Borderlands are a game in which a person fights to protect himself until the end. It is one of the most exciting games, and some other games focus on the same concept and are famous among people. Here is a list of such games:

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1. Warframe 

 Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

In this game, the person who plays it experience like a shooter, and this can be played on your laptops, also having Windows and PS4. In this game, you see an Avatar of yourself from the perspective of the third person.

The role played by you is simple, like a warrior who completes several missions with the help of specialized abilities and weapons in the game, and the name given to you is Teenu. It is a person who has not slept for years, and this game has a sci-fi climate in it.

2. Far Cry 4

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

In this game, there are many places where you perform various actions to survive, and this helps you experience an excellent adventure, and this excites you more about this game.

The game follows the open-shooter experience to the person, and this feature allows the person to shoot anywhere without seeing walls and any obstruction. It provides a unique experience to the person playing it, as it has many additional features and mechanics in it.

3. T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl 

 Games like Borderlands 2020 

This game was launched in the year 2007, and it is focused on the horror genre. This game has a playing location that is similar to an area, which is present near the nuclear power plant.

In this game, the person has to complete some missions, and there are many levels in it. The person plays the role of a stalker and roams in a different place to explore the things to earn some money. The area which has to explore is near Nuclear Power Plant, and they gain some information about the area too.

4.S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat 

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

This game was launched in the year 2009, and the playing location is a horror-themed with different elements making it enjoyable. This game is updated regularly, and this makes the person attracted to it because it avoids the previous versions also.

As soon as you complete the mechanics and storyline section of the game, then you get the chance to explore it deeply and come across different missions that are present in the horrifying and darker environment. It is all about the stalkers that you face while solving any task.


Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

In this game, you have an option to either play in a team or as a single player. It is an action and role-playing forward match. Before starting your play or going to the combats, you can set yourself by selecting the appropriate heroes to play with, gears, and some other settings so that you can perform smoothly.

The location and the theme used to play this game are highly filled with advanced technology and the environment. In this game, space, where people live, is destroyed by evil, and you have to act like a savior and have to find and kill that evil.

6. Lost Planet 2

 Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

This game is similar to both Borderlands and Far Cry 4 games, but there is an additional sequel in it, which makes this game an advanced level game. Some of the other features are modifying characters, hunting of monsters, gathering the resources from various places, etc.

This game also follows a concept that is improved by the sequel, and the idea is based on thermal energy. After the addition of this feature, it does not take thermal energy from the players in any other way instead of the usage of weapons.

7.Dead Island 

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

The name of the game tells the entire thing about the game. It is a game that is placed in a very horrifying location, and the whole place looks like an end of the land. In this game, you have to survive until the end to win the game. You have to use the resources, find ways to get off the troubles you meet with the help of those resources, and sometimes have to fight the battles also.

This game can be played on laptops having an operating system like Windows, PS3, Xbox360. In this, the island is like a tropical resort in which after having a party at night, all the people that were present in the party converts into zombies.

8. Bulletstorm 

games like Borderlands 2020 

This game offers you a single person shooting feature, which means you can easily use different techniques to kill your enemy. The things and interfaces used by this game are more look like future goals.

In-game the whole world tends to be corrupted, and you are the first person who realized this thing, and now you have to fight against those premises with the help of weapons. The enemies that you will get to see in this game are machines, creatures, and some of the evil humans who try to use different techniques to attack.

9. Bounty Hunter

 Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

You may experience the gameplay like Borderlands, and this game is compatible with both iOS and Android. The mobile users will love to use this application because of its gameplay.

In the game, you need to distinguish between soldier, prayer, sniper, and engineer. According to the character chosen by decides the power that you will have. Same like the style, there are different types of enemies like machines, creatures, and sometimes humans.

10. Tom Clancy`s The Division

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

The interface is wholly based on New York City, and in this game, this city seems to be more wasteland. The first thing that you need to do is work as an agent and monitors all the criminal activities and work against it. If you are the kind of person who is more interested in playing like an agent, then you will love it for sure.

11. Rage 

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

In this game, you also get the feature of single-player shooting, and the interface of this game is more like the Borderlands as this game also consists the unlimited missions and elements. In this game, an asteroid falls on the earth, and you are a survivor who needs to protect the land from the damages of the asteroid. After completing every mission, you got a quest in which you will get a reward.

12. Defiance

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

This game is more concentrated on a T.V. show, and even the name of the game is also the same as the T.V. show. In this game, you will enter into a world that has a frictional theme in it.

This game offers you a third player game interface. This game is also more similar to Borderlands, and you can understand this thing only when you have watched the Borderlands series. In the game, you can choose the weapon you want and can replace it anytime.

13.Torchlight 2

 Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

This is another game that is based on role-playing, and the genre of this game is action. You will have a better experience as this version is far better than the previous version of this game.

In the text, they upgraded the overall look and things of the game and tried to make it better. There are mainly two options whether you can play single player or multiplayer, and along with it, some of the things that you may do in this game are adopting pets, fishing, gathering, and crafting.

14. Destiny 

Best Games like Borderlands 2020 

This is a different genre game where you can find science and friction both at the same time. The whole theme of this game looks like a digital world.

If you are looking to have some new graphics and features, then you will never go off with this game. In this game, you may find the missions, exploring, wars, and resources. So if you are a strategic kind of person, then you will like this game for sure.

15. Dead Island: Riptide 

Games like Borderlands 2020 

This game is more like a game sequel of its first version, and some of the features seem to be upgraded in this version. For playing, you need to flush off your thinking that you are a pro player because the zombies will not make it happen.


We hope this article will help you find suitable game-like Borderlands for you which fit your requirements. These games are similar to the Borderlands and some of them use the same concept as it.