The witcher- like games takes place in a dark and mature fantasy full of horrific happenings. In these games, you will find that people exist alongside monsters. The characters are very significant, and they die in brutality. These games are open-world, where there is a large playground where you can smoothly go physically anywhere and tackle everything you like. There is always responsive combat to the monsters by the characters. You can, however, wander around and hunt beasts in the bush.The role-playing of the characters is intense in the massive world of the game. It makes the games livelier and persuading you to continue playing time to time, even though the story itself might appear difficult to understanding.The following are the top fifteen best games like Witcher 3 you might find interesting to try out;

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1.Red dead redemption II

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020
The player of this game acts as Arthur Morgan, one of Van der Linde’s gang. The squad must steal and battle all along through the ragged town of America. The group develops internal divisions and threats to split occurs; as the player, you must make decisions between your mind and trueness to the gang you are leading.

You can change or switch to other characters if you like. You can focus on one role at a time or all at once. These inclusive roles are the trader, collector, and the bounty hunter. You can choose to become a bounty hunter to chase down dangerous criminals, then partner with entrepreneurs to turn their camp into an exciting business activity Trader, uncover both obscure and valuable treasures as a Collector.

The red dead redemption II has various graphical developments to bring a lively massive world. They include improved illumination for day and night, high-resolution shadows, tessellated textures for grasses and trees, and improved fur textures for animals to bring the realism in every object or organism.

2.Horizon zero dawn

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The game developer is Guerrilla games, and the publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment. A hunter, who is in a mechanized world, sets out to open up the past of her life. You, as the player, use a spear, tripwires trap, and secret to fight with mechanical beasts and other hostile forces. New skills provide bonuses to the player.

The player (Aloy) can easily escape the enemies by rolling, sliding, and even sprinting. Swimming is also useful for you to reach enemies in unreachable places on foot. You can also wear a focus to scan the machines to know their physical location, susceptibility, position, and kind of loot the machine drops.

3.Assassin’s creed odyssey

 Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

Assassin’s creed odyssey is a video game developed and published by Ubisoft. Assassin set comprises dialogue, branching requests, and many endings. The player decides to use one of the siblings, Kassandra, or Alexio as the main character. The greedy fighters chase the player after committing murder or robbery in the presence of others.

The player can unlock new abilities using the skill tree system to improve his bonuses. These skill trees are hunter which focus on attacks using the bow and arrow, the warrior which focus on swords, spears, and axes, and assassin, which focuses on secrecy and silent arrest. The hitbox combat system in the game allows you to access different skills like calling a rain of arrows when your ability bar fills up.

4.Dragon age: origin

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The game developer is BioWare, and the publisher is electronics arts. It is the first game in the dragon age releases for Microsoft windows. Grey Warden, who is part of the elite fighters, is the character in the game. The game places you in the role of a warrior, magician, or rogue from a human or elven background. Your task is to defeat the arch demon and save the earth from Blight.

You can alter the gender and appearance of the character to suit your specifications of race and class. The classes include warriors who carry out powerful physical attacks, mages, who casts magical powers to enemies and rogues who carry out secret attacks and steal other character’s items.

5.Divinity: original sin 2

 Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The publisher and developer of this role-playing video game are Larian Studios and released in 2017. You can play the game as a single character. You can also customize characters to a particular gender, race, and originality of the story at the beginning of the game. The game allows you to recruit up to three supporters to help.

The supporters are actively playable throughout the game. You can be able to separate and have a single party control with tricky battle tactics as well as proper role-playing chances.

6.The elder scrolls V: Skyrim

 Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

Skyrim game publisher is Bethesda Softworks. Dragon born is the player’s character, who fights to defeat the world-eater dragon. You can freely move around the Skyrim environment where there are caves, wilderness, towns, cities, and villages.

As a player, you can also go round the world game quickly by horse riding and pay. You can converse, marry, or kill the non-player characters who are in the world. But not all non-player aspects can be executed because they are more critical to the development of the storyline.

7.The witcher 2

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The Witcher 2 is one of the games like Witcher 3 developed by CD Projekt Red. The attack of witcher 2 is much more complicated than its predecessor. The character of Witcher 2 game has a sophisticated offensive and defensive weapons like traps, bombs, shovels, hatchets, and armor.

