Kenshi is one of the best role-playing games that also incorporate the elements of crafting and building in it. It also has some RPG elements and is an open-world game that allows the player to build his or her in-game communities. There are various other games in the industry that are like Kenshi, and they are enjoyable to play. Here are some of the top 15 games that are similar to Kenshi.

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1.The Escapists: Prison Escape

Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

This is a real-time strategy game that was initially released in the year 2014. The developers of the game are the Mouldy Toof Studios. In the game, there are guards everywhere out of prison just to stop any prisoner from escaping the jail. As a player, you will have to employ tactics and strategies that will not portray any suspicious behaviour while escaping. Some of the ways you can do so is by working in a prison job, attending roll calls, and many others. The materials that you borrow or purchase from your inmates are the ones that you will use to escape the prison. The escapists are a hundred percent sandbox game the same as Kenshi.

2.Legends of Ellaria

Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

Legends of Ellaria is a real-time strategy, role-playing and a first-person sandbox game that allows the player to do what he wants in the game. In this game, you can build a kingdom and get to fight in battles. In terms of adventure, you get to explore a fantasy world which is set in a universe where old civilization is established. It is a game that you can play on platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux PlayStation 4, and Xbox. Players can form servers which are enhanced through connecting the cluster servers with their self-hosted worlds. In short, players are given tools to help them create their in-game communities.

3.Citadel: Forged with Fire

Games Like Kenshi

This is one of the best online RPG games as it is equipped with some elements of spell casting, interkingdom conflict, and magic. It is a sandbox game, too same as Kenshi, and also offers the player an open space to do whatever he wants. In this game, you have the freedom to pursue your destiny by hatching plots of deceit and trickery to ascend to the top of your enemies. You then build unique and massive castles, tame massive beasts that will do bidding for you, and visiting other territories to unravel their wealth. The similarity between this game and Kenshi is brought about by the Sandbox, Building, RPG, and base building aspect of it.


Best Games Like Kenshi

Crea is a sandbox game and also an RPG game that also has some elements of RPGs and incorporates art in it. In this game, you will get to craft as many items as possible and explore generated worlds. It is a game that is compatible with platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Linux. It was developed and published by Siege Games and had 80% building the same as Kenshi. It is also an open-world game where the player has the freedom to customize his in-game communities.

5.Wurm Unlimited

Best Games Like Kenshi 2020
Wurm unlimited was officially launched in the yearn 2006 by its developers called Code Club AB. This sandbox game allows players to construct buildings such as houses and walls as well as mining and gathering craft tools resources. You can customize the game to be a multiplayer one. Players can also create their worlds in the game as they can join villages and form alliances with other players to form kingdoms. There is also a lot of adventure in the game as well as some RPG elements. This makes the game to be among the best craft and sandbox MMO games in the world. The open-world aspect of it brings about the game’s similarity with Kenshi.

6.The Warhorn

 Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

The Warhorn is an RPG game just as the name suggests that involves action, and it is also mixed with some elements of adventure and city building. In this game, you will be playing as an adventurer who has decided to leave his luxury life and go to explore dangerous world. The world you have gone to explore is full of puzzles and enemies, and it is in that world where you will get to start building a village and upgrades it into a kingdom. It is also a tactical and strategic game that will help you to improve your critical thin kinging and problem-solving skills. There are also some little magic in the game, and it is also an open-world game. The survival nature of the game makes it look like Kenshi.


Best Games Like Kenshi 2020
Forager is a classic video game that was developed to be compatible with Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, Linux, and Xbox one platforms. It is roleplaying and an open-world game that involves the building of structures and walls. There is also some essence of RPGs and adventure. You get to solve puzzles in the game as well as finding secrets and raiding dungeons. The creator of the game is called Hop-Frog and it was officially released in the year 2019. The main goal of playing the game is to defeat the four dungeon bosses and also be able to buy all lands and all feats. You also get to win in the game by completing the museum bundles.

