Gaming has changed a lot throughout the last decade, and to enjoy a great gameplay experience you need top-quality components. The game microphone should not be overlooked even though the output of the CPU or the RAM should not be sacrificed for this reason.
Though, most players do not take this into account and settle for a gaming headset connected mic. Though this can be a great choice if you just set up your gaming platform, a standalone microphone provides a very high-quality sound that gives your opponents and team members a brief communications experience
If you have come looking for the best gaming microphone, look no further. You’re sure to find the best standalone microphone for gaming to suit your needs with various great options at every price range.
We have compiled a list of great mics in different price ranges, all of them compete with one goal: to become the best gambling mic. All these mics might fit that bill for you, depending on your needs, but together we’ll figure out which one will better suit your needs.
In this article 15 microphones are available to choose from. Of these 15, approximately four are known as gaming overkills and are only recommended if you have non-game requirements, such as voice and audio recordings.
Anything better than the built-in mic on your headset. Factors such as user-friendliness, budget and configuration choices can also be a little difficult, so you can use a game-mic accordingly, depending on what works for you. So, if you want to join the worlds of podcasting, downloading, or streaming right in the corner of Black Friday or if you’re just a gamer who makes sure your team mates bark 100 per cent of the time every time you order, we’ll see the best model to enjoy gaming. We have looked at some of the best gaming mics available in this article.

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1.Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Gaming

 Best Gaming microphone 2020
The Blue Yeti microphone, which is worth its quality, is one of the best on the gaming microphone market. It is an advanced and flexible gaming microphone that allows you to create sound with your device that is of studio quality. The microphone looks like an older, more modern microphone with a sleek design. It is based on a hinge system which facilitates easy positioning and adjustment. The screws help keep it in place and for quick portability, the hinge helps to fold it up.
The Blue Yeti microphone is made from a tri-capsule proprietary technology, enabling sharp, clear and pristine recordings to be produced. The three condensers on the microphone are fit to record without noise interruption under any circumstance, making it a good option for gaming and streaming. The mic also features four different pattern modes: stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional.
The stereo mode makes use of both your audio output’s right and left channels to create a realistic sound for general use. The cardioid mode records sound sources put in front of the microphone, providing a rich and powerful sound that is perfect for podcasts and streaming. The omnidirectional mode absorbs sound from all angles and creates a sound environment for live performance. The bi-directional mode eventually captures sound from the front and back that fits well with instrumental music.

2.Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Gaming Microphone

 Best Gaming microphone 2020
For its crystalline audio, it is very hard to beat the Audio-Technica AT20202 microphone. It is one of the best streaming microphones that operate on both operating systems on Windows and Macintosh. The secure communication makes it a gaming microphone viable.
The structure of the microphone is robust, with the capsule elements inside a wire mesh, supported by a firm metal frame. It comes with a fixed pivot and a desk stand. The table stand has a tripod, with a rubber tip for friction and the pivot is fitted with adjustable tubing to set the angle necessary. The microphone is also easy to set up since it only requires connecting it to a USB port and installing the device software to make it run.
The mic consists of a cardioid condenser, the AT2020, which provides excellent articulation and understandability for studio-quality recording. The tailor-made low-mass diaphragm provides an extended response. This allows a large frequency to be recorded without a backlash. The cardioid model minimized the sound selection from both sides and the rear and put the desired sound source in a sharp focus.

3.Blue Snowball USB Gaming Microphone

Best Gaming microphone 2020
One of the best affordable microphones for games is the Blue Snowball USB console microphone. The microphone provides both outstanding recording output and sound quality. Compatibility with both Windows and Macintosh by the microphone makes this one of the best microphones in gaming.
The mic’s body has a retro-design that gives it a classic look by using a metal grill and an aluminum frame. The recording part is in the form of a disk, with recording capabilities at both front and back. This dual capsule design provides the ability to record cardioids and omnidirectional, and state of – the art circuit design offers smooth, clear audio without distortion or disturbance. All modes are useful for tracking your games and for interacting with your teammates.

4.V-Moda Boompro Microphone

Best Gaming microphone 2020
If you are looking for something inexpensive and lightweight yet, V-MODA BoomPro is one of the models that you have to take account of when choosing the best microphone with great audio quality. For those who need a microphone not only to play but also to contact families, friends or business partners, it is particularly recommended Remember that V-MODA BoomPro offers consistent audio, despite the low cost when it comes to minimizing background noise.
Each model is highly compatible and can be used with almost any type of equipment including laptops, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. V-MODA BoomPro is a detachable microphone with a special SteelFlex, bendable shape, which makes it easy to adapt to various conditions. This game microphone is also robust because it has a strengthened cord and a 24 K Gold plated connector.

