Harvest moon is a farm simulation game which I very addicting. In the story you crash into a small harbour town which is now in shattered from the storm. A young doctor saves your life. The city is now empty and you are up to challenge! You have the responsibility to rebuild the town and save the lighthouse along with growing crops, and collecting materials for repairs. This game gained a lot of popularity and people want to play more of this kind. Here is a list of 15 games like harvest moon which we think you’ll enjoy playing.

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1.Stardew Valley

 Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

The only game which has the potential to compete with games like Harvest moon in the quality of gameplay and stunning visuals is Stardew Valley. This game takes the essence of Harvest Moon formula to new heights and ads on to it. As compared to Harvest moon it has even larger to set up farm life, grow crops, and raise poultry animals. Stardew Valley is being labelled by the gaming community as the new Harvest Moon. So, this is a game which you must try.

2.Voodoo Garden

Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

This is so different from other gardening games where you grow eatable items. Here you grow all kinds of herbs, fruits and shrubs that can be used in producing magical items. You also have the opportunity to catch wild wetland animals. They may come in handy while constructing products for the mystical purpose. You can also nurture charming pets to spend your time with. Later on, they can be sacrificed for magical benefit. Check this one out and learn some magic.


 Best Games like Harvest Moon

Plantera is a popular farming based game quite similar to games like harvest moon. The player can grow fruits, trees, and raise livestock as he pleases. The graphics will keep you stick to your chair for long hours. As you go along you have to expand your garden with the help of helpers that will do planting and harvesting. If you want, you can also do the harvesting and plucking manually instead of little helpers. In the meantime, you can do other things while you harvest crops. When you exit the game, everything is working and the time is ticking. When you resume the game, you’ll see the rewards.


Games like Harvest Moon 2020

Wayward is a game that can be best described as a blend between Ultima Online and everyone’s favourite Minecraft with a little touch of Harvest moon. It is turn-based gameplay where the player has to collect resource and craft items for survival. The best part is that there are no fixed rules to follow and no level system. Every item that you come in contact with has a different impact on your stat gain. With more than 200 different types of item in the game to collect and interact with makes the gameplay more enjoyable.


 Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

Terraria do not fall into the category of farming simulator. It also lets you build, discover, and fight to make your way over the place with great graphics, games like harvest moon. This action-packed game gives you the amalgamation of Mine craft with some other role-playing action. Terraria more than just farming, you can discover dangerous caverns full with gem and other rewards that might be useful to keep in your inventory. Although the action-adventure part comes in secondary, it does a great job of providing the immersive game. It will absorb you with its thrilling exploration-based gameplay.

6.My Time at Portia

 Best Games like Harvest Moon

It is very similar to the games like Harvest Moon. They are entrusted with revamping their Pa’s deserted workshop. To achieve that, players should satisfy commissions, collect harvests, and raise animals. You may think that the game is a grind but let me assure you that it is not. When you start, you just won’t stop. The place that is known for Portia likewise has a rich network and you can warm up to the entirety of its inhabitants. Depending upon your play style, you’ll likewise get the opportunity to level up your character and develop their skill in creating, battle or social abilities.


Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

Looking for an alternative for Harvest Moon, one can find Moonlighter. It introduces the farming simulator to the rogue genre in a clever manner. The name of the character you control is Will. He is a shopkeeper whose duty is to maintain the shop during the daytime and wants to become a hero during the night. To accomplish both the objectives, you have to be very clever and accomplish them in such a way that your activities benefit both the objectives. In short, you will have to trade goods that you collect while exploring the dungeons for gold. Later use those gold to purchase better weapons to improve your skills.

8.Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

New Leaf is not just another farming game but an experience in itself. It is a simulation where you get to live on your terms. The game begins in a small town of which you are the mayor. Tourists’ seldom visit here and the place is not fascinating. You have to build new landmarks, infrastructures, bridges, and many other things to establish a unique town. The best part is that you can set rules and regulations and manage the entire town as you see it fit.

9.Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles

 Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

This game is a fusion of two games like harvest moon, Breath of the Wild and Harvest Moon. The cloud catcher offers you a balance between open-world adventure and a farming simulator. The game contains an exciting open world with a plethora of things to tinker with. It offers RPG-like character customization as per the demand. Either you can follow the quest line or go along with it. You can also choose to do whatever you want without any restrictions and worrying about the mission. The best thing in the open world is yonder. Its dynamic play and challenging season make it even more addicting and playful.

10.Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

 Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

This game continues the legacy of HM. It is nothing more than a refined version of the older releases. If you are bored of Harvest moon but want to play something similar then you should go for this one. You start this game as an inexperienced farmer who has to cultivate a piece of land and earn rewards. Just like some of the other games, it has got quite fast game play. This feature makes it a good alternative for Harvest moon for people who don’t like to wait for long.


Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

If you like playing Minecraft and Harvest Moon, then you would love this one too! The RPG production with a world, very similar to the Minecraft and farming like Harvest moon series. The gameplay is quite fast when compared to others in a similar genre. So, if you one impatient chaps then you should check out Staxel. This game is powered by RPG. The game offers much more than other games on the post. This is one more reason why you’ll love this game.

12.Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Games like Harvest Moon

Just like other farming simulators, the games like Harvest Moon series is a very fun and elevating game. This game is not games like harvest moon but completely different from the concept. This is not an adventure game and requires you to clean trash in an unknown bazaar setting. You play the role of a Janitor who been allotted the job of cleaning up the trash, but he dreams of someday leaving the Xabran in the past in search of a new life. Apart from farming, you also have a lot of work, which if you do truthfully, can give you a better life.

13.Hay Day

Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

Hay Day is a farming game developed entirely for mobile devices and has resemblance to Farmville. You receive a farm from your uncle as he is unable to maintain it properly, and your objective is to turn it into the best farm. You can yield wheat and catch fish, and even sell stuffs at Microsoft. You have to manage your inventory and handle the resources properly. Meanwhile, you can also share your goods with neighbours. It is a perfect farming game where, the main focus of the player should be to sell stuff through trucks, boats, and shops to enjoy the game to its full extent and have a different experience.

14.World’s Dawn

Games like Harvest Moon 2020

This is a perfect game if you ever wished to live by a seaside village. Be it farming or just living in lap of nature. There are many things to do and you can do them as you please. You can play this game as solely as a farmer or as a person raising livestock or a mixture of both which is the best part. You can go for hunting too. There are also town people around you to make social interactions and makes it a perfect alternative to games like Harvest Moon and also adds some extra features to the game.

15.Don’t Starve Together

 Best Games like Harvest Moon 2020

The previous game don’t starve together is another great alternative for Harvest Moon. This includes another perfect combination of survival with the farming simulator. This game inclines towards the survival part than the fun farming part. You have to do whatever it takes for your survival and keep the game going just like the previous title. To survive you have to collect resource, manipulate items and build structures. Although it has very less farming part of the gameplay, one can still enjoy this game as an alternative for Harvest Moon.


I hope you had good time reading this article and found what you were looking for. Check out the games we have suggested and tell us about your experience. If you want more suggestions then just shoot an e-mail to us and we will get in touch with you.