8.Novus Inceptio

 Best Games Like Kenshi

This is an indie game that was developed and released by Magic Productions. It is compatible with platforms such as Windows, and Tacit involves exploring, surviving, and building. It is a true sandbox game and an open world one that allows the player to personalize his/her in-game communities. The setting of the game is that there is a planet that has recovered from a catastrophe, and as the player, you ought to find out what had caused the catastrophe. You are also supposed to build civilization on the planet. Crafting, building, RPG are all components of the game the same as in Kenshi.

9.Lantern Forge

Best Games Like Kenshi

Lantern Forge is a video game that was developed and published by Hearth fire Studio. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows only. It is a survival sandbox game that also comprises of some elements of crafting, RPG, and building. In the game, you will get to mine and quarry resources that you will use in building a home, planting of crops, and crafting weapons that will help you survive in the wilderness and fighting dungeons. Besides fighting dungeons, you will also be fighting monsters and exploring the wilderness while collecting treasures after the war.


 Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

Keplerth is a real adventure video game that requires the player to employ various tactics for him to survive in a foreign land. It is also an open world that gives the player a chance to develop his or her in-game communities. Building and crafting are some of the elements that you are going to find in the game. In this game, you find yourself in a hibernation pod where there are no clothes, no food, and it is only you. You have to build a house and use the items and resources that you have to build structures and tame animals.

11.LifeZ – Survival

 Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

LifeZ survival video game is a sandbox game where the player assumes the third-person perspective, and it is more of a survival game. In this game, you get to build a hideout, search for food and water as well as mining resources. It also contains some RPGG elements as you will have to fight against zombies for you to get out to the outside world. It is similar to Kenshi in that both of them are Sandbox games and thy contain crafting and building elements.


 Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

Kingdoms are a real-time strategy game that was developed by Enlight and published by Interactive magic. It also has some RPG elements but mostly incorporates the art of craft and mining in it. In this game, you get build up a kingdom and form an army for your kingdom. You equip your kingdom with ammunition and resources to make it powerful. You then have to fight other kingdoms so that you get to defeat them and conquer them. It has seven kingdoms which need to be conquered. The more you keep conquering kingdoms and ascending to the top, the more challenging the game becomes. The crafting aspect of it makes it similar to Kenshi. It is also an open-world game that gives the player freedom.


 Games Like Kenshi 2020

Starbound is a videogame that was developed and published by Chucklefish. It was officially released in the year 2016, and the game is available for platforms such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, Xbox and Mac. It features many gameplay elements such as enemies, planets, items, and procedural generation to provide you with a variety of content. The game involves free world exploration, missions, quests, ability to interact with the environment and also enemies to fight. The player also can farm, sell crops, and build structures. This action-adventure sandbox game is similar to Kenshi with the aspects of building, survival, crafting and open world.

14.Dig or Die

 Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

Gaddy Games are the developers of this reputable and loved sandbox game. Besides being a sandbox game, it is also a tower defense, action, and strategy game that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox platforms. In this game, the player is a representative of a craft company and he is selling fabrication tools across the galaxy. In the course of your work, the spacecraft that you are using crashes while on a hostile planet. It is up to you to use the tools that you were to sell for survival. You have to build your house wisely otherwise it can collapse. There are also massive attacks at night, and so you will have to fight. The base building, survival, and some elements of RPGs present in the game brings about the similarity of the game with Kenshi.

15.Astral Terra

 Best Games Like Kenshi 2020

Astral Terra is also a sandbox RPG video game that can be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The game is played in a beautiful voxel world that is generated on the fly, and it can be customized. This game allows the player to customize his in-game communities and enjoy his play. You can play it either as a single-player or with others. The game entails gathering resources for building and crafting and a journey on planes to find out lost libraries and temples full of power and knowledge. It is an excellent adventure game that also features fantastic creatures and various routes to explore the world beyond your imagination. The game is 80% sandbox and 70% percent building relative to Kenshi.


You can download or buy the mentioned games from legit sources. Avoid downloading or installing the games from unknown sources because you might install malware in your device that can comprise its functionality.