Have you played factorio and all its modes? If you have, then it is probably one of the best gaming experiences ever. Factorio has an excellent storyline and exceptional interactivity. The unique part of this game is that it has a wide range of modes that you, as a player, can experience. The game allows you to create your base and investigate its situation, which makes the experience quite intriguing. You actually can mold the features in the game as you please. It provides numerous modes that leave the player with many options to be explored, creating a unique adventure while playing the game. This game has set the standards, and it may take a while for another game to dethrone factorio 2021. However, there are games, though not equally good, but can give you an experience that is similar to or close to factorio 2021.

Below we list the Top 15 games that are like factorio 2021.

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1. Oxygen Not Included

 Best Games like Factorio 2020

Oxygen not included is an exciting building game that has the potential to impress you and be your favourite game once you get hooked to it. Many gamers have compared the game to factorio as they share several similarities. The gameplay requires you to survive inside an alien rock. Your crew is supposed to invent a way to overcome a new kind of creature and other new life forms. The game is quite fantastic and has enormous potential of becoming one of the best in the gaming industry. Some may find the game different from factorio, but once you consider the main items such as moving, building stuff, and learning, then the game bares similarities to factorio. If you have not played this game yet, then make an effort to do so. It comes highly recommended even by professional gamers.

2. Human Resource Machine

 Games like Factorio 2020

Human Resource Machine is a great game. The gameplay follows a company office and depends on puzzles where you have to solve riddles to progress the game to the advanced levels. It may include orders such as duplicate to, sub duplicate from, and you must play every one of these orders to solve the puzzles. The game does include nearly 40 riddles that hold instructions and assignments such as arranging, subtracting, numbers, and putting them in the outbox. That means the gameplay involves moving documents to the capacity zones, inbox, and outbox, which come in visuals.

3. Rimworld

Best Games like Factorio 2020

Rimworld is quite a popular game around the gaming industry and considered one of the few games that give an experience close to one of factorio. It has surprised many how popular the game has got in such a short time. It is quite easy to play but challenging to master. Beginners and regular gamers enjoy it as it is one of the few games that you can hardly get bored. Its features are quite similar to those of factorio, such as the building theme. However, its storyline is very different. This is a must-have if you are looking for a game that will give the factorio experience.

4. Mindustry

Best Games like Factorio 2020

It is a hybrid game that demands the defense of a tower. Its similarity to factorio may not be pronounced, but it is there. The gameplay follows the provision of ammo to your tower through creating chain functions to protect it. It also involves building since you have to protect the tower from its enemies. The game is considered to be quite addictive and gets a lot more interesting the more you progress through the game.

It allows you to play with a friend and available for android devices. It comes highly recommended for android users who are seeking games that are similar to factorio.

5. Infinifactory

 Games like Factorio 2020

The game begins with you in an isolated spot only to realize you are in a place dominated by outsiders. As the game progresses, you realize you are not the only one at this spot and that indeed you have been abducted. At the place, apart from your abductors, there are other people who have been abducted just like you. You get to utilize six different modes set as universes, where every world takes you to a different story, then on to the finish line. The game and its various styles keep you glued to it and is also considered highly addictive.

6. Satisfactory

Best Games like Factorio 2020

Satisfactory is quite an exciting game. When it comes to similarities with factorio, then satisfactory is the one that comes close. The gameplay follows you as an engineer on an alien planet. You run your factory as you explore the planet for resources, equipment, and tools. Its limitation is that the game is only available on the Epic game store. Which means you can only access the game if you download the epic game launcher.

7. City Skylines

 Best Games like Factorio 2020

City skylines is a city builder game that is loved by gamers around the world. The game has similar features to the factorio and is available on PlayStation 4. It has many features that give you a wide range of tasks to complete keeping your attention for hours.

The gameplay portrays you as the mayor of a town. It is then up to you to manage and build the city, including defining the relationship with neighboring towns. The game is also designated as a very addictive game as different players will make different cities depending on their personalities and ideas.

