Darkest dungeon is a role playing video game which has become a favorite among gamers because of the amazing graphics and the mix of real time movement and turn based combat with the very interesting storyline. In the darkest dungeon, players have to maintain an army of heroes and send them to invade and occupy the dungeons and fight against the creepy dark creatures residing inside the dungeon. With the 2021 update, many amazing features have been added to the game, making it even more interesting.If you are a gamer and searching for games like darkest dungeons to play, then this list is perfect for you. Here are the top 15 games like darkest dungeon 2021 that you should totally try out. We are positive that you will enjoy playing these games.

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1.    Vambrace: Cold Soul

 Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Vambrace: Cold Soul is a real time epic fantasy adventure game. It was released in May 2019 and has gained popularity among top gamers. The game is based on an interesting storyline and embarks you on an adventure set amidst the frozen landscapes. Vambrace is an adventure of 7 intriguing chapters. You can access 26 skilled characters having unique qualities. To access the new characters you will have to unlock them by completing the sub quests. You can maintain an army of your own which will assist you in your fights to victory. Gathering precious materials on your journey and crafting them into weapons and armours which can be used is an amazing feature of the game.

2.    Sin Slayers

Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

This game gets its inspiration from Castlevania and Dark souls. If you loved playing those two then you will have an exciting experience playing this one as well. Sin slayers is a turn based combat game which is set in a final fantasy style. You can explore dungeons by choosing a player of you4 choice. Each player has their unique qualities and a plot of their own.After every battle, you can go to the church to rest and develop new skills. You can also equip weapons and play new quests. This game is a pixel art strategy game. The game is about sins and sinners and each of the 7 chapters are based on these 7 sins. There are 12 characters you can choose from and the locations are generated randomly.

3.    Deep Sky Derelicts

Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Deep sky derelicts are a role play game with a mix of turn based combats and roguelike strategy. The game is based on a shipwreck where the players do exploration in search of gold and glory. This is an amazing management game which will keep you occupied with interesting quests for you. With each quest, you are required to search for treasures and fight the enemies. The further a player goes, greater is his reward. The game was released in 2018 and is available at all stores.

4.    Iratus Lord of the Dead

 Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Iratus is one of the most popular darkest dungeon type games. In this game, you are a villain trying to escape through the prison. You will be exploring dungeons and fighting enemies in a turn based combat with your soldiers. The game has many similarities to Darkest Dungeons. It also has a management factor involved; you will have to create your own underground lair with your powers. You can also create minions with your enemies’ dead body parts. It has a smart fighting system that allows you to study your enemy’s strong and weak points.

5.    Dead in Vinland

 Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Dead in Vinland is a turn based strategy and survival RPG game. In this game you can build your camp and manage a community. The players can explore the island and gather valuable treasures which will help them further. It is a deep management simulation game that offers challenging campaigns.

6.    Vargus the Riven Realms

 Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

In this game, you are a leader of a caravan embarked on an adventure in a strange dark fantasy world. You will be exploring the dark continent and interacting with other factions and characters. Vargus the Riven Realms is a management game where you will be training your troop and managing stocks. It is one of the best turn based strategy RPGs. The game has a branching narrative and an interesting cast of characters to choose from. Vargus the Riven Realms has several similarities to Darkest Dungeon in terms of gameplay. If you are a lover of Darkest Dungeon then you will surely enjoy playing this fantasy game as well.

7.    Legend of Creepers: Career of a dungeon master

 Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Legend of Creepers is a game with an interesting plot. In this game, you are a dungeon master who has to protect the treasury and precious items from hero raids. You can hire monsters and manage your own army. It is another turn based strategy role play game with several interesting missions to keep the game fun.

8.    Battle brothers

 Best Games like Darkest Dungeon

It is a mix of turn based combat and role play game. In Battle brothers you are a leader of a mercenary company in a medieval fantasy world. You can choose your contracts, pick your employees and enemies and how to train your army. It has a strategic map and you can travel anywhere to get contracts. Finishing a contact gets you money, you can also loot places. There is also a tactical map which gets activated during a fight.

9.    Legends of Eisenwald

 Games like Darkest Dungeon

Legends of Eisenwald are a strategic role play game. You embark on an adventurous journey with your troops in order to become a legend of the fantasy world Eisenwald. It is a land of super magical powers and superstitions. You get to train your troops and manage them to fight in battles.

10.  For the kings

 Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

For the kings is a turn based roguelike game which is also a mix of role play game. You can play this game solo or you can play with random players online. You will be fighting enemies who are smart and evil, creepy creatures. Wicked weather and traps set by enemies are an interesting feature of the game. The game follows a storyline, the king of the land has been murdered and you are on the quest of avenging your king and bringing peace and justice to your land.

11.  Legrand legacy

 Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Legrand legacy is a world of fantasy. Mythical creatures, devastating wars and an interesting storyline makes this game super fun and keeps you intrigued. You have your own castle, and it is your job to protect it from enemies. You can loot your enemies and create items and weapons which can be sold in exchange for money. The game has amazing 3D graphics. Legrand Legacy is a mix of turn based combat and strategic role play game.

12.  Chasm

Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

If you are looking for an RPG game similar to darkest dungeon for your PC, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo switch, then chasm would be an interesting choice. This game derives its inspiration from hack n’ slash dungeon crawlers and has a Metroidvania style. You are in a fantasy word that is loaded with treasures, dangerous enemies and unfolded secrets.

13.  Stoneshard

Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

It is a turn based RPG which is set in an open world. It shares similarities with Darkest Dungeon. You are the leader of a mercenary in a kingdom that is going through a war. Take partsin fights and develop your characters overall skills. You can choose your contracts which will get you coins.

14.  The enchanted cave 2

Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

The Enchanted Cave 2 is a perfect combination of turn based combats and strategic role play games. It is a management game as well. You can choose your own battles and train your character accordingly. Building your character is another user friendly feature it provides. The game has a beautiful museum to cater to hardcore collectors. The enchanted cave 2 has an option of mode to infinity.

15.  Battle Chasers: Nightwar

 Best Games like Darkest Dungeon 2020

Battle Chasers is a story based game. A young girl named Gully is on a quest to find her lost father. Her father, Aramus was a famous hero who set on an adventure in the deepest, darkest and dangerous grounds and somehow disappeared mysteriously. The game has six characters to choose from. You can create a troop of your own by choosing any three out of these six skilled heroes. Each hero has his unique qualities, stories, dungeons, skills, abilities and weapons. Just like darkest dungeon, battle chasers is also a turn based strategic role play game. It is based in a fantasy world and is super interesting to play.


The above mentioned list of games is some of the top games which are similar to Darkest Dungeon in gameplay and other formats. You can try some of the games mentioned here in this list of top 15 games like Darkest Dungeon and we can guarantee that you will enjoy them all. If you are a gamer who loves fantasy, combats, management and strategic role play games then these are some of the best games having the above mentioned features.