Hey guy’s need some cool best funny faces apps Android/iphone 2021.
so you can easily create funny faces in few seconds and set dp on whatsapp or create a story on Instagram.
Here is the top 15 best apps that makes funny faces of everytype.
Just pick images or click direct live selfies with live funny filter’s.
Apply it generate it.
It’s too easy.
Social media craze increasing day by day and new things invented daily and people’s addicting to it.
Here is your funny faces drug.
Let’s make a funny face out of this world.
And make everyone laugh.
Let’s set go
funny faces apps android
1.Facechanger   android  /  iphone
One of the best funny face app android/iphone.
Are you ready to convert your face into a funny face.
It’s completely awesome one.
Just select your photo which you want to make funny.
Now you see lots of customization options available here.
Add a funny nose,ear,eyes,lips,teeth and much more.
Add text and apply some artistic effects and you are all done.
Now your pic is ready to use.
Let’s download this app and make funny faces in seconds.
One of the best funny face creater app in Google play store with more than 50 millions downloads.
Let’s download and make funny faces now.
2.Faceswap   android  /  iphone
 Best Funny Faces Apps
You definitely love this app.
Awesome live face swap effects which directly fit on your face instantly without any hustle.
Just open the faceswap camera and browse live filters with your selfie cam.
You can easily make funny faces with it in seconds.
Every type of animals,celebrity,Halloween,weired looks and much more effects is ready to use.
Let’s download this app and create stunning funny faces in seconds.
You can also use it’s another awesome functions like motion swap,live stickers,photo swap,theme swap,photo retoucher,classic collage,snapfilters and much more.
Download free now from Google play store/ios store more than 10 millions downloads.
Let’s swap your face now.
3.Face changer camera   android  /  iphone
funny face app
Another great app by c403 app developers.
They develop such a awesome funny faces maker app for you.
Just open the face camera app browse live filters apply your favroite one plus you can also use it’s artistic effects and make your pictures more funnier.
It’s very easy to use and snap awesome funny faces pics by this app in seconds.
Large collection of artistic and live funny faces effects.
Just download and create funny faces pics now.
One of the best app to make funny faces.
Let’s set snap funny pics.
You already love it’s first version here is upgraded version of your favroite app face changer.
Let’s see what special in this.
Nothing special in this!!!
Haha just joking.
You can create awesome funny faces by it’s new feature like direct conversion into funny shapes you can also replace any part of your face by just single click.
You can also swap two peoples face in single photo just by one click.
This upgraded version of facechanger is worth downloading.
Let’s download this app and create awesome funny faces.
5.facewarp  android   /   iphone
funny faces camera app
Insanely awesome app for creating funny faces in seconds.
It’s easy to use and very simple user interface.
Just wrap the picture and convert into funny one.
Just use your finger to left-right,up,down and you see live wrap effect on your pic.
Hilarious gifs effects unlimited wrapping wrap until you not satisfied.
It’s totally satisfied you because it’s 50 million satisfied users is proof.
Let’s download and wrap your pictures now.
Let’s have wrap fun.
6.snap face photo editor animals  android  /  iphone
funny faces app android
as name suggest you already get idea about which type of funny faces you will made with it.
Yes you right you can create awesome animals funny faces in seconds.
100+  diffrent-different types of animals effects is available here.
Just pick the photo or click new one.
And apply it on your pic and create funny pic in just few seconds.
With animals effects it’s also contain lots off morph effects which also help you to create awesome funny faces.
So guy’s if you want to create funny animals pictures then this one is for you.
Let’s go and miaw miaw Bhau bhau.
Just animals thing’s.
7.Funny face effects  android  /  iphone
Are you ready to create funny faces.
Create awesome funny faces with it.
Different different types of effects like fat,bald,ugly and much more.
You definitely love this funny faces app maker.
Just pick your favroite photo which you want to make funny.
Apply all the filters and your pic is ready to use.
Let’s share it with world.
Show your creativity skills to your friends and family members they definitely love it.
Let’s download and wrap now.
Everything which you need to create a awesome funny picture is here.
From animal filter to artistic effects its contain everything.
Use glasses and beards,wrap photo by fingers,apply animal effects,moustache and stickers,super hero masks and much more.
It’s totally loaded with funny things.
Let’s download and create awesome funny faces pictures now.
Let’s set create.
Another great app on this list for creating awesome funny faces videos and pictures in Seconds.
It’s available free on Google play store with more than 10 millions downloads.
Create awesome funny photos and videos in seconds by large collection of funny accessories awesome funny filters wrap effects and much more.
One of the best app for creating awesome funny faces in seconds.
You can also find funny frames here.
best funny faces apps android 2018
If you love first one then you definitely love this one also.
You can easily create funny photos and funny videos with it’s live camera editing features.
Apply filters and see funny version of you in seconds.
Awesome app to create funny faces photos and videos.
Just open your camera apply filters and you all set.
Let’s start creating awsome funny images now.
Let’s set create

