The word geyser comes from Geysir, the name of an erupting spring at Haukadalur, Iceland; that name, in turn, comes from the Icelandic verb geysa, “to gush” or “to spout”, the verb itself from Old Norse. Nature nurtures and is harsh, nature is unpredictable. Scientist are more or less bio mimic artists I mean look around you whatever we use maybe electronics, aesthetic or generic all which are manmade have found nature to be their only source of inspiration. Modern day gadgets they replicate your brain, hands and legs. Take for instance cars, they are inspired from legs, legs which are superior at movement behemoth and well designed to be imperceptible and specious than stallions. Likely we humans have found solutions to our everyday problems, but the problem of taking bath in chilled water was still unaddressed until an Englishman Mr. Benjamin Maughan came with an absolute solution in the year 1868. Then the market was awaked about this sizable container which heats water using an electrical element, much like in a kettle.

With the continuous increase in the cost of electricity other conventional methods of water heating came into demand. A game changer gas geyser conceptualized and made an early demand in the market. A gas geyser saves you a huge chunk of money in electricity bills. Gas geysers are based on the principle of convection. The gas geyser uses gases such as propane and LPG to warm the water and is suitable for people having pipe connection of gas at home. Gas Geysers are a type of water heater which provides a continuous flow of hot water and heating as well. It also has the adjustable temperature control setting which you can manually set as per your desired temperature.

We have gathered all the information required for safer, reliable and hassle free purchase. The brands we have included in this article are best in class and are trusted out of all in the market. We have limited all the constraints and tried our best to present you this article as your buying guide, when you set your mind and pocket to bring home one gas geyser. Bear with us to know all the specifications and construct the right mindset to have the best product for you and your family.

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1. V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser (White)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020


To enjoy refreshing baths with warm water in the chilly winters, you can opt for the V-guard Safeflo plus Geyser. This V-guard geyser has a chic and smart design which will beautify your bathroom without seeming like a bulky addition. This high-quality gas water heater has a strong build design and gives decent performance with the help of SS burners, overheat protection, automotive ignition system, copper heat exchanger and ultra-low pressure application system. It is lightweight and sleek and also consumes very little amount of electricity, making it ideal for your home. This heater comes with an impressive 5 star rating too. It is easy to install and has several user-friendly mechanisms that make it easy to use. Water heater internally has a tank with 6 liters capacity which runs using an LPG gas and is suitable for small families. The ultra-smart and lightweight design of the geyser beautifies the bathroom without appearing like a bulky device stick to the walls. Geyser warms the water quickly and ensures the steady flow by supporting the entire family members. Further, the hot water can also be used to wash clothes, dishes and other household chores at an ease.

2. Racold RC-LP5 5-Litre Geyser (White)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020


Perfect for domestic use, Natural Flue comes with an auto timer which switches off after 20 min of continuous use. It safeguards against accidents, ensuring safety for children. High heating efficiency Up to 85 % heating efficiency due to use of precise and imported burners which facilitates complete combustion. Low starting pressure feature makes it suitable (0.7 m against 2.5m water head) even for areas having low water pressure. Indian product certification (ISI) Assurance of performance, safety and reliability. Summer/winter function Allows delivery of hot water during winter and warm water during summer. Automatic operation: Will turn on only when hot water tap\shower is turned on to give instant hot water, else will stay off. Best product for a luxurious lifestyle. Electric geysers are a no match against this LPG geyser. Racold Thermo Pvt Ltd. (erstwhile Racold Thermo Ltd.), an ISO 9001:2008 company, is a fully owned subsidiary of Ariston Thermo Group – Italy, one of the leading players worldwide, in manufacturing and marketing of water and space heating products and their components. The Indian operations include India’s largest and fully integrated water heater plant in Chakan near Pune, Maharashtra that has been operational since 1999. Ever since its inception, Racold Thermo Pvt Ltd. (erstwhile Racold Thermo Ltd.) went on to change standards in the Indian water heater industry by bringing in new technology, enhancing the aesthetics, quality, durability and performance of the product. This model does not have a LED temperature display.

3. Orient Electric Vento 6-Litre Gas Water Heater without Display (White)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

Don’t let power cuts and inconsistent power supply get in your way of a warm shower. This LPG variant of Orient electric Vento Gas water heater provides hot water throughout summer and winter with more than 84 percent efficiency. It features a beautifully crafted sleek body with a digital display indicating temperature and low battery. It has a 3 row burner and variable pressure compatibility of 0.1 to 8 Bar. Other salient features include 20 minute OFF timer, 3 row burner and pressure bearing capacity of up to 8 Bar.

4. Crompton Solarium DLX 3 liter Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

Geysers and water heaters have become a part of our lifestyle. It is so invigorating to shower in hot water after a long day’s tedious work. This is when an electric geyser comes in handy. Geysers convert electrical energy into heat energy through a heating element. Cold water comes into a compartment, gets warmed up to a certain degree, by the heating element and then the heated water is carried out through another outlet. There are a lot of water heaters out there in the market. Crompton is one of the leading players when it comes to geysers and water heaters. Whether it is a tank geyser or an instant geyser, Crompton is a master at both.

