10 Best Google Cardboard Apps (android/iPhone) 2022

Google has developed a Virtual Reality platform used with a head mount for Android users that is quite compatible with smartphones, including iPhones. After downloading any VR or cardboard application on your smartphones, users can enjoy games and much more.
Some of the best trending and compatible google cardboard apps android/iPhone 2022 are aligned below:

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Google Cardboard Apps android/iPhone 2022


 Titans of Space VR


The Titans of Space VR is a smart application that takes you on a virtual reality tour and gives users a tremendous virtual experience through solar systems with 3D models, planets, and moons. It is designed to support many other virtual devices like HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, etc. It has the best feature that it can be versioned in multi-languages. It is incorporated with updated tools. One who is fond of cosmic exploration should have this app for real-time experiences. It is a free app that can be downloaded through the play store or via the web.


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 Netflix VR

Google Cardboard Apps for android 2022

The Netflix VR is another popular virtual reality app for google cardboard that gives virtual access to users to enjoy a virtual reality experience. It is the most trend application around the world nowadays. The app is free in particular and a subscription as well. It is developed for google daydream, a lightweight headset. Users can view and experience the best HD videos, shows and games through the amazing app. you can take membership after one month of free usage for your favourite TV shows, movies, music videos, etc. Netflix is one of its type app that supports Androids and iPhones simultaneously.

Google Earth VR

Google Cardboard Apps android/iPhone 2022

The Google Earth VR is one of the most trending virtual reality apps that give users a binge of joy while experiencing flying around the planets and space. If you are a nature lover, you will experience some best views via the VR cardboard app. the app lets you tour around the earth and provide appropriate knowledge and learnings. You can download this app through the Google play store and can enjoy wayfarer than your expectations. This is a completely free educational app that is suitable for almost every Android or smartphones.

VR Roller Coaster

Best Google Cardboard Apps for android 2022

A virtual reality roller coaster is designed with an in-built amusement park ride attraction that consists of lots of roller coaster rides that can be enjoyed with a set of virtual reality headsets. It also includes various types of several theme parks that amuse people around the world with their specific technology and smart features. The technology gives major coaster experiences with speed and other controls to the players and viewers. The app suitably runs within any Android or iPhones. It is completely a free and fun app that amazingly thrills with its rides.


Best Google Cardboard Apps android 2022

The Cardboard is an official VR Google app developed by Google itself to give you a lot more than possibly a user can do in VR. This app helps you view and stream your favourite videos, experience real-time fun by virtually assuming nature and its dimensions, touch skies, and look around popular tourist location in 360 degrees frame. The app is fully customized with simple features and tools that let users get familiar with a new world of virtual reality in many more things. The app comfortably executes with every Android and iPhones.


Google Cardboard Apps for android/iPhone 2022

Expeditions is another interesting app shaped by Google that improves your Virtual Reality experience. It is branded and entitled as a teaching and educational tools, and it is one of the simple apps that can be used by any range of users easily and comfortably in their accessible areas. Inclusively over 200 expeditions are taught within the app that gives the major goal to enjoy the landscapes and geographies worldwide through virtual reality. The app lets users plunge in various trips with historical landmarks to deep underwater locations, expanded safaris and other renowned tourist and fun places. The app consistently performs with all Androids and iPhones affluently.

 Discovery VR:

Best Google Cardboard Apps android/iPhone 2022

The Discovery team of the Channel has brought a virtual app that proposes immense experience, and it is amazing users in more spectacular ways. The discover VR app engulf users in various real-time virtual experiences, ranging from seasides, deep seas to mountain and cliffs views. The app has trending videos and recordings of different amazing animals and forestry that amuse viewers astoundingly. The app is assured compatible with Androids and iPhones and has various features and tools for enhanced virtual execution of videos.


 Samsung VR

Best Google Cardboard Apps for android/iPhone 2022

Samsung VR brings many amusing videos for highly immersive experiences and fun through virtual access to the videos. It renders so many tools like uploading your contents, video library in more exploring ways. It gives users a tremendous virtual experience through a variety of streaming videos of different categories. It also fascinates the users who treat the user with more fun and extreme pleasure of virtual reality. From travel to sports, the app is combined with many science and nature-related videos. The app is smart enough to take you high within the world of virtual reality. It superbly supports most of the Androids and other latest smartphones.

Fulldive VR

Best Google Cardboard Apps for android and iPhone 2022

The Fulldive VR application is a social app that comfortably goes with every headset. It is sorted with easy and comfortable tools with spectacular features that easily switch and launches the app and other tabs without the support of mobile phones. It gives a tool to search, share and play the videos and shows relevant o your interest. It is one of the awesome virtual reality apps, especially for iPhone users. The app has an auto-sync feature with trending videos and the latest virtual reality content that gives you an outstanding VR experience.


Best Google Cardboard Apps android and iPhone 2022

The Sketchfab is a precise and tidy educational app. It has AR, and VR features to support Google Cardboard. A user can go through the app and explore many more options to have fun with real-time virtual experience for multiple things; users of any age can have a great time learning and watching the most educational and skill-based informative videos and gain knowledge of the latest technologies and trends as well. Users can view sport, animations, games and music videos in 2d and 3D forms. It’s great fun using this free app that makes it more wonderful for a range of users. It is also compatible with most smartphones.


Google, as mentioned earlier, card apps 2022 are real-time fun that gives the extreme joy of experiencing nature, wildlife, and other landscapes. The apps have a variety of categories that are trending in their respective zones. Just give a check on the apps and gather fantabulous experience through virtual reality access.

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