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Some of the best games like Firewatch 2021 are needed

These games like Fire watch bring you fifteen excellent games that take you to the mystery adventure Here, The game takes you on a mysterious adventure in first-person mode, where you have a young boy Named Henry. He is tasked to monitor the forest fire and soon the stars notice unusual things. Therefore Henry does his job of protecting wildlife by observing volcanic activity on the mountain. But soon he wants to go on a different mission when he starts to notice strange things.

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1.Platforms: 4. The Unfinished Swan 

 Best Games like Firewatch 2020

Great fire watch like a game that is known to justify the genre. The gamer has some artistic things like paintings made by you. But the strange thing is that what Hans showed in your art is missing. Now you want to find that goose because your feelings are well connected with that painting. You can see the golden footprints and through these signs, you follow the swan which eventually takes you to a state. It is like a wasteland and here you will find abundance.

2.Gone Home 

Best Games like Firewatch 2020

Firewatch is full of mystery exploration and a fascinating story and Gone Home packs all these elements in its unique way. The entirety of the game takes place in a home rather than exploring the outside world but there is still plenty of room to explore and uncover secrets. Founded in 1959, you return home after a year to find out that you do not have a family. The house is empty and feels something. All you have to do is walk from home. You will want to check every inch of each room to make sure that you do not miss anything that can give you some information.

3.The Stanley Parable

Best Games like Firewatch 2020

The game is full of mystery so it is known for the ultimate adventure that brings you great puzzles. There are no contacts to be sure yet it is your brain that fights secrets in the game. So it is more like a mind-messing game than a mystery-filled adventure. It feels like an in-game game that you can only get to know fully after experiencing the game once. The game also gets updates so that you can discover new scenarios and realize that nothing is under your control even when you control the game. So if this level of mystery excites you then go for this one.

4.The Witness 

 Games like Firewatch

This is a game that requires you to solve puzzles and draw conclusions. The conditions here are set on an island, where you keep exploring and collecting scattered riddles. The more you gather, the more you understand and resolve the story in which you have your own story. You have been landed on the island with no memory and now you collect those riddles to explore your existence.

5.The Murdered: Soul Suspect

Best Games like Firewatch 2020

Murdered: You are on a mission to solve your own murder in Soul Suspect. It also makes you feel like a ghost where you get to know how you were killed. There are clues scattered around here that you find one by one and set out on the journey ahead. That is Salem Massachusetts where you got into the hands of a serial killer.

You are now the detective Ronan O’Connor who is a ghost and tries to solve the mystery of his murder. Also, there are some restrictions on being a ghost but it is still unique gameplay and always exciting.

6.Life is Strange 

Best Games like Firewatch 2020

Firewatch takes place over a series of days that move through time in the story. Similarly, Life Strange plays in a common format and puts its characters and story in the headlines. As Max Cofield 14 you return to your hometown in the fictional setting. Confronted by the struggles of a teenager, Max has a difficult time returning to his hometown of which she had become particularly undefined because she was his rebellious old bestie.


Best Games like Firewatch 2020

Since the gameplay falls between games similar to Firewatch, it follows the genre. As a result you wake up in a world that is completely strange to you. It also includes a science fiction subject where you see flying buses and more.

The game takes you to the year 2078 in the future and there you start exploring this unknown world. You don’t even have your memories that start getting clues and move on. There are endless landscapes that walk through you and collect items that bloom.


 Games like Firewatch 2020

The Supernatural Story-Driven Thriller of Night School Studios is just what you need after another intriguing story with an engaging storyline with a fascinating storyline. You play as Alex, a teenager who travels to Edwards Island to have a party with a group of friends with his new half-brother Jonas.

9.Until Dawn 

Best Games like Firewatch 2020

The characters here seem more realistic than any other gameplay. The game combines two elements of horror and adventure where survival is the key to survival and discovering secrets. The story takes you to a mountain with your other friends and soon you will realize that you are not alone here. At this point fear surrounds you all and you want to go home safely anyway. A place of terror is found and you all go through many bad and good decisions. You need to escape from that remote place so this game remains awesome and is one of the same games as Fire watch.


 Games like Firewatch 2020

Among the many themes that come through Fire watch are human relationships and relationships and Tacoma focuses on its characters on the future space station set in the year 2004. Gone Home creator Footbridge plays another exploration game from the company As You. And you used to search and collect information.

Personally, Quarter a search desk locker and everything in between and as you continue to travel through each facility at the station, you will begin to uncover a fascinating and interesting story. While the narrative is very memorable the characters you know actually leave an impression on you and it is very easy to make a very trustworthy connection for each member on the board.


 Best Games like Firewatch 2020

Being one more on Firewatch’s list of options, this one brings you a survival adventure. This is not just to enjoy the thrill, but also a puzzle solver, so it brings many elements into one. You are a scientist named Robert Hughes who finds himself on an abandoned island and is now infected with the plague. Now you have to find a cure for what a plant has so you have to collect the plants and examine them one by one. Many obstacles will be in your way, but you continue to examine the plants until you find a cure.

12.The Long Dark 

Games like Firewatch 2020

The feeling of isolation in the Wyoming wilderness of Firewatch is scandalous. Whether it’s sitting in his solitary tower, looking for smoke, or looking at the landscape by himself, the setting is similar to that of Henry or Delilah and allows for much reflection. Long Dark in its distinct style makes it feel ten times more.

In the frozen northern Canadian jungle, you play as McKenzie who is trying to survive in the apocalyptic world facing the consequences of a geomagnetic disaster. However, this is a survival game where you need to monitor your hunger and thirst levels as well as ensure that you stay warm in cold temperatures. The episodic story mode tells an impressive story filled with reflection loss and persistence. The world that has changed forever

The story begins when McKenzie agrees to fly across the harsh icy skies to help Greenwood which is a mysterious suitcase that needs to be delivered. When the plane crashes you wake up to find yourself alone and Greenwood is nowhere.

13.Walking Dead 

Best Games like Firewatch 2020

On the radio, with your lady in the fire watch, you often have the option of giving a definite response or saying nothing that directly affects the progress of the plot. When I saw this, I couldn’t think of Oops the Walking Dead, the dead survivor of Telltale Games. Although the plot here seems more personal it is worth watching if you want a good story but is turned off by the complex gameplay.

14.The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 

 Best Games like Firewatch 2020

It has both horror and thrills and the game takes place in a world full of mysteries. Also, it is an open world environment so you are going to enjoy exploring here more than ever. You are Paul Prospero who is an investigator who comes with the power to detect paranormal activities.


Best Games like Firewatch 2020

A non-traditional narrative told an emotional story with sights and sounds? Check. Small yet extremely engrossed? Check. Firewatch and Journey seem, kind souls, if not in the body. The red and orange hugs reminded me of the word Magnum Opus of Gogma Company. And you need to watch this game, now it is also on the post.


These games are fantastic ones that come with the mystery adventure genre and that means every single game has a lot to explore. All fifteen games like Firewatch are entitled to a play due to supporting similar elements if you have already tried to play Firewatch a thousand times.