5. Hindware Atlantic 6L LPG and PNG Geyser Water Heater, White

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

The Hindware Atlantic 6 L Gas Water Geyser is simply the Best gas geyser that you can purchase for regular use. The body also has a Hi-Tech design and has a good appearance. This gas water heater comes with climate based optimization and hassle-free ignition. The heater comes with 6 L capacity.

6. Signoracare SCGWH-1007 Gas Water Heater (White)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

This fabulous gas water heater from Signoracare is fully automatic with battery operated ignition and comes with 20 minutes in-built timer with child lock flameout protection device. It works super-fast and heats up water as fast in 4 seconds. It comes with a water volume regulator and winter summer knob. Followed by 1 year of warranty and 1 user manual get this water heater home without a thought in your head.

7. LONGWAY Xolo Gold DLX 7

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

The product comes at very economical prices in which a limited budget person can purchase the item without having a second thought. This is another best gas geyser in our list from the brand Longway. With a simple and neat structure, the product offers a classy and elegant look. This gas geyser comes with the capacity of 7 liters making it an ideal choice for the small-medium sized family. Its working is completely based on LPG and offers an advanced combustion technology for greater thermal efficiency. The front panel comes with a power switch to simply turn on and off of the device and 3 rotary control knobs to monitor the gas, water flow and the heat settings. The usage of heat exchanger in this instant heater saves gas by 30% than the regular heater models. Inner tank is made of copper material to ensure durability and last longer.

8. Activa LPG Water Heater Aqua Gold

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

It works very efficiently for the continuous use. Apart from this, the water heater has a capacity of 6L. The gas geyser comparatively saves 30% more gas than others. The Activa geyser also has an extra-large burner that quickly heats the water. This device works efficiently and does not make noise when operated continuously for a longtime. That’s why we given as the best water heater for home purposes. You can get a warranty for 1 years. There is a separate overheat cut-off protection provided in the geyser.

9. Orient Electric Vento GWVN06WLMD 

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

The Orient gas geyser is one of the best quality gas geysers available in the market today. It comes with a capacity of 6 liters which is enough to use for medium to large sized families. The product comes with 2 years of warranty and is safe for high rise building only for LPG.  The product is affordable, offers quality and is a total value for money.

10. Havells Flagro Storage 6-Litre Gas

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

It has Heavy duty heat exchanger for longer life. Come with child lock safety. It has dual electromagnetic valve which ensures anti dry burning protection. The Low start up water pressure gives a broad scope of application. The water heater will automatically cut off the gas & stop working when the temperature of the water flowing out from the water heater exceeds 95 °C or dry burning occurs. The product comes with a 2 years of comprehensive warranty. It has flame out protection and runs on LPG.


 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

It has a double Bunsen burner for quick and effective heating. Apart from this, the geyser has a twenty minute built-in timer that is very special. The Genius 6 L Gas Water Geyser is one of the best gas geysers online that you can wish to buy. The product is very light in weight and also comes up with the L.C ignition that you can get.

12. Surya Instant Water Heater 6L/min

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

When you place gas heaters in the bathroom, it is more likely to affect due to the presence of bacteria, dust, and other contaminants. It has a built-in oxygen sensor, and it comes with an automatic timer of 20 minutes. A one-stop solution is to have Surya Instant Water Heater at home that is made of high-quality materials to secure and last longer.

13. Lazer Oxy LPG Gas 6-Litre Water Heater (White)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020

Advance water-controlled automatic ignition and automatic electromagnetic valve makes the operation easy and convenient. Hot water comes instantly upon turn-on of the hot water tap. This effective water heater from Lazer is one of the best water heaters as it comes with dry burning protection, flame out protection, with a 6 L capacity and 1year warranty period with a warranty card. The product comes with a heat exchanger made from Copper.

14. Indo 7 L Gas Water Geyser (White, 7 LTR INSE 1.2 Gas Heater)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020


With all the necessary safety features, it is absolutely a great buy. This superb gas geyser from Indo comes the next in our list for all its top-notch features. This one is fully automatic with the battery operated ignition. The advanced combustion technology has been used in this gas geyser that offers the best thermal efficiency. 

15. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater (White)

 Best Gas Geyser India 2020


You will be impressed with the advanced combustion technology which ensures the thermal efficiency and superior performance. Dry heat protection and burner settings provide safety and security all around the heater. The basic structure of the Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater is very neat and simple which makes the product look classy. What makes it best is its suitability to work on both low and high pressure. It also comes with an oxygen depletion monitor that ensures the geyser is working in safe environment. The safety features include auto 20 minutes timer and flame failure protection. This gas geyser is equipped with two burner settings.


When the thought of purchasing a heater comes into one’s mind, most people primarily still think about the electric heaters. But it has been a while since gas heaters have gained significant importance and people have been eager to consider this option as well. But the lack of knowledge acts as a barrier to the successful purchase of a gas heater. Go for the branded units or gas geysers only, which are going to deliver the genuine safety certification in addition to the performance values. The models that are cheap might be pretty risky to use. Geysers are quite important these days in our day to day lives. So, above is the list of best gas geyser in India that you can buy.  All the above geysers have been selected based on the brand, size, prize, etc. You won’t regret at all if you go ahead with the list that has been mentioned above.