15 Best GCSE Apps (Android/iPhone) 2023

Have you been sourcing for the top best GCSE apps for your android or iPhone device? We have prepared a list of the 15 very best GCSE apps for you. These fantastic apps make it easier and less stressful for students to revise for their exams.

With these apps, you can get used to the exam format and test what you have learned. These apps come with lots of unique features to get students prepared for their exams. Many students find reading books for their exams stressful, but these apps reduce the stress on them.

All you have to do is download the app and follow the scheduled programs to prepare you for your exams. These apps prepare you very well for your GCSE. Below are our top 15 best GCSE apps to help students study more effectively and efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to download these recommended apps to help you improve your performance and experience.

 Test & Learn

HThe Test and Learn app allows you to test your knowledge of GCSE Physics. The app has over 300 question and answer cards which enable you to revise the different modules you study in class and prepare you for your exams.

The app also offers you hundreds of multiple choice questions with explanations of each answer to help you learn and improve your understanding of each topic.

It also allows you to choose your exam board to learn the correct topics for your exam.

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The Timetable app is a  popular revision timetable app that  helps students design and plan their revision schedule. A regular revision timetable is no doubt a calendar.

The Timetable app contains topics and subject you need to revise on specific days, instead of regular birthdays and holidays calendar. The app also allows you to share how long you have until your exams by how many subjects you study.

The timetable app allows you access it on the go for more flexibility over where you choose to study. 

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 Temple GCSE

 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The Temple GCSE app uses mini-quizzes to test the knowledge of students. The app does much more by helping students develop confidence in their learning. Your own temple begins to form when you successfully complete a quiz.

Your temple building completes when your master an entire subject. You would also get to see your achievements build as you target each individual part of the subject.

Do your best to build all the temples by passing every.

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Revision App

The Revision App is packed with tutor videos and exam revision quizzes for GCSE, As-Level, A2-Level and 11+ subjects.

The app covers the fundamental subjects within each key stage. It also gives students the option to choose the subtopics they wish to focus on and can take the required tests for it.

The Videos on the Revision app takes the students through topics they find difficult. You would need to make a payment to gain access to over one million revision notes, flash cards, and over 350 learning videos across different key stages and subject.

However, the app offers you a free content first before you continue with the in-app purchases. 

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 GCSE Maths: Super Edition

 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The GCSE Maths: Super app covers all exam boards including OCR,EDEXCEL,AQA,WJEC,CCEA etc. With over 250 revision notes and 2700 questions with solutions and explanations on Number, Algebra, Stats and Geometry, the app gives students the chance to learn the fundamental aspects of each topic. 

This app offers a progress metre and mock tests including 50 questions randomly selected from the topic. 

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 BBC Bitesize

 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The BBC Bitesize app contains subjects for GCSEs, National 4, National 5, Higher and TGAU. The app helps students break their revision up into manageable “bite-sized” chunks, aiding planning and time management.

The app also acts as guide to the BBC Bitesize website, with links on the pages to videos, learner guides, worked examples and quizzes. 

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

 This amazing free revision tool allows you to create a study set of flashcards, and add your own terms and definitions. The app allows students discover millions of flashcard sets created by teachers and other students or easily create their own to personalise their revision. 

Revision for the new GCSE exams turns fun with interactive flashcards, games, diagrams and more. 

Quizlet also offers students amazing learning games such as Match and Gravity to make your revision more engaging. 

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 Best GCSE Apps (Android/iPhone) 2022

This wonderful app is the UK’s most popular revision app. The free revision app helps you pass your exams. It offers you access to over 40,000 practice questions for free.

The app also allows students to download quizzes for offline use. It tracks their progress, strengths and weakness across each topic.

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The GCSEPod app allows students to create mindmaps and flashcards, and then watch the pods back to enhance their knowledge. GCSEPod allows students to recap information from lessons.

The pods are brief which makes them easy to listen and very helpful when revising for your exam. They are very detailed and specific which allows them to retain the key information.

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The EdPlace app stands out to be one of the best revision apps for GCSE. The app plays a role in helping each child achieve their very best when revising for GCSE English, maths, and science. Students are offered access to 1000 interactive tutorial worksheets, assessments, and revision practice papers.

To access these activities plus thousands of activities aligned to the National Curriculum, you would have to make an EdPlace subscription. The app helps students to practice the skills they are learning in school and get ready for exams.

The app gives you recommendations on what to practice next. The app automatically gives topics to your child based on their year and adapts their progression to help them succeed. Students can set individual goals and personalized rewards.

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The Todit app helps make student revision Productive. Todait is a brilliantly designed app which assists to you in splitting everything you need to study over a specific time period. 

The app automatically makes changes to your schedule based on your progress. The app is eligible for download on android and iOS devices

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The MindMeister mind map helps students during revision. The app allows you organise lots of information into clear and easy digest format. MindMeister is a free download, and you can print off the maps and stick them on your wall, or save them all so you have a stockpile of revision notes.

The app is eligible for download on android and iOS devices.

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 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Trello is a little project management tool that helps student when they are revising. This amazing free download app allows you create a new board for each topic that could come up in your exams, and then make a card for each possible essay question that you could come up. It’s really a productive way of building banks of essay.

The app is available for download on android and iOS devices

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 Penultimate App

 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The app lets you take notes, from actual handwritten text notes to webpages or webpage excerpts. It’s also has a search and tagging function, so you can find your notes quickly when you need to.

It’s really a wonderful revision tool for learning on the go. The app is also an award-winning digital handwriting app for the iPad. It gives you the feel of writing on paper, and lets you take notes, keep sketches and doodles, and share content with fellow revising students.

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Remember the Milk

 GCSE Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Students need a great app that handles to-do lists. Remember the Milk is definitely the best option for that, and it’s also trendy because it’s so flexible. It allows you to organize and order lists, revision periods, and task reminders however you want.

It also allows you to change and bookmark tasks between your mobile, web, Twitter, Gmail, and Google Calendar setup. The app is available for download on android and iOS devices.

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This article answers your question if you have searched for the top best GCSE apps for your android and iPhone devices. These apps help you revise and get you prepared for your GCSE exams.

There are many more GCSE apps for your device, but these very ones listed in this article are the top best you should settle for. These apps help students get prepared and equipped for their exams.