5.Razer Seiren Elite

Best Gaming microphone 2020
Razer Seiren Elite is designed to block low-frequency vibration by an integrated high-pass filter. It will reduce the sound of your PC’s footsteps behind your back or noisy hard drives. This will ensure that the recording is clear and precise.
Due to its single dynamic capsule, this mic is also considered one of the best for gaming. This guarantees minimum technological interference and provides a living broadcasting experience. Razer Seiren Elite also has zero vocal limiter and analogue latency monitoring. A silent button is another great feature, allowing you to see whether or not you are muted.
There is a digital/analog limiting system, which also combines to decrease distortion, as well as a high pass filters (you can turn on and off if you need to, but we would still keep it up). Pair this with a resolution of 16-bit/48 kHz and we have a standard high-quality sound that can be heard quite well in our games.
One of the best USB design features for ensuring your voice is clear and noise-free; the Razer Seiren Elite is another excellent choice as the best gaming microphone if your financial plan enables you to do so.

6.Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Best Gaming microphone 2020
Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone would be a great starting point if microphones like Razer Seiren Elite are too expensive for you. It costs less than $100 and has reasonably decent functionality.
Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio comes with a large 25 mm diaphragm condenser which is responsible for capturing high-grade audio. There is also a smooth response in the frequency and a picking pattern for cardioids. This mic is ideal for replay and Skype calls, voice-recognition software or even home studios because it has CD-grade 16-bit resolution.
The solid structure is a chrome-plated body with a fold-back leg design. Remember that for any recording application you should move the legs to the appropriate position. This Meteor mic also has a 1/8-inch stereo headphone output, a volume headphone knob and a mute button.

7.Hyperx Quadcast

Best Gaming microphone
The HyperX QuadCast mic is not only for players, as it provides excellent performance for podcasts, streaming, interviews and even recordings. The microphone is simple to use and set up, equipped with an anti-vibration shock mount and a mount adapter which allows you to install it in any place.
It has four selectable polar patterns (stereo, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and cardioid), one pop filter, and easy-to-reach and switches control adjustment. It also has a tap to mute with an LED indicator allowing you to avoid accidental spilling of tea. That way, you know for sure that you can talk freely when the light is on the screen, and when the light is off.
Finally, there’s a headphone jack in the mic, so you can hear your voice. This feature is great for gaming, streaming and even podcasting sessions.

8.Rode Nt-USB Microphone

Best Gaming microphone
One microphone to consider for gaming is Rode NT-USB. This microphone comes with a 3.5 mm zero-latency headphone jack used to control a microphone input. There is also a high-quality pop filter, well placed at the base of the microphone and perfectly far away from the capsule, reducing the plosives during singing or speaking.
A stand mount with a 3/8 inch cable, a laptop tripod stand and a storage tank is included in the Rode NT-USB microphone. There is also an SM6 shock mount, which reduces a lot of background noise picked up by the microphone. Remember that this microphone has a wide dynamic range. Although Rode NT-USB does not have so many controls like Blue Yeti, its audio quality is incredible and will not deceive you. The main drawback is only one setting for the audio.

9.Antlion Audio ModMic USB

Best Gaming microphone
Tech experts have long recommended the Antlion ModMic and it’s easy to see why after reviewing the ModMic Uni, ModMic USB and ModMic Wireless-this family of mics sounds better than just about any headset microphone on the market. Each can be mounted with a small piece of adhesive on pretty much any set of headphones. The bulk of the microphone can be removed if needed, leaving only the small magnetic base you’re stuck on behind and if you want to switch the microphone to a new headset in the future, there are a few replacement bits of adhesive in the package.
To Xbox or PC users with headphone amplifiers or specialized sound cards, it is also recommendable. The ModMic USB’s enhanced acoustic performance makes this a worthwhile upgrade for PS4 or PCs with on-board audio. Eventually, the ModMic Wireless works best with wireless headsets, enabling you to recharge both headset and microphone together while maintaining a fully cable-free gaming link.

10.Razer Seiren X Professional Grade Condenser Microphone

Best Gaming microphone
The Razer Seiren X is a true professional grade product made popular by the brand for its robust peripherals in gaming. Razer has now moved into speakers, microphones and even smartphones after producing plenty of gaming mice and keyboards. The Seiren X has a cardioid pickup pattern used in studio-grade mics and is combined with a shock mount to prevent any recording distortion.
The microphone makes zero-latency possible for professionals to stop worrying about lip-syncing issues when playing. This avoids the echo effect produced from other sources and is marked at 20Hz for the frequency response. The Razer product has been designed for streaming on Twitch and looks as sleek as a controller with the green light mark in the click. It is a truly impressive gaming microphone that justifies its price tag concerning sound quality and construction.


