When the originals sin 2 2020 game was first released, it took the gaming world by storm. It went ahead and got considered one of the best available isometric games. However, for those who have rummaged through every vault or dungeon and came victorious against every big bad, is it the end of your gaming experience? Are there other games similar to the divinity original sin 2 2020 games? Well, in this post, we are going to cover or look at other exciting best 15 games similar to the divinity original sin 2 games.

1.Baldur’s Gate 2: Improved Edition

Best Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

Embrace yourself with this newest release of an old classic game. It is considered one of the best games similar to the divinity original sin 2. However, with all the features of this tabletop game, you’ll lose yourself. But, what makes this game to be impressive?

  • The availability of severe or intense battles enables you to test your skills in combat and your ability to create strategies.
  • The choice of player you use helps in naturally unraveling the story through your actions, contrary to a fixed plot.
  • A comprehensive character creator gives you the same feeling of connectivity between a player and character similar to Dungeon and Dragons.

2.Pillars of Eternity 2(Dead fire)

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

When searching for the best isometric game experiences, you should consider having a glimpse of the Pillar of Eternity II. Also known as the dead fire gameplay, the game revolves around chasing a rogue god around dead fire through land and sea with a fully adaptable team. In addition to that, this team is from seven completely comprehended characters in a game world built lovingly. Nevertheless, what makes pillars of Eternity II or dead fire impressive?

  • It has a massive world to explore and, therefore, offers hours of exploitation.
  • It has a wide variety of play options due to the availability of fully customized massive seven-party teams. This ensures that no two players play similarly.
  • You have access to your ship hence the ability to pilot your course through the slightly open world.

3.Pathfinder Kingmaker (improved edition)

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

This entry is very special to all the fans of the fantastic pathfinder tabletop series. Pathfinder Kingmaker offers a computerized system to play for when you are unable to get your friends to play with, or you are unable to find your dice. This is similar to how Baldur Gates apprehends Dungeons and Dragons in automatic glory. On the other hand, what makes Pathfinder Kingmaker have that much fame?

  • You can play the hero or villain of your dream role due to the character creator on the pathfinder system.
  • You get hours of exploring the expansive world.

4.Mutant Year Zero (Road to Eden)

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2

This game is, to some extent, a combination of XCOM and Alice in wonderland, and delivers captivating gameplay in a rotated and colorful platform. However, surviving each encounter thrown to you is your imagination, with a variety of monstrous creatures to choose from. Therefore, what makes Mutant Year Zero that great?

  • There’s only one way to win the intense strategic wars.
  • You establish your team while ensuring that you have a specific playthrough.
  • Your every action is brought to life by sophisticated animations.

5.Wasteland 2

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

Experience your best gaming moment with this lovingly created world by the innovative creators of Fallout. For all the epic 80 hours, you won’t be wishing to turn yourself away from the game as you follow a group of rangers in a humble origin known as the inXile, within the post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, what makes wasteland 2 so compelling?

  • You’ll get satisfied by the typical turn-based system as you wait for the original two Fallout games to return to form.
  • With the kind of player you choose, you’ll get both rewards and consequences for every wrong decision you make, and this impacts the gameplay.
  • With several characters, thousands of rangers, and guns as many as 150, two players won’t have the precise same experience when playing.

6.SpellForce 3

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

Since warcraft 3, there hasn’t been any type of gameplay that is exclusively blended with RPG elements and real-time strategy like SpellForce 3 gameplay. In this game, you create your hero and gather an ambitious team, as you discover the magnificent world of Eo and use strong armies to conquer the world. This game is famous because;

  • You get to test your mettle against other players as well as be adventurous with your friends. This happens because of the availability of thrilling multiplayer methods.
  • The playable factions, always three in number, offer a wide range of play options to choose from.
  • Players will be taken to over 30 hours of severe army building battles through an epic story.

7.XCOM 2

Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

While currently being considered one of the best isometric games in history, XCOM 2 emulates every beautiful thing on the games like Divinity Originals 2 and makes it look like the Originals. Therefore, in this game, you create a team of soldiers and strategize on the survival of humanity. XCOM 2 is excellent because;

  • There’s a massive range of options offered by the extensive tactical combats for every player to perform their own story.
  • You can create and put your favorite character right into the intense action.
  • The multiplayer method seems so challenging and therefore pits you against your enemies to see and determine the best strategist.

