10 Best Games Not Available Google Play Store 2023

Some of you might have come across a situation where you have tried to find a game that you have learned from your friend, but having invested a long time, you have failed to find it from Google play. Has this happened with you also? If yes, then you need to read this article which is all about the games not available on Google play. It might be surprised to some of you to know that despite having more than millions of games, Google play does not have some of the games which are pretty popular in the games market. The games which are found in Google play are straightforward to download. You can download them directly on your mobile phone. The variety of games available to the global market include puzzles, shooting games, mystery, love stories games, detective, simulation, farming, and many more genre of games. The games that are not available on Google play with being due to the terms of service of Google or the composition of the game. These are the most commonly anticipated reasons for some games to miss the opportunity to reserve their position in the Google Play Store. But having said that, it does not mean that these games tend to lose their popularity or are not a bit to reach a more significant part of society.
Some games are not available on Google play to prevent users from seeing a lot of blood, violence, mature topics, and numerous other factors. Are you looking for a game where you can unravel your excitements and make the most of your time during the long weekends? This article will discuss the list of the top 15 best games not available on the Google Play store.

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

Eternal Frontier

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

The Eternal Frontier is an exciting survival game. The much-known NetEase has created it. The company is highly reputed among players worldwide to produce top-of-mark virtual internet games. This game is based on the activities of the main character, whose name is Shield. The name popularly knows him of Saint Grace because of his dedication and good works for the people of his community. Saint Grace is an efficient warrior who knows every detail of the weapons used to date. This is because of his thought training and education at the time of his childhood. Now, he is the only lesson with the ability and power to deal with an apocalyptic situation. The master, Major Sauter, has been the mentor of Saint Grace to help him uncover all his hidden capabilities and powers to use his internal energy and heal friendly fighters. Not only just that, but Shield is also able to handle the deadly missiles.

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Flappy Bird

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

The game has received a tremendous amount of success, and it still tends to enjoy the love from all the players worldwide. This is an excessively addictive game. Many people love to have a bird in their house, but for one reason or another, they are not able to get to do so. Are you also one of the bird lovers? If t s true that you wish to have a bird at your dwelling place one day, then you will enjoy this game but having said that, you will not be able to find this game anywhere in the play store as the game Flappy Bird is not available for the Android users. All you need to do is keep firm control over your little bird flapping across the green tubes. You will lose the game on the off chance that you get your flying bird hit the tube. The designer of Flappy Birds, for some reason, has pulled this game out from the list of games that are available on the Google play store.

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Fornite Battle Royale

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

Before you start to play the game, one crucial thing that you are required to keep a note of is that the game Fortnite Battle Royale operates with an internet connection. This is a game about survival, along with construction as its central theme. The game will start when several 100 players drop down from their aircraft on the unknown land of an island. Upon your landing, you are required to look for safety gear and protective equipment from wherever you can. These items would save you from the attack of other players. The developer has made strict rules and regulations for all the players to ensure no such thing as using any unfair means. The Fortnite Battle Royale game is easily compatible with any Android device with OS 8 or more.

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Dead Space

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

The game is based on a scientific approach with a horror theme. Are you ready to enter into the world of darkness? To help you fight against the tough challenges, you will find some special and unique weapons. You can get the Core Extractor, as well as the deadly Plasma, Saw to try your skills. The game has top-of-the-mark visual effects. The graphics and sound quality of the game dead Space are beyond comparison with any of the games in the same genre. You will get to a point where you will find yourself playing the game through the days and nights. Get the experience of the most popular game in the entire games market. The lighting effects of the game are so intriguing that they will take you one step further away from reality. The more you get yourself involved with the game, the easier it will become for you to move out of the stress of the real world.

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Zen-bound | Puzzle Game

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

The Zen-bound | Puzzle Game is very unique and beautiful. The game has been the proud recipient of the most prestigious award for the top of the mark sound quality as well as the best graphic designs. The Zen-bound | Puzzle Game is a full pack of entertaining and fun. You would feel like playing the game without any break. It is one of the highly popular games in the entire world of puzzles. The players tend to enjoy the most when they are being challenged by the complexity of the puzzles. During the process of installing the software of this puzzle game, you need to check the connectivity of the device with the internet so that you do not face any interruption.

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Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

Have you ever given it a thought of taking part in the football game? If it is yes, then you give this game a try. The game will help you to get acquainted with the rules and regulations of the football game when you are playing on the virtual football fields. Sometimes it does tend to happen that you have to put an end to your favorite activity or sport because of various reasons. If you are also one of them then it is a wonderful opportunity to play the FIFA 14 game and continue to get the experience of playing a football game on the field. This is a favorite football game of many players all around the world. On the off chance that you come across a few players from your region, it would not be a surprise. This is because the game has about 6 hundred teams of football players who are playing under the group of 33 leagues. The matches are being played on several stadiums that are situated in various international locations. To be precise, there are 34 stadiums.

Tiny Thief

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

Often, it happens with some of the people that they get confused about what they want to do on their weekends. If you have the same issue, you need to know that it is straightforward to get bored when nothing is exciting. To get top-notch excitement and leisure, you need to play this game. It has already been installed by more than 5 000 000 users online. As a player, you will be playing the role of a funny little thief who enjoys stealing and cheating others. Use all the possible tactics to get as many items as you can. The thief lives to rebel against the law and performs unjust activities to get the maximum number of jewels and money. You will be able to uncover six distinct adventurous modes of the game.

N.O.V.A. 3-Freedom

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

The N.O.V.A. 3–Freedom is to fill your virtual world with full of action. The game is known among action lovers for its top of quality background elements. When you start to play the N.O.V.A. 3–Freedom game, you will come to know that the game has one of the highest qualities of frames per second time. This is to make ruse that the players enjoy every bit of the game with no trouble. Even if you play the game for long hours, you will never encounter any lag or delay on the screen. You would have to fight for humanity in all ten addictive levels. Do you wish to play a game where you can fight in a team against the enemy? Well, then this is the game you are looking for. You can play with almost 12 real players in a team and take part in 7 different types of battlegrounds.

Duke Nukem 3D

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

This is an ultimate shooting game. It would be best if you were very sure about your target. On the off chance that you fail to hit your target, you might lose your progress. Once you lose the level, you will have to work up again with double energy to make sure that you defeat all the targets and be the winner of the entire game. The game is full of fun; you need to play this as often as possible to brush up on your shooting skills. Once you achieve your goals, you become the top shooter. The game has been designed in 1996 but having said that, and it does not lack any new technology. The entire graphics of the game are based on the latest 3D technology.

Millet Shootout Battle

Best Games Not Available Google Play Store

This is a type of game that is based on battlefield wars. You have to take part in the battle against the opposite players. The developer has created three exciting battle modes to keep the players stuck without getting bored. The modes are 16 X 16 battlefield mode, PVP classic mode as well as royal battle mode. Show your aggression and kill all your foes. It would be best if you were prepared to maintain your speed to keep up with other players; otherwise, you will not get the winner’s trophy. When you miss your enemies even a single time, it becomes complicated for the players to keep up with the game’s progress because then, within a few minutes, the player gets attacked by the target that is on the opposite side and gets killed in the process.


Even though these games are not available on the Google Play Store yet, you can get them online and make the most of your time and enjoy yourself every day. There are ample opportunities given by Android to all the third-party application developers to launch their applications on any of the Android devices without any hindrance. This is possible because the Android operating system is an open-source platform. In this way, the developers can bring forward the projects which are more as per the choices and demands of the people around the world than as per the strict terms and conditions of the Android store.