Video games begin in the late 1980s. There is a good share of lovers and haters in video games but there is no denying that they are fun. Video games may not be a cup of tea for everyone but today there are around 2.5 billion active video games in the world. There are millions of games for different types and different consoles. One of these is the forest.One is a live video game developed and published by Games. It was released in 2014 and is often cited as the best video game in existence. The jungle is based on an open-world setting that makes for a spacious environment with its great graphics.What better storyline can you take in the role of a father in search of his son who is missing after surviving a plane crash? You fight animal cannibal mutants and this is not for entertaining gameplay. However like everything else the game ends at one point and you cannot play it forever. But there is nothing to worry about because if you love the jungle, you can play many such games.

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1.Left 4 Dead 

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Left 4 is a series of two live-based first-person shooter video games produced by Valve Games. The first game Left 4 Dead was released all the way in 2007 but due to being outdated it is not from any modern game. The games are based around avoiding a worldwide game outbreak. This makes for exciting gameplay even more so for the fancy of the storylines in the films.

The first game gives you the quot; Survivors & quot; Used in the shoes of a member of the group. Because, you go through levels of insanity with other members to try to survive yourself in a dangerous global epidemic

The second game follows an epidemic set in a world where the epidemic has transformed zombies into more dangerous and hostile forms.

2.7Days to Die 

 Best Games like the Forest 2020 

7 Days to die is another awesome survival horror game developed by The Fun Pumps. The game was initially limited to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in 2013. A year later it was released on Linux. 7 Days to Die was made available to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014. The story of the game is set in the events of a world devastated after a devastating World War.

Much of the world has been destroyed and is suffering a nuclear result. Humans are no less affected by the nuclear collapse that has caused severe mutations in humans that are turning them into zombie-like creatures. You play the role of a survivor of the war in a fictional city located in Naveenzene, Arizona.

3.Castaway Paradise 

 Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Castaway Paradise was the dominant animal crossing clone on mobile for a few years. There is a lot of stuff in it. You start going out on an island and then catch fish worms, decorate your home, and even do quests for the villagers. The UI is a tedious and difficult one for new players and the camera movement can definitely be better. Also, there are some other insects. It was not a one-time game, but it is still one of the decent games such as animal crossing on mobile.


 Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Ark has more than 150 reviews on Steam and is one of the most popular crafts that are still alive. If you like open-world resource gathering base building and giant dinosaurs who want to kill and destroy your base then ARK is your game is there.

Just be ready to call your friends because this game is hard to play solos and needs some friends who have your back. Once you’ve got some friends ready to grind, get a weapon, and defend your base. Speaking hard but can be a super addictive experience. Mark also shares a lot of similarities in the jungle. It is definitely worth playing when involved in that type of game.

5.Dead Space 

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Dead Space is a mixture of two or more video game genres that many would agree on. Dead Space, developed by Visceral Games and published by EA, is a franchise of three science fiction and survival horror games. The game basically combines the terror of aliens and zombies to create a terrifying universe that gives players a hard time.

6.dying light

 Best Games like the Forest

Dying Light is an action-adventure first-person personality horror-survival zombie co-op role-playing single and multiplayer video game created by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game takes place in a vast area outside the City of Wonders. The game lets the player assume the role of an open agent hero known as Crane. The commander ordered Nayak to investigate the area and rescue the people.

7.Outlast series 

 Games like the Forest

The Outlast series is somewhat different than the games mentioned in the list so far. While they were more of the game thriller The Outlast series is pure horror that is also one of the most acclaimed horror games of recent times. Instead of zombies or aliens you need to protect yourself from different types of entities. But the goal remains the same; To survive. The first game was initially released on Microsoft Windows only in 2013 and later expanded to PS4 and Xbox One in 2014.

It was released on Linux in 2015 and finally on Nintendo Switch in 2014. The game follows investigative journalist Miles Upshur who is sent in one. The asylum was made only to look into rumors of human experiments to obtain asylum and filled with corpses of doctors. You need to leave from there hoping not to meet the entities known as variants. You have no gun, no powers and you cannot fight for your life. Playing this game is definitely a terrible experience.


Best Games like the Forest

Rust is a multiplayer survival horror game developed by Facepunch Studios. The game was initially released in 2013, but only 5 years later to see its full release in 2018. Rust provides many obstacles and enemies and prevents you from surviving. One of the most obvious enemies is players who are playing with you because Rust can only be played as a multiplayer.


 Best Games like the Forest

If you like forest then Subnautica is that but 10x is better. Think about all the problems one has fixed. Better game mechanics can add constant updates and a faster building system and get you Subrnica. Games start the same (with a big crash). Your job is to build a living. Have to live and hunt. Fear is more intense than in the jungle. You must be hunting for fish in a beautiful reef. Only a shark will try to isolate you and feed you.

10.Deadstorm Pirates 

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Deadstorm Pirates is somewhat different when it ventures into the game of survival. As the name suggests it is about pirates and one of the very few survival games around it. It is clearly included in this list. Deadstorm Pirates was first brought back to arcade games in 2009. It was later placed on the PlayStation 3.

11.SCP: Containment Breach 

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

For those who do not know the Safe Container and Protect Foundation or who are often shortchanged to just the SCP Foundation is an internet phenomenon that has been popular on the Internet for years. The SCP is a fictional foundation that deals with the inclusion of supernatural and paranormal entities artifacts and abominations to protect human populations from them. The various units contained are referenced by their code name i.e. SCP401.

12.Cry of Fear 

 Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Cry of Fear is a survival horror game created by an independent Swedish studio called Team Cyclair. It first emerged in 2012 as a mode of the popular game Half-Life. It again turned into a fully developed standalone game in 2013. The story of the game is divided into chapters. The number of chapters depends on the actions and decisions of the player which can change the way the story plays.

13.Rising World

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Rising World is a voxel-based open world game similar to Minecraft with only a lot of survival and customization. The world is beautiful and being blocked instead (like Minecraft) is a lively experience. Crafting and survival of the forest Similar and even though I wouldn’t put them on the same card but I say if you’re looking for a customizable friend game this game will be for you Yes.

14.Silent Hill 

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

Silent Hill is an action horror-survival exploration combat and single-player video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. It is the first entry in the Silent Hill series and offers realistic 3D environments. The game takes place in a fictional US city called Silent Hill and the story revolves around efforts to find a hero named Harry Mason and his adopted daughter.

15.World War Z 

Best Games like the Forest 2020 

World War Z is an arcade action-adventure first-person shooter horror-survival and single-player video game developed and published by Paramount Digital Entertainment. The game takes place in a fantasy world full of bloodshed zombies where the player’s sole purpose is to survive.


These games are fantastic ones that come with the Top 15 Best Games like the Forest 2020 and that means every single game has a lot to explore. All fifteen games like World War Z are entitled to a play due to supporting similar elements if you have already tried to play like World War Z a thousand times.