11.  FaceApp (Android/ios)

 Funny Faces Apps Android / Iphone 2020


This app is hugely popular across the globe. Users are actively using this app for coming up with unbelievable selfies. It has several features to offer. The app can alter your age, gender, hair colour and hairstyles. It also adds a tattoo to the picture. With multiple taps, you can change your selfie look from young, to mature to an elderly person. Male users can look like females. It allows you to style up your pictures by adding moustaches, beards, coloured hair and so on.

12. Banuba (Android/ios)

 Funny Faces Apps Android / Iphone 2020


This app comes with built-in amazing masks. It is a hilarious app to spend time with. By downloading this funny app, you will acquire access over multiple masks of various themes. These masks are related to animals, movie characters, celebrities and so on. You will definitely fall in love with the appealing masks as they are hell-bent funny. As you apply those masks, you will look similar to the animals or movie characters. The final result is definitely awesome.

13. Face Lab (Android/ios)


 Funny Faces Apps Android / Iphone 2020

This app also comes up with your funny picture by altering your age. It lets you know how your appearance would be in the coming years. Also, you can get a glimpse of your childhood in that app. The scanner of the app guesses your present age accurately. On that basis, it shows your future or past pictures. The AI of the app is considerably good.

14. Uglybooth (Android/ios)


 Funny Faces Apps Android / Iphone 2020

We definitely cannot give a miss to this app. It is capable of coming up with your ugliest ever possible pictures. First of all, you are required to upload a picture of yours from your phone gallery. Or you can even click your selfie from the camera of the app. Within a few seconds, the app will make your picture hideous and exceedingly ugly. It may add pimples on your face or enlarge your nose. It may make you cross-eyed. So if you love having fun with pictures, then you are surely going to love this app.

15.  Mixbooth (Android/ios)


 Funny Faces Apps Android / Iphone 2020

Users across the world are actively using this app to alter their faces in the picture. It is highly on demand right now. Users find this app extremely entertaining. The concept of the app is quite innovative, unique and fun-filled. All you need to do is to upload photos of two people. The AI of the app will study both the pictures closely. And soon, it will generate a ridiculous picture. This resultant picture would be the perfect amalgamation of both the pictures that you have uploaded. For instance, a baby can have a mouth full of teeth; a girl can have beards and moustaches, and you can have the whiskers off your cat and so on. The app produces funny pictures and is gaining immense popularity all around the world.


So guy’s these are the top funny faces apps android/iphone 2021.
which gives you complete flow less experience of creating funny faces by just single tap.
Let’s pick it generate it save it.
All the apps have their different different functionality of creating funny faces.
so pick your favorite one from this list and generate funny faces now.
All the top apps from Google play store is here.
With more than 10 millions downloads.
Let’s download it and start generating now.
So guy’s this post is for funny faces apps lover’s.
If you know such more interesting apps which help you to create such awesome funny faces than let’s share view comments with everyone.
Thank you