Top 15 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Talking about Xbox, many people are unaware that Xbox games are not always expensive; instead, there are some excellent free games available on Xbox. The Xbox Store is stacked with brilliant free titled games, regardless of whether you’re in the state of mind for moment multiplayer pandemonium or you need to lose all sense of direction in a gigantic dreamland.From quick paced warriors and shooters to charming on the web pretending encounters, here are our preferred free games for Xbox. Generally free (or F2P) games make their living from in-application buys for in-game cash, plunder boxes, corrective things (like Fortnite’s outfits, pets, moves, acts out and so forth) and the sky is the limit from there.These smaller-scale exchanges can go from a dollar as much as 100 dollars or more, with F2P games regularly financed with money productive players, know as ‘whales’, who’ll contribute hundreds (or thousands) purchasing every thing, procuring abilities or attempting to open the game quicker.So, let’s start with the list of the best 15 free Xbox Games:

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   Fortnite Battle Royale

Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Everyone knows about the most record-breaking game of all the time PUBG. Fortnite Battle Royale is a similar game with more cartoon graphics included in it. The game is free and does not cost a penny to download it that is its purchase cost is zero if you are not willing to give 30$ on PUBG than this game would be the best alternative for it.

Talking about the games, it has similar features such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; you are allowed to land on an island with the help of a parachute. Similarly like you another 99 players are allowed to land on the island. All the players battle among themselves and the last standing person wins the game.

In any case, there’s a bend: You can likewise fabricate strongholds only like in the centre Fortnite game, which gives you a considerable amount of extra vital choices as far as both offence and resistance. Fortnite Battle Royale is likewise one of a kind because of its wacky, lively workmanship style, which you can appreciate in 4K on the Xbox.

   Killer Instinct

 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Who can ever forget about the classic 90’S game “Killer Instinct” The restoration of exemplary battling production Killer Instinct was a lovely astonishment when Microsoft uncovered it before the Xbox One dispatch.

Over the years the game Killer Instinct has been evolved a much and has included a bunch of new fighters making it feel real. As we are talking about the free version of the game, one can choose one player at a time which can be changed on a regular bases.

One can purchase characters or fighter packs from the cart, but even if you even don’t put a penny in the game, you would enjoy playing it.

   Apex Legend

Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Apex Legend is a punch throwing answer to the epic free-to-play game Fortnite. Apex legend is an EA sports game, and if you are a gamer, you would know the quality game EA produces. You don’t have to go through any cash to appreciate Apex Legends. Apex Legend begins with 66% of the characters opened, and you can get to the rest employing expanded play.

The game offers three monetary forms: 1) Crafting Metals 2) Legend Tokens and 3) Apex Coins – the last is the just a single you can buy for genuine cash. The least you can purchase is 1000 Apex Coins for $9.99, which is sufficient to pay for a legend for 750, with 250 coins to save. Pinnacle Packs are fundamentally plundered boxes, and cost around 100 Apex Coins, with a 100% possibility of getting one rare thing, or better.

    Phantom Dust

 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

How can one forget about the unique classical game of 2004 The Phantom Dust. Phantom Dust is a fully action-packed game with its cunning strategies involved that blends with real-time combat and helps you to collect card games.

This title lets you fight in immense, exceptionally destructible fields, where you can blend and match many ones of kind abilities that let you call everything from blazing blades to dividers of ice. You can play through the whole game and unlock various cards which are free. You can even spend some money to pile up your collection.

  Fallout Shelter

Best Free Xbox Games 2021

The game is a total cream pie for the players. The game is found to be too addictive and will eat your time up so quickly. During the quarantine where everyone is bored and is facing problem to cut time, then this game would be the solution to their all issues.

The game starts with the necessary creation of buildings that facilitate the needs that allow people to live, such as water, food, power, etc. Whether it’s completing the mission of fighting the raiders, the game is total fun. You can even dress your pets in the game. The game is free to play.