Best Gaming microphone
You sometimes need a microphone that can do all of that. That’s exactly what’s going to be achieved with the Samson G-Track Pro, so it’s known to be the best streaming mic if users need a complete solution. It’s the mic world’s Swiss Army knife and loaded with features that you’ll love no matter how you intend to stream.
Apart from the overall quality, its directional features are one of the main disadvantages of this particular microphone. With dual1-inch condenser capsules, the G-Track Pro features cardioid, Omni and bidirectional polar patterns to go with. It makes it ideal for both gamers, as well as podcasters.
This robust microphone is designed to last as the die-cast base provides stability while you can find the perfect angle with grip hinges. Some features to remember about the Samson G-Track Pro include headphone and instrument volume controls. It has a USB port, 1/4 “instrument input and a headphone jack of 3.5 mm as for the outputs.

12.Samson Go Mic

Best Gaming microphone
With one of the Samson Go Mic’s most can portable USB microphones out there. We’re going to end options. It simply folds into a thin, leather case like a passport that can fit into some pockets and most backpack spaces to make travelling quick.
You’re covered here if you’re playing on a laptop wherever you are, such as the airport, coffee shop, different homerooms, or anywhere else you’ll find the urge to play. Interestingly, the cost is very competitive, just slightly lower than the Snowball iCe retail price, so we’d say grab what’s cheaper if you settle on the two in terms of a handheld USB mic.
Go Mic has, however, a switchable Omni-directional picking pattern that can be of use to you. However, it’s hard to ignore the versatility of this gaming mic— install it with the little case on top of your desktop and you’re ready to go or use it as a microphone to listen to audio, speak, and more. The Samson Go Mic is important in the receiver game for a reason.

13.Rode NT1-A Bundle

Best Gaming microphone
If you have the cash then Rode NT1-A is the best gaming microphone of 2020, the ideal microphone to use is more studio-friendly to blast any USB microphone from the water.
You’re going to need a Micro stand because it’s not just like other people, it’s the next stage for gaming if you’re going to be able to invest in a stand and some accessories. Our connection is to a package providing us with a shock mount and a pop filter. The Rode NT1-A is a great choice for gamers wanting to move from standard USB mics to an even more one.
This sound is yours with an NT1-A in your arsenal. Experience world-famous transparency and comfort and take each of your projects to the next level. This is more than a microphone, however.
The intelligent design offers exceptional isolation from any external physical factors that might damage your recording. No more rumble or noises that can often be transmitted through your microphone stand-you can focus purely on the sounds you want to capture your microphone.

14.Beyerdynamic FOX

Best Gaming microphone
This music-centred mic is a great choice, whether you like to tune some tunes after playing or during your Twitch stream. Beyerdynamic is a renowned name in pro audio, and the company’s studio experience in this compact, no-fuss USB mic carries beautifully.
The FOX provides hi-res 96 KHz/24-bit recording quality, unlike the vast majority of its USB device peers, which is an impressive feat for a microphone that you can simply plug in via USB and hit the record button. You may not be able to use this extra quality on sites for compressing audio and video such as YouTube or Twitch, however, you are free to go beyond CD-quality 44KHz/16-bit if you are in podcasting or music production.
Mix and volume controls and a mini headphone input for inline monitoring are found in the microphones themselves. Our experience shows the preamp which produces this monitoring signal that distorts well before the microphone does–but it is still a useful feature when the gain is offset.
There is also a mute knob in the center, and a low gain knob in the back of your microphone (mainly a pad). Beyerdynamic throws into a solid metallic pop shield that clips without having to unscrew it and the microphone can be placed on its booth.

15.Antlion Audio ModMic 5

Best Gaming microphone
The Antlion Audio ModMic 5 is another mic suitable primarily for in-game commands. Currently, this is the most common fastening mic on the market and its solid specifications help to show why. Although a 100 Hz frequency is well above the professional level, the overall range of voice communication in and outside the game is perfectly suited.
While we would not suggest this for pro-grabbing, voice quality is appropriate for light streaming and production of video content. This works, because the latter balance out, say, keyboard noises during the game. It is simple for the cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns to turn.
This isn’t a microphone for you if you plan to live with audio recording. But if you only need strong voice quality, good building quality, noise cancellation and several additional features, the ModMic 5 is excellent.


The Blue microphones have dominated the list in large part and this is an obvious choice, given a large number of players who prefer it to an audio or rode product. Razer has also made it to the list with their new range of microphones and so many options that it should be easy for you to choose the best microphones for gaming. These are available in different price ranges, lengths and styles while providing reliable recording efficiency. If you want an unparalleled experience, the high-end models are crispy if you are new to streaming or competitive gaming, but it is wise to start with a cheaper model.
One of the most critical factors not to be known is audio quality and sound pattern. Therefore, it’s very important to purchase a mic according to your preferences, needs and budget. Take all the relevant factors into account, and then choose the one that best suits you.
Depending on how you intend to use your mic, the crowded commercial audio recorder provides several great alternatives. A modest, connectable lapel/boom mic should make the fine sound trap if you are just into gameplay.