Chess is one of the most ancient and popular games in the history of the human species. We have been playing this game for centuries. Though there are plenty of versions of this game, the core set of principles remains the same. If you’re a chess lover and love to collect unique and beautiful pieces of chess sets, you will be fascinated with the glass chess set. There is plenty of glass chess sets that you can buy online, and all of them have been crafted to perfection. You can collect them or can gift them to someone who loves chess.

Here are some of the best glass chess sets which will re-invent the game for you.

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1.Gamie TM Glass Chess Set

Best Glass Chess Sets 2020


It is an exact glass replica of an actual chessboard and has 32 squares. You can either gift it to someone or add it to your board game collection. It is 10 inches long and is square in size. The glass chessmen have been exquisitely crafted and are made from frosted glass. They will also look good as figurines in a showcase. The elegant design of this set will fill you with enthusiasm every time you sit down to play. A durable design of both the board and the chessmen ensures that this beautiful masterpiece will not break or chip. The finishing is glossy and beautiful and adds a shine to the overall set. The bottom of the chess pieces has been fitted with a fine felt surface for easy maneuvering across the board.

2.SRENTA Fine Glass Chess Set

Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

If you love to collect beautiful display pieces that can also function well, this glass chess set will fascinate you. Each of the chess pieces has been crafted to perfection. There are frosted and clear chess pieces that will allow you to distinguish between 2 teams. The thickness of the board is perfect for letting you play correctly on it. It is durable and has smooth edges that won’t hurt your hands while playing. It is only 10 inches in length, so that you can carry it along while traveling. It makes for a great gifting idea too.

3.Gamie 7.5-inch Glass Chess Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

A perfect chessboard for both beginners and adults, this has been built from fine quality glass, which will last for a long time. The elegant design makes this beautiful and also adds more style to your game. It has been durably built to endure the wear and tear of a rough game. The two sets of chessmen have been made from clear and frosted glass. You can place this chessboard on any flat surface. The bottom surface of the chessmen has padding that will allow you to move the pieces effortlessly. It is a perfect gift for chess lovers and can be played with by both adults and kids. The length of the chessboard is 7.5 inches.

4.Rhode Island 10-inch Novelty Glass Chess Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

The 10-inch beveled board included in this game set lays out the perfect setting for a great match of chess. The 32 pieces included in the background have been made from glass. Sixteen of those pieces are frosted, while the rest 16 are straightforward. The chessboard is effectively priced and is accessible in the pocket. You can buy this as a gift for someone as the figurines look beautiful and can be kept as a showpiece in your living room. There is a detailed instruction booklet provided with this set which will be great for beginners.

5. e5e10 Fine Glass Game Chess Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

This chess set has been manufactured from fine glass and looks as beautiful as it feels. There are a set of 32 pieces which have been distinguished from each other by making one half clear and the other half frosted. The body is transparent in the clear pieces and has a near see-through effect. it is a 10”x10” board and is perfect for taking along while travelling. You get a box with a carrying handle which will keep the pieces safe and secure. The bottom of the chess pieces has a rubber slip which will allow you to smoothly glide the pieces across the board.

6.Avant Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set With Mirror Board

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

The concept of Avant garde is to create anything which is larger than life and natural. The frosted glass chess pieces in this set incorporate the concept of avant garde beautifully and allow you to play without any worries. The overall dimensions of this chessboard are 15”x15” and are perfect if you don’t like smaller chess boards. It is large enough to allow you to visualize your moves with ease. The bottom board has been made from durable polymer while the chess pieces are made from glass. Half of the chess men are black and the other are made from frosted glass.

7.Lucky wish Acrylic Anti-broken Elegant Glass Chess Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

This is a gorgeous chess set replete with all the details which an everyday chess piece has. The bottom board is not precisely glass but has been made with something similar in structure and looks. The body of the chess pieces is clear and transparent and has been crafted from fine glass. They are transparent and look good on the dark-themed chessboard. The bottom board is made from durable acrylic and is sturdy. Even if you drop the board from a height, it will not break.

8.CHH 8.5 inch White Frosted and Black Glossy Glass Chess Set

  •  Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

This is neither too large nor too small. The length of the board is 8.5 inches and is ideal for every occasion. If you don’t play chess regularly, you can store it away. You get a small pouch to keep all the pieces. This will make for a fantastic gift and will please any chess lover. The frosted glass pieces have been elegantly crafted, and there are no sharp edges on them. The board is thick and sturdy and has a durable build.

9.YWBL-WH Checker Board and Chess Frosted Glass Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

It is a multi-purpose chessboard. You can even play checkers on this if you have the required set of pieces. The glass chessmen provided with this set are beautiful and have been molded with precision. Each of the elements has been exquisitely built to look good. The glasses are highly refractive and will allow light to pass through them quickly. It is made from high-quality glass material and has a long life. It can be used as a decorative item too.

10.GKan More Chess Shot Glass Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

Chess has never been this fun! This is a game that was initially designed for adults, but now even kids are using this. It is a chessboard that resembles the regular one, but the chess pieces come with a slight twist. They are in the form of mini glass shots, which have the print of all the soldiers, horses, kings, and queens. You have to fill the glass shots and play along. If you lose, or if the opponent kills a piece of yours, you have to down a picture. Kids can play with this by filling up the images with soft drinks or just plain water. It is a fun game and will make you fall in love with the game.

11.Classic Game Collection Etched Glass Chess Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

This game set shows true craftsmanship. All the chess men have been etched on pure glass and look sparkly and beautiful. The chess board has dark and light squares and the pieces have a frosted and transparent body. Half of the pieces have been made clean and the other half has been made frosted. It is a simple yet elegant set and the board has a length of 14 inches.

12.True 5342 Chess Shot Game

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

This is yet another chess shot game. It includes a clear chessboard on which glasses are placed. The glasses are tiny shot glasses, and each of them has a print of particular chessmen on it. The body of the glass is durable, and it can hold any liquid you place in it. The gameplay is simple, and you have to down a shot every time you lose a piece. It is fun, innovative and has amusingly re-invented the age-old game.

13.Play Kreative Glass Chess Game Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

The glass will look good with any kind of surface, and this chess set is proof of that. It is made from non-toxic glass and is safe for kids to play with. You can gift this to your kids too, and they will surely love it. The perfect design of this chess set makes it easier for a beginner to learn and adapt. It is travel-sized, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. The surface is smooth and polished and will reflect light to create a beautiful effect.

14.We Games Black and Clear Glass Chess Set

 Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

The black and transparent contrast created in this chess set will look good when you sit down to play. The chess pieces have been crafted from fine glass. Half of them are colored black to help you distinguish between the teams. It has a sturdy base board which can easily hold all the pieces. The chess pieces have a non-slip layer to prevent them from slipping away.

15.Sunny Games Lucite Glass Chess Set

Best Glass Chess Sets 2020

The delicate pieces of this glass chess set look right out of a gift shop. They are not like regular reports and have different shapes and sizes. They are shaped like big chunks of glass and can easily be mistaken for large crystal pieces. Half of the 32 articles have been colored yellow, and the other half blue. The baseboard is also transparent, but half of the blocks have been frosted. This is a perfect gifting option and can also be used as a décor piece.

So these were the best glass chess sets which you can buy online and give your game of chess a new twist.