8.Torment (Tides of Numenera)

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

Created by the same company that made players survey the Wasteland 2 in this post earlier on, this game is being considered as the successor of Planescape. Also known as the Tide of Numenera, this game allows you to embark on a journey through the Ninth world while unraveling intricate stories through a world built beautifully with fantastic characters and magical creatures. Just like the games mentioned previously, what makes Tides of the Numenera so famous and fans’ favorite?

  • In this game, you can decide the fate of your least favorite or favorite characters and maybe also decide the fate of the world itself.
  • The predicament system makes it more compelling as it brings environmental mysteries into combat and creating awkward confrontations.
  • The story is quite compelling because it is driven by character.


 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2

The people who brought you Fallout have done it again by bringing you Tyranny. This game has been polished from the Obsidian Entertainment. Moreover, it is hard to mention 15 best games like Divinity original sin 2 without mentioning Tyranny. Therefore, embrace yourself as it is apparent that you’ll fall in love with an experience rich in stories. What makes Tyranny great?

  • The real-time combats create a thrilling challenge, and the problem pushes your strategy abilities to the limit.
  • In 2016, it was voted as the best RPG by game debate.

10.Fell Seal (Arbiters mark)

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2

This gameplay has been admired by fans of games like the Ogre Batt series and Final Fantasy Tactics. Besides that, Arbiter is considered one of the best among the 15 best games like Divinity original 2 with fresh air to the slightly explored genre from the history of gaming. Therefore, what makes it great?

  • The tactics which are based on turns create extensive battles, and your intelligence determines your victory.
  • You create your customized team from scratch out of the available 30 classes, and this allows each player to have his personal custom-made experience.
  • The fun is kept going by the end-game content immediately after the end of the basic story.

11.Dragon Quest builder 2

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

This game is considered one of the best among the 15 best games like divinity original sin 2 2020. In this delightful block-building RPG, you can explore, battle, and build to eliminate an evil cult threatening the land. You, therefore, embark on a journey of fighting the children of Hargon cult and become a top builder you need to be. So, what makes Dragon Quest builder 2 to be among the best in the list?

  • With unlimited building combinations and new characters, you can explore, build, gather, battle, and plant.
  • You are also able to grow in big projects individually or with friends.

12.Final Fantasy XIV Online

 Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

Jump into this classic and ever-changing exploitation with friends or alone by creating the Final Fantasy character you’ve always been dreaming of. This game enables you to have an exclusive experience of followers of magic, followers of the land, or followers of the hand. This game is loved because;

  • You gain access to powerful skills, weapons, and armory exclusive to each class.
  • Your crafting tools or equipped weapons system defines your character class and enables you to switch roles due to the unique armory system.

13.Disco Elysium

Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

You are so drunk and full of hangover and won’t be able to recognize yourself after drinking out at the Disco Elysium. After that, it’s up to you to decide on which type of detective you want to be, dysfunctional or disturbed. This is what happens in this detective game. Moreover, detective games made by David Lynch usually look like this one.

Disco Elysium game shuns any kind of traditional combats, and all its connections are assigned to the dialogue screen. As the game’s opening indicates, your fast-assembled intellect is unstable, and therefore you are supposed to play with each aspect of thought. Therefore, as you seek to solve the mysteries surrounding a murder case, expand and use these thoughts to your advantage.

14.Mass Effect 2

Best Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

In this epic gameplay, human beings are the new kids on the block, having just joined the galactic community and therefore, must put things in an orderly manner so that other races can feel the threats posed by their arrival. How will they do that? Of course, with their ass-kicking commander, also known as commander shepherd. It is not a hard task to define the commander because rather than being a hero who hunts for glory, he’s also a racist bastard who just refuses to let anyone die.

This game is one hell of a game and has cemented itself among the 15 best games like divinity original sin 2.

15.The Elder Scrolls Online

Best Games like Divinity Original Sin 2 2020

This multiplayer online award-winning game has more than 13 million players. By joining the players, you’ll get an opportunity to experience a persistent Elder Scrolls World. Moreover, the game has over 10 playable races and six classes. The classes are;

  • Dragonknight
  • Sorcerer
  • Nightblade
  • Templar
  • Warden
  • Necromancer

The Necromancer class was just recently added. The game is set on the Tamriel continent, and events in the game take place a millennium before and also 800 years before Oblivion and Morrowind. You can experience any story in whichever order you may choose from any part of the universe. Therefore, you have full control of how you may want to shape your destiny individually or with other comrades in this epic gameplay.


Finally, the Divinity Original Sin 2 game has been one of the best online games ever created. However, there arose other 15 best games like Divinity original sin 2 due to the high demand for a similar experience. The games mentioned above are of the same experience. The games offer different options and variety to play from. Most of these games are available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.