15 Best Apps Girls (Android/Iphone) 2023

Are you a girl, and perhaps you’ve got an Android or an iPhone? Have you been using your smartphone without enjoying every bit moment you use on the phone?
Over time, boredom has made a lot of girls do things they didn’t want to do. Also, a good many of them suffered addiction probably because of boredom. Some went into so many irrelevant things, probably because there was nothing to get themselves busy with or perhaps something positive that would ignite their positive thinking.
Do you know that you can kill boredom even without visiting friends? Yes! You can easily do that all alone, probably with some junkie apps. In addition to this, these apps can also help you stay positive all the time.
In this sphere, I’d say that technology has helped this dispensation in some definite ways. The creation of the internet and mobile devices has played an essential role in building people’s capacities.
However, with the help of these things, you can easily have access to several sources of information on the internet shore and probably learn new things, connect with people, join communities and forums where you can meet people of like minds.
So if you’re a girl here, you can invest your time into these apps to probably make the best use of them. Probably connect with friends, plays some games, and do a whole lot of things too. Meanwhile, before we move into the main article, I’d like you to know that there are so many apps for girls out there, but on this same content, I’ll be sharing only the best apps for girls in 2022 (compatible with Android and iOS devices).

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 Apps Girls (Android/Iphone)

YPlan is one of the best apps for girls in 2023, probably for Android devices. Meanwhile, from my findings and discoveries, YPlan is a super excellent app for girls.
YPlan is an application for girls that randomly give you a list of all fantastic, regular, or averagely known events happening around your specific city. You can also book for any adventurous night out remotely with this same application.
So do you want to do something very different and exciting but do not know how to go about it? Or execute it? Then YPlan is there for you. So try it out and enjoy every moment you spend with the app.

Mermaid Dress Up For Girls

 Best Apps Girls Android / Iphone 2022

Mermaid dress-up for girls is one of the best applications every girl out there should have on their mobile devices.
So are you a girl who has the passion and zeal to become a fashion designer? Or are you a junkie with dress-up games?
Here is an opportunity for you to run a beauty and fashion salon for a mermaid princess with your mobile device. This very app will help your fashion life.


 Best Apps Girls Android / Iphone 2022

Mint is another storming app for girls. So many girls love the app. This very app makes your savings and budgeting very easy and remotely to handle. They organize and categorize all your finances into one portfolio.
Use this app (Mint) to monitor and track all your financial matters for your good and financial stability.

My Baby

 Best Apps Girls Android / Iphone 2022

My Baby is a very nice gaming app for girls. This app allows you to share the photos of your baby to everyone. These photos will be used as future baby generator apps to get your future baby prediction. 

One of the reasons why I love this app is that you’ll get to meet with babsy, the talking baby. You can actually talk with her she’ll repeat everything you said.

Rich Girl Crazy Shopping

 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

Rich Girl Crazy Shopping is also one of the best apps for girls. It is so shocking that this app is a new app and it has already recorded 10,000,000+ downloads on Play Store. 

In this game, you can actually put together new looks for dolls. That’s really cool right? So are you a girl and you probably want to know the best collections of girls’ app to download?

Try out Rich Girl Crazy Shopping, you can easily use this very app to unleash your inner shopaholic and just imagine if you are a top super model or a celebrity (famous actress, movie superstar, pop icon, or a reality show star), you will possible make the best use of this app. 

Grocery Gadget

Best Apps Girls android/Iphone 2022

Grocery Gadget is an application that syncs coupons, lists and different products just to make grocery shopping faster and cheaper too. Start using this app and stop going through the stress of food shopping. 


 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

Goodreads is an Android and iOS application for girls. This app allows its users to share book recommendations and possibly have an access to their reading list anywhere. 

You can also find new novels too. As a matter of fact, if you’re a reading junkie, kindly get Goodreads application. This is really going help you develop and build your reading habits. 

Paris Girls

 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

Paris Girls is a very popular gaming app for girls and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This app is a wonderful dress up app for girls. You can also find so many features on this gaming application (such as eyeliner, lip gloss etc). 

One of the major reasons why I recommended Paris Girls is because it is a multiplayer game. This simply means that you can play it with friends. 


 Best Apps Girls (Android/Iphone) 2022

MyPill is an application which its duty is to remind you of your pills. It also reminds you of your pill schedule checkups and when to purchase new packs too. That’s cool right?

This is actually one of the best apps for girls. Over the years, it is believed that health is wealth. So take your health issues serious now by installing a automatic pills reminder. 

Cheerleader Champion

 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

Cheerleader Champion is a gaming application that was developed by Hugs N Hearts. One of the reasons why I love this game so much is that it allows its users to bath, put on royal hairstyle, makeup and dresses. 

However, Cheerleader Champion is a gymnastics, dance & coco games app for girls. In addition to this, you’ll also get to see collections of fancy gowns, dresses, skirts etc. 

 Shop Savvy

 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

You’ll be off-track if you’ll be mentioning the top applications for girls without mentioning Shop Savvy. This application allows its users to compare prices on a specific item by scanning the barcode so easily.

Star Girl Calculator

 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

The Star Girl Calculator allows its users to dress up in all the needs of a calculator. This very application was developed by Animoca and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

In addition, this app can also be used a calculator too (for calculations). You can also use this application to track and manage your finance and money. It has gorgeous star girl themes with mix and match backgrounds and keyboards option.

Pt In My Pocket

Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

If you don’t have Pretty in My Pocket app in this 2022 then you are really missing out. Girls! This is one of the best and top rated Android and iOS applications for girls. 

With this application, you can easily scan a beauty product and then probably see the expert reviews. So if you’re a product junkie, then this game is really for you. 

Good Guide

15 Best Apps Girls Android/Iphone 2022

This is another cool and wonderful app every girl should have on their Android or iOS devices in this 2022. Good Guide is an application makes it easy and fast for its users to find ethical, environmentally-friendly and healthy products from food to personal grooming.

They can also help in spelling out some deciphering ingredients and labels at ease. 

Supermarket Grocery Store Girl

Best Apps Girls android/Iphone 2022

Supermarket Grocery Store Girl is one of the best girl apps. This gaming app is a shopping fun game which also gives its users to own a super market with lots of products. 

I love so much love this gaming app because you don’t need any internet connection before you could use it. Meanwhile, this application was developed by Beansprites LLC.


As a young lady, you have all it takes to turn your boredom into an excellent atmosphere. Yeah! You can turn your sad moment into a comic or exciting section.
Got it? All you’ve got to do is to get hold of your mobile device (Android or iOS) and install any of these apps we’ve highlighted here on this specific content.
So having read this content, I hope you found what you were looking for? Or maybe you’ve got some questions to ask us? Or you may probably want to give a suggestion?
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