Without a doubt, Persona 5 is one of the best turn-based Japanese RPG actions ever released on Playstation 4.
Persona series hardcore fans waited many years before it was released sometime in 2016.
If you’ve finished playing the game and want to play new games, you can check out some other games such as Persona 5 here.
No game is really the same but some similarities do exist.

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1.  Persona 4 

Best Games like Persona 5 2020

No surprises on this stage. If you’re new to the Persona collection, why not try out the games that we’re older?

Persona 4 is the 5th title of the whole series and was released in 2008, ten years ago. There is also another edition of Persona 4, entitled Persona 4 Golden, which has been launched on the Vita / PS TV. You can try out each of them.

Like Persona 5, this game is often based on students at high school and there is a gang of strange murders linked to one TV station. You will preserve the community as normal and it is up to you guys to figure out the reality behind the murders.

2.  Final Fantasy VII

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

For more than a decade, the Final Fantasy series has been successful with Final Fantasy XV being the first open-world game they have but it was a little frustrating. Final Fantasy VII is one of the best in the series and a reboot is on its way.

The game is known for encouraging you to travel around but fights are turn-based and confined at the same time. You’ve got all manner of threats like fun spells like forage or thundaga.

3.  Shin Megami Tensei 4 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

In reality, Persona is a part of the Shin Megami Tensei series and it can be very confusing. The atmosphere in both games is very familiar because it is usually with certain monsters or dark powers in Tokyo that are aiming at destroying the planet and you are tasked to stop it.

Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse is also a type RPG game where you’re battling enemies in a turn-based combat method, like Persona 5. The discussions and background music are identical but by 2018 the visuals would certainly be much older.

4.  Blue reflection 

Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Blue Reflection is another alternative to Persona 5 and has a high school atmosphere. Your role is granted a special power in this game and you become a Reflector that supposedly saves the planet from evil powers.

This game is divided into something ordinary and extraordinary. The usual part is in school where you are going to deepen friendships with other characters and take on missions as well. There are also otherworldly things like the Common which is a place of fantasy in which the unconscious minds of people are. It sounds a bit like an even character.

 5. Danganronpa 

Best Games like Persona 5 2020

In the game, Danganronpa has a very odd tale. You are essentially posing as a young student because in this other universe you are stuck in school along with your classmates. So what do you guess? The person that captured you is a bear named Monokuma, and it appears like a teddy bear.

Students are given liberation if any other classmate is assassinated and more students are killed in the game each day. Your task is to check on it, locate hints, and realize what’s happening.

By swaying classmates to your hand, you do need to be more famous just to be free. Play this game to know more.

 6. Dragon Quest X 

Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Must we really give an introduction to the Dragon Quest series, one of the most popular JRPG franchises ever? The latest series game is the perfect jumping point for anyone wishing to enter this storied franchise.

With a fun story, unforgettable characters, and classic JRPG combat, it’s no wonder why Dragon Quest will satisfy the JRPG itch for just about everyone who has invested in the genre remotely.

 7. Octopath Traveler 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Octopath Traveler may have its fair share of drawbacks, but one cannot argue it is a good JRPG from beginning to end. This, coupled with the fact that you can choose your main character, creates a very Dragon Age: an original vibe and replay ability becomes quite palpable.

The series’ visual style and combat are two of the key draw that will please any retro JRPG enthusiast. When you’re hankering for a retro gaming experience, have this on your radar.

8.  Chrono Trigger 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Chrono Trigger is a 1995 role-playing video game produced and released for the Chrono series by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Chrono Trigger is a little quicker than Persona for its ATB device which might provide a pleasant change of pace for those accustomed to long, methodical combat. Even though modern JRPGs are the Franchise’s only games under the belt, Chrono Trigger always holds up to this very day, surprisingly.

9. The World Ends With You 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

One of the quirkiest and funniest JRPGs published by Square Enix just has to be The World Ends with You. It’s a game that, for all the right purposes, gradually built a cult following.

The plot, the characters, the fight; there is nothing in this game that fits a typical mold, making for a completely new and enjoyable experience that would please most gamers looking for a fresh title to revitalize their interests.

10.Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE 

Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a 2015 crossover role-playing video game developed by Atlus and released for the Wii U home console by Nintendo. The game incorporates action, plot, and visual elements from Atlus’ Fire Emblem series Shin Megami Tensei and Nintendo.

Although there may be some lack of the end result in that regard, one can not deny that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is an excellent game. For an updated port coming out for the Switch in January 2020, if you want an outstanding JRPG gaming experience, keep this title certainly in your sights.


 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Including Catherine on this list may be cheating, and is mostly a puzzle game with it. There are however many explanations why this game made this list.

Atlus built the game on the engine that would go on to run Persona 5, for example. This combined with cinematic and gameplay elements that would flesh out further in their upcoming release, makes Catherine a must-play for anyone who wants to experience the development of Atlus as a developer if nothing else.

12.Persona 3 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

Talking of Atlus and their games, it’s time to suggest one of their games that everybody would play because the genius of Persona 5 enthralled them and enticed them. This should be simple enough to gage because this game is already part of a sequence of five (technically four games but it’s kind of complicated) titles in it.

Persona 1 games and both Persona 2 games are decent but not like Persona 5 all that. The idea of Social Ties and what was not coming from Persona 3, making it an excellent game to play if they haven’t already played. Although Persona 4 is also fantastic in its own right, Persona 3 has built the base for the show, which is not so easy to dismiss.

13.The Legend of Heroes

Best Games like Persona 5 2020

The Legend Of Heroes series is certainly something to hold in mind when it comes to excelling modern JRPGs. Although Trails in the Sky is indeed a great option to highlight the beauty of this JRPG, the stellar production value and enhanced gameplay of Trails Of Cold Steel certainly place it one step above the rest.

The intrinsic charm of this JRPG is a testament to the sheer amount of love and commitment put into this excellent game by the developers. If your jam is Persona 5 then Trails of Cold Steel should be right up your alley.

14.Final Fantasy X 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

To draw up a list of games similar to Persona 5 without including at least one Final Fantasy title would be nearly impossible. Choosing one of the whopping fifteen mainline series, however, is in itself an arduous job. It has to be said after a lot of deliberation that Final Fantasy X is the perfect choice for people who are fans of the new game in the Persona franchise.

15.The Caligula Effect 

 Best Games like Persona 5 2020

The Caligula Effect is an Aquaria-developed role-playing video game. It was released in Japan in June 2016 for the PlayStation Vita, and in May 2017 by Atlus USA in North America and Europe.

A bunch of high scholars, in The Caligula Effect, protest against a system to free themselves and others from a system that wants to control them. It is not like The Caligula Effect has nothing to do with it. Perhaps the biggest highlight is the fighting system, often battles can drag on.


Here I have told you about the top 15 games like Persona 5. I hope you have succeeded in finding the kind of game you are looking for. Do leave your comments below if you know of other games that are nice alternatives to Persona 5.

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