 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

If you love Dragons and fantasize about the dragon world, then this game might be the best choice for you. The game brings back dragons and dungeons to life. The set includes iconic characters which make the game too addictive for the users.

You don’t need to buy the cosmetic upgrades provided by the game as they are overly charged. The game has a lot of content, and you will need ages to complete and reach level 60. So, you will be getting a lot of bang without putting a penny in the game.


 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

If you are a lover of shooting games, then this game might be it. It is a team-based game full of strategies and colourful characters to be discovered. The game has more than 30 characters involved which will make the game with plenty to do. The game has different classes carrying out various roles such as attacking, support, flank fight, and defence.

The game includes a card-based system, which helps the user to adjust the load-outs. Talking about the game, it has invading zones and escorting payloads.

   World of Tanks

 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Tank games have always made a significant impact on the gaming universe. World of Tanks is a straightforward, irate multiplayer mixture. With more than 400 shielded vehicles and six-game sorts, there’s a silly measure of substance here for the absolute entirety of nothing.

The game has an epic 15 vs 15 battle that will give a thrill to your boring quarantine life. The game uses some of the most iconic armoured vehicles. The game has been designed to provide a real-life experience; hence it has around 450 tanks that are present in real-world and has over 80 maps. Each map has its unique weather and feature. The game offers full 4k support.


 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

The game has been in the list due to its regular updates given by the production team. Warfare is a sci-fi game that no gamer can resist. The set includes gravity-defying effects and hardcore combat which is mind-boggling. It is a multiplayer game that firefight fans can enjoy without investing a single penny.

The maps given are so irresistible that a gamer can never be satisfied of. These maps are additionally splendidly differed, including Pluto, the Moon, the planets of Ceres and Sedna. With such vast numbers of various kinds of Warframe shield and weapons to pick from, in addition to multiple approaches to cut up adversaries, there are many long periods of amusement here at the fantastic cost of literally nothing.


 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Gigantic is a multiplayer online battle arena often known as MOBA is an intense combat game. The game does not involve too much of a complicated menu; instead, it’s an easy game. Talking about the game, this lively group shooter sets groups of five in opposition to the opposite side’s Guardian, a transcending, legendary being that can switch things around of a match with its ground-breaking assaults.

You can enjoy such MOBA without paying a penny.


 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

If you are a big fan of God of wrath type movies, then this game might be it. Every gamer would love this game. It is a MOBA type of game. The essential mode is the excellent 5v5 on a three-path map, yet there an abundance of extra modes and maps to give it a shot.

Like any other MOBA, this game also has different characters to try on. It has an excellent cartoony visual style and great graphics.


best Free Xbox Games 2021

This game can be referred to as the standalone version of The Witcher 3. The game allows you to collect a variety of cards which help you to battle with tons of other cards. The game is inspired by CD Projekt Red’s rich fantasy universe. The game is worth giving a shot.

Airmech Arena

 Free Xbox Games 2021

This game is specially designed for players who like robotic games. In this game, the player plays the role of a gigantic robot which can convert itself into the tank. With a sensibly burly 15-level single-player offering and strategically sharp 3v3 online experiences, there’s a ton of free fuel in AirMech’s tanks.

DC Universe Online

 Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Who can forget about the classic DC universe which has iconic characters like Superhero, batman and joker. One can make your hero or villain, building up your experience, outfit, battling style, coach, and different alternatives during the character creation process. When you finish the instructional exercise, you’re loosed into the reality where you can investigate Gotham City, Metropolis, and Central City, join the Justice League, and take on journeys doled out by your preferred DC Universe characters.


Best Free Xbox Games 2021

Are you a fan of Mech games? Then this game might be the best option for you. Not only mech lover but also for people who love aggressive shooting games. It is all in one set. The game includes free to play elements which helps you to enhance your tower metal exoskeleton and customize it. For mech lovers, the game is worth playing.

Are you worried about spending money on Xbox games? No need to worry just check out the list of some most awesome free games available on Xbox.