8. OpenTTD

 Best Games like Factorio 2020

OpenTTD is a game where players earn money for doing specific tasks such as moving passengers within a city, either through a train, boat, or plane. Gamers love the game since it delves into the politics and economics of an urban center. It also has a very straightforward approach in how a player can attend to various tasks simultaneously. The game is available for mobile phones such as android and PCs though many gamers prefer the PC version since it has more explicit graphics and a lot more features.

9. Prison Architect

Best Games like Factorio 2020

This is a game with very high ratings across many platforms. It involves the construction and operations of a prison. The games conflict comes where you need to satisfy the needs and comfort of the prison. On the contrary, prison is not somewhere anyone wants to be. Therefore the needs of a prisoner conflict with those of society or the security personnel in prison. This fact makes it a very addictive game as you struggle with the management of the prison.

10. Train Fever

Best Games like Factorio 2020

Train fever is just like the factorio multiplayer where you change your base, which is the train arrange, staff management, gathering assets, and improve the fleet. This game throws you into the business experience where you get to build the business step by step. The more efficient your business is, the more profits you enjoy. The game can be time consuming and addictive

11. Factory town

Best Games like Factorio 2020

Factory town is an excellent game that resembles factorio on so many aspects. Gamers rank it highly, and most would recommend it. It is quite similar to OpenTTD but has many more features. You have to attend to the needs and requests of your villagers and have to keep them happy at all times. The game teaches you leadership, tolerance, and politics. It also involves the balance of society’s needs while utilizing the limited resources at your disposal.

12. Banished

Best Games like Factorio 2020

Banished is a lot like factorio. The game requires you to manage resources while at the same time balancing the interests of outcasts efficiently. You have to manage and grow the society of outcasts. It also involves running and controlling citizens. Citizens can have a lot of demands, and it is up to you to keep them happy since you need them to raise the necessary resources. The game goes a step further as to demand population size management from you. While playing the game, you will be required to manage real-life challenges such as births and deaths in society.

13. Astroneer

 Games like Factorio 2020

This is a game that requires players to shape worlds. The game is set in space, and the player is tasked to create and build habitable planets. Just like in factorio, the player is required to gather materials to be utilized in the upgrade of their colonies. As if that is not enough, there is the added task of populating the colonies. It is an interesting game that bears a lot of similarities with factorio.

14. Spacechem

Best Games like Factorio 2020

Spacechem is a puzzle that tasks players to create an assembly line that makes chemical molecules. It is more science-minded than factorio, but relies on the same features of the building and crafting through industrial means. Players get to use robots to create chemical reactions through the use of chemicals supplied in a specific order. This is the game for you if you enjoy resource mining and puzzles.

15. Gnomoria

 Games like Factorio 2020

In this game, the player is tasked to collect, mine, and chop materials to build and craft items in the game. The game is similar to banished in that there is a society to be managed. The community in this one is a society of Gnomes! Therefore it is up to the player to build a successful and prosperous society.


There is no game more impressive as Factorio than factorio itself. The fact that the game has mods in it and the players can change or fabricate various features to suit their tastes puts in a class of its own. By downloading Angel’s mods or Bob’s mods, you can change the game completely. It is like having an entirely new game. These mods make it more challenging to process resources, and enemies get stronger and more energetic, making them harder to defeat. This prolongs the time taken to play the game and makes progress and achievements harder to come by. These different modes can keep you hooked to the game. Who needs a new game if you can change mods in your favourite one?

Factorio is arguably one of the best games out in the market. For those who need to quench your thirst for playing a game as fun as factorio, then the above list can help. I hope that the list above is helpful and that you enjoy playing these games. Games continue to be developed by gaming companies around the world, and I just cannot wait to see what they come up with next. With 5G technology set to take over the next decade, then the sky is the limit in the gaming world. 3D games are likely to revolutionize the industry. Virtual reality is another technology that will push the boundaries of gaming technologies

Factorio is by far a leader in the market. However, with the advancement of technology, only time will tell which games will revolutionize the industry.