Have you been searching for the top best apps for your Samsung Gear Fit 2 device? In this very content are the very best apps you should download for your Gear fit device. The Samsung Gear fit is an awesome smart device. Meanwhile, we have made it a necessity to flourish you with the best apps to make it smarter. The Samsung Gear 2 device happens to be one of the best smart watches in the game, especially now it is compatible with Iphones, as well as android devices.  There are lots of amazing apps for your Samsung Gear fit 2 device, but our lists demands we outline just 15. There were more than 1,000 apps presented at the launch of the device, though it still does not equal what the Apple Watch or Android wear watches have got to offer.  The Samsung Gear 2 is eligible for download via the Gear app, once it has been paired to the smart watch.Below are the top best apps you should lookout for your Samsung Gear 2 device. Go through our list and let us know the apps you find interesting through the comment box.

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Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

Sitting first on our list is the Spotify app. The Spotify app allows you to control playback on your wrist, browse through charts, search artists and scroll through your playlists. You can listen to almost all your favorite songs in the Spotify app. 

Initially, the Gear fit users were left with no choice but to settle with the app workarounds, but the official app has now been made available. While it is one of the best apps you should download for your Gear, no offline mode has been made available, which means you can’t go on runs with it, unless you have network coverage or a Wi-Fi in your gym.


 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

The breathing exercise app helps you reduce anxiety, relax, and generally deal with your stress or tiredness. The Prana app shows animation that will take you through the exercise sessions, lets you make use of the rotating bezel or touch screen to set up the time and how long the session would run. It is definitely an amazing app you should have on your Samsung Gear 2 fit smart watch. 

3.Mr. Time Maker

 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

The Mr. Time Maker app is a very nice watch face creator which allows you edit existing faces with adding dial colours and widgets like dates. You also make your own, the Mr. Time Maker recommends setting these to private to avoid copyright problems. The Mr. Time Maker App is definitely one you should try out on your Gear Fit 2 device.

4.Agile Keyboard

Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

This amazing keyboard is really as bold as you would want it to be for your Gear2 device.  Lots of people would definitely love this app because of how bold and stylish the app is. Hundreds of emojis in one tap is definitely a reason while you should settle for the $ 0.99 app. A very wonderful app with wonderful features is definitely one you would not let go.

5.Golf Navi Global

 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

If you do not like investing in a dedicated device, but searching for golf partner from your wrist, the Golf Navi Global app offers you over 60,000 courses on your Gear 2 device. 

This app does not just automatically track the hole you are on or your score, but the distance to the pin is also available. We recommend you download the Golf Navi Global app for your golf courses. We assure you it is really fun.

6.Xenozu Youtube Player

 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

There is certainly no official Youtube app for your Gear 2 device, but for those of you who love to view videos the Xenozu Youtube Player would definitely serve as a workaround. 

A screen would be provided for you to navigate around with the rotating bezel, allowing you to jump into popular videos, different categories or you can make use of the search tool. It is definitely a great app to keep you entertained.


 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

Though the app was late to the Gear 2 after being listed as a launch app, but you can now be able to access rides from the Gear 2 device on your wrist. Once you are logged in there is a miniature map to go around or pinpoint your current location, then you would be given a list of Uber options to scroll through with the rotating bezel to order your ride. The Uber app is definitely one of the best app you would love to see on your Gear 2 device.

8.Calorie Burner S2

 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

If you want to know how much is going to take you to burn off that heavy food you had at lunch the Calorie Burner S2 app is the perfect app for the job. This amazing fitness app for your Gear 2 device stores a collection of food across 14 families to let you know the amount of calories you must have consumed. 

After which you can start up your workout to sweat it all out of your system. The Calorie Burner S2 is definitely a must try you should not hesitate to download on your Gear 2 device.

9.Travel Phrasebook

Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

The Travel Phrasebook app is here to make conversations abroad a little easier. This very app pull out a selection of handy phrases covering all the important scenarios like talking to a taxi driver, going for dinner and working out your money. 

One of the amazing features is the offline mode; it allows you communicate with locals without the internet connection. The Travel Phrasebook is an amazing app you would not want to skip for anything.

10.Here Navigator 

Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

The Here Navigator Map app serves you easy to read, turn-by-turn directions for walking or driving. It features good selection of routes whether you are driving, cycling, walking or using a public transport. 

The app is very much accurate and would not have you walking in circles. It is surely a wonderful app, and we recommend you do not hesitate to download it on your device. 

11.Camera Gear

Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

This app allows you take pictures or record videos on your phone via the Gear 2 device. Turning the crisp, vibrant circular display into a viewer, it works with both front and rear facing cameras. 

The app also supports a flash mode and has a self-timer mode. The Camera Gear is really of the apps you should not fail to download to your Gear 2 device.  

12.Vroom Rider

Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

There are quite less number of games on the Gear 2, but this Outrun-esque arcade racer is definitely one of the best of the few.  It allows you steer the car using the Gear 2’s rotating bezel and while longer the sessions might suck out the life out of the battery, it is definitely interesting to have on your device.

13.Fruit Ninja

Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

The Fruit Ninja app is definitely not the official version of the Gear 2 device, but this very alternative provides amazing tons of fun. It could really be out of taste sometimes, but it is really nothing that would surely spoil the fun of the endlessly carving airborne watermelons. The app is absolutely free. A fruity bonus you would not want to miss.


 Best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

This wonderful app brings all your messages like texts, WhatsApp, Messenger etc into screen. However, the app involves two downloads after which no more logging in. 

The chatHub also includes both preset like “What’s up?”  And an onscreen keyboard if you really care to type in your response.


best Gear Fit 2 Apps 2020

 You can view your buying and selling activity, increase bids (by turning the bezel) and outbid someone through the official Gear 2 fit ebay app. Though you can’t search items or place a new bid on your device yet, it is still one the amazing apps you should download on your Gear 2 fit device.


We believe you have carefully gone through our list of the top 15 best Gear fit 2 app. There are definitely hundreds to thousands of Gear fit apps, but like we said our list consists of the top best we have recommended you should download. Some of these apps require you pay for it, while some allows you to use it for free.

These wonderful apps would definitely make your smart watch even smarter. The Samsung Gear fit 2 device is definitely a must-have in your collection of device. The fitness watch device has a lot of amazing features why you should have it if you are yet to. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions to make? Please do not hesitate to send us a message through the comment box. We would surely do our very best to reply your message immediately. And if you feel we missed any of your favorite app, we are really sorry for that. These are just all our list could contain.