The abilities of the game have upgraded and divide into four paths; initial training path for general upgrading of specific skills, and it must formalize before other trails are accessed.; swordsmanship, which improves the sword fighting abilities of the protagonist; alchemy, which reduces the harmful effects of potions; and magic, which increases the Witcher signs. You are not able to find the other players because this is a stealth game, and they remain undetected.

8.Fallout 4

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

Fallout 4 is a leading game in Fallout series whose publisher is Bethesda Softworks. The game has new features like a layered armor system, a dialogue system, a base-building, and a crafting system that brings about any lootable item in the video game. The enemies of the games include super mutants, death claws raiders, and mole rats.

You will assume the character of the sole survivor who witnessed the death of a partner and kidnapping of their only son, and you decide to move in search of your missing child. You are free to move and roam in the world of the game and have conversations. As a player, the crafting system allows you to deconstruct buildings and settlements, break and select in-game structures and use them to build your structures.

9.Middle earth: Shadow of war

 Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

Shadow of War is a continuation of the previous Shadow of Mordor narrative. The developer is Monolith productions, and the publisher is Warner Bros interactive entertainment. The game release was in October 2017. The story of ranger Talion continues here.

Main quests are required to drive the storyline and other pursuits to assist you to boost the abilities of Talion. You are supposed to use combined capabilities to complete the different missions in disrupting the Sauron armies. The game features a massive weather system and also the day and night cycle, which affects the gameplay and behavior of the enemy.

10.Final Fantasy XV

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The action role-playing game’s developer and publisher are Square Enix. The game consists of an action battle system in an open world environment, incorporation of quick-switching weapons, magic, camping, and the vehicle traveling. Final fantasy xv occurs in a fictional game world where empire Niflheim seeks control of the magical crystal guarded by the royal family of Lucian.

During the game, you will only be controlling one character, Noctis. Noctis can go around by simple movements, jump over small barriers, run at top speed for a limited time, and hide behind the objects. You can customize the Regalia and Chocobos to join you in battles. The battle system has options where you can select the commands directly on controller buttons like “defend,””attack,” and “item.”

11.Fable anniversary

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

It is the first video game in the fable series. In this game, the main character interacts with people, objects, and battle foes. The mission of the game is for you to complete the quests available at the game plot. The quests you need are golden marked while the other searches are silvery marked.

As you complete the quests or conquer the enemies, you gain experience based on whether you used the magic, ranged weapons, skills, bestow strength, or will experience. The knowledge you get can double up during attack through the combat attack as you hit the enemy successfully, your combat multiplier increases.

12.Mass effect 2

 Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

Mass effect 2 is a solo-player game published by electrical arts. In this game, you will take the role of commander shepherd. You will first alter the appearance, first name, military information, and the battle training before starting the game. There are different classes where you can choose the weapons you need, such as the infiltrator class, which depends on the secret fights and use of sniper rifles, Vanguard-class for close-range fighting, and shotguns.

13.Monster Hunter: world

 Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The developer and publishers of the game are Capcom. The player, you, take the role of a hunter. You are supposed to chase and either trap or kill monsters that loiter in one of the open field environments. A loot with monster parts and weapons used, the reward is awarded to you if you become successful. You can hunt up to a group of four players.

14.Kingdom comes deliverance

Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The game developer is warhorse studios, and the publisher is deep silver. In this game, you can take different roles like a thief or a warrior. The abilities on the game will grow depending on what you do and say through dialogue. Horses are featured in the game to enable you to jump obstacles or danger. Most of the weapons used in this game are swords, axes, knives, and hammers. The horses in the game are the warehouses.

15.Two worlds 2

 Best Games Like Witcher 3 2020

The developer of this action role-playing game is the Reality pump. The release was in 2010.

You can be able to change the face, body, and skin color of the protagonist at the start. You will start the game at a lower level, but the level increases as you gain experience. Points awarded enable you to improve your health and damage, strength, range, and magic. You are also unlocking and developing other skills and abilities like sneaking and spells.


These action role-playing video games are not only for entertainment but also help to increase the knowledge by expanding the brain processing speed. Gaming also improves the concentration of children and adults for a more extended period. In playing the games, you are also reducing everyday life stress. Although these games like Witcher 3 appears to be more interesting and boost your brain health, the games might become more addictive to you as a player, and you might also develop a violent character with time. It is therefore advisable to try to read related books of the video games to get a better understanding of the characters and the storyline.