used for Clean Machine Scraper Door Mat. It is a US based product which gives best in its price segment.

 QYH Artificial Grass Doormat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


This grass mat is mainly used for indoor and outdoor green lawn as it is made of latex which implies it has got high durability. It is safe for pets and designed to keep them in mind. It’s available in different sizes for customer’s satisfaction. It is soft, lovely, and very natural-looking. The color stays vibrant for a long time as it is UV stabilized and water-resistant. It has excellent drainage holes with a thickness of 30mm. The quality of artificial grass will look great in bright summer and cold winter. It was made by one of the leading manufacturers who use state-of-the-art machines and the latest techniques.

 Dewitt AEC-SEGRN4 Curlex Single Layer 

 Best Grass Mats 2021


This green mat is a special type of mat which is used on embankments, ditch bottoms, slopes, urban drainage, stream banks and waterways. It is easy to roll out and use as its size is 4-feet wide by 112.5-feet. It is installed using Dewitt E Staples. This green mat weighs nearly 40 pounds and manufactured by Dewitt. As it dissolves in soil so its quality is remarkable and deserves lot of praises.

 MTBRO Artificial Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021

This green mat is a professional outdoor grass mat specially designed for dogs that looks realistic, but in actual practice, its artificial turf rug weighs 8 pounds. It’s made from PE&PP, whose size is 3ft X 5ft which is nearly 15 square feet. MTB turf can be installed at pets playing areas, yard, garden, patio, balcony, roof and swimming pool, road verges, flooring decoration, walls, and doormats. It looks and feels like natural grass, easy to be cut into any size, with low maintenance and saving water which is made of high-quality material, which suits extremely hot or freezing weather. It feels so soft and kind for a pet’s skin. It is very durable as it has rubber backing with drainage holes to help clear water and wee away quickly. It is easy to tidy away, and washing with a watering hose will freshen up any urine smells. It can be cleaned by pouring warm water over the grass mat to flush out extra urine, if any due to pets.

 Savvy Grow Artificial Grass 

 Best Grass Mats 2021


The grass mat weighs depending upon the size as it is widely available in many sizes and shape cuts. It is made of Polyethylene terephthalate with back material serving as rubber, making it more durable and tensile. It has a natural-looking luster, and lushness with realistic tones like natural grass stands without support without filler. It’s straightforward to install turf as it requires no tool. It’s easy to clean and low maintenance. The best part of the product is the color doesn’t fade quickly as it is fade resistant. It is made by a new advanced formula that binds four natural shades of hard-wearing, UV-resistant grass blades together, so your lawn will look incredibly realistic.
Grown from a deep appreciation of the beauty of nature but the realization that many busy people don’t have time to care for their gardens, Savvygrow devoted its creativity to designing products that look natural, without all the effort. It weighs only 3.79 pounds, and if customer feels the product is big and exceeds the requirement, it can be cut with a scissor. It covers a big patch of ground which is more than sufficient.

 GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass 

 Best Grass Mats 2021


Unlike other grass mats, it is a unique grass mat that comes in tiles with a special interlocking self-draining mat. It comes in 6 packs, each of 1×1 ft, 1.5 in pile height. As grass length is 1.5-inch pile height, it looks like natural grass with PP with a lock-in system. These grass deck tiles can provide instant beauty to your yard, deck, balcony, patio, or rooftop. Its lush and soft features attract kids and pets a lot. Besides, its excellent drainage system makes it is straightforward to be cleaned. The top-quality grass tiles are durable, affordable, and, most importantly, low maintenance. It doesn’t need mowing. The top-class brand offers top-class quality. It also provides an installation diagram to set it up. Generally, it weighs 5.89 pounds but can differ with size, maxing to 6.5 pounds. The best thing about the product is it can be installed over dirt, and it will absorb dirt, water, and also mud which makes it a fantastic product.

 SunVilla Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


A perfect mowing look product that has straight green yarn in addition to yellow curve yarn, which likewise gives the natural grass look. It is manufactured by SunVilla which a very famous company that produces multi-purpose and very durable superior quality artificial grass/turf Brand, made of Advanced UV resistant Yarn, polyethylene fabric, and durable latex backing. The quality of the product is top of the line, and there is enormous demand from suppliers all over the world, and it is tested in the laboratory. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor works. It also supports nature as it is environment friendly made of non-toxic and lead-free materials, which makes it safe for kids and pets. Investing in this product saves for oneself as it doesn’t require mowing, watering, spraying, fertilizing, or any of these. It weighs nearly 53.5 pounds coming with the dimension 84 x 8 x 8 inches.

 15′ Foot Roll Artificial Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


New 15′ Foot Roll Artificial Grass Turf is a synthetic mat designed for all kinds of pets and variable purposes. It comes in many sizes, but there comes a premium one which is 12′ x 40′ = 480 Sq. Ft. Grass designed for comfort and utmost durability with thatch composition. It withstands moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and performance. The best thing about the product is it comes with a 15-year warranty and 30 days return policy with a cashback guarantee. 103 of 12′ x 40′ Roll with PU backing and Drainage holes. So, it doesn’t require infills. It weighs 325 pounds.

Simi Creative Products Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


It comes with medium green colour giving a good size of 12″X50″. It is branded by Simi Creative Products made of plastic which means it is durable and sustainable. It’s also reusable non shedding grass mat roll which is very affordable with many positive reviews.

 Beistle Green Tissue Grass Mats

 Best Grass Mats 2021


It comes with 15-Inch x 30-Inch | (2-Pcs) item is a great value! Mat measures 15 inches tall by 30 inches wide, Great table decoration for all occasions!

Woodland Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021

It is a Removable mat which can be used for roads, sidewalks and parking lots Mouldable – create mountains, valleys and water areas. These are high-quality grass mats that are great to use as is or mounted on plywood weighing 1 pound.

 Wildfowler Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


Made of tightly woven palm leaves and grass mat can be used as support frame.It ‘s packed four in a carton having dimension of 4’W x 4’H. It’s Ideal for Concealment in the Field regardless of environment.

Walthers Scene Master Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


It can be easily cut and available in variety of colour. It includes 10 separate grass tufts having dimension 8-5/8 x 7-7/8″ 22 x 20cm and weighing 4 ounces.

 Surf Grass Mat

 Best Grass Mats 2021


The Original Artificial Fake Grass Changing Mat made of synthetic Soft synthetic grass stays cool & comfortable having dimension 18.9 x 6 x 4.4 inches has highest rating with the customer satisfaction.

 Grass Mat Pasture Green

Best Grass Mats 2021


Matting roll model which is suitable for all work whose manufacturer has experience of 10 years and up. It nearly weighs 6.1 ounces. It is ideal for model railway scenery. But best part of the product, i.e. product is supplied in rolls.

Summing up

Almost all of us will love the above listed grass mats. It all depends upon the budget and the necessity so as to choose the product which meets the consumer satisfaction. The above list covers majority needs of the consumer.