14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites) 2023

Are you looking for the best free Instagram video makers to create stunning and engaging videos for your page? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 14 top-rated apps and websites that will help you bring your video content to life. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting out, these tools are perfect for adding some pizzazz to your Instagram feed in 2023. So get ready to impress your followers with eye-catching videos without breaking the bank!


14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

CapCut is a free video editing app that allows users to edit their videos like a pro. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can easily trim and cut video clips, add music and special effects, adjust color and contrast, and much more.

One of the best things about CapCut is the vast collection of templates available for different types of videos such as travel vlogs or food recipes. These templates come with pre-made transitions, sound effects, and music which make it easy to create stunning videos in minutes.

CapCut also offers advanced features such as keyframe animation which enables users to customize movements within their clips. This feature gives videographers great control over the final product so they can create unique masterpieces.

In addition to video editing tools, CapCut has a large library of stickers, emojis and text options that allow creators to add personality and humor into their content. Overall Capcut is an excellent choice for beginners looking for powerful yet intuitive software that helps them produce top-notch Instagram videos on-the-go!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

FilmoraGo is a fantastic video editing app that can create stunning Instagram videos without any cost. This user-friendly platform offers an array of features, making it easy for both beginners and experienced editors to craft their content seamlessly.

The app provides various filters, transitions, overlays, and text effects to help you enhance your videos. You can choose from pre-set templates or start from scratch to unleash your creativity completely.

One notable feature of FilmoraGo is the royalty-free music library, allowing users to add songs and sound effects without worrying about copyright issues. Additionally, the app supports voiceovers for those who want to narrate or include personal commentary in their videos.

FilmoraGo also offers a unique aspect ratio adjustment option that caters specifically to Instagram’s requirements. This way, you can ensure your video dimensions are optimized for seamless viewing on the social media platform.

With its intuitive interface and diverse editing tools at no cost, FilmoraGo stands out as one of the best free Instagram video makers available in 2023.

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

InShot is a free video editing app that allows you to create and edit videos for your Instagram feed. With InShot, you can easily trim and cut clips, add music or voiceovers, adjust video speed, and apply filters.

One of the best features of InShot is its ability to format videos for specific social media platforms. You can choose from various aspect ratios such as 1:1 for Instagram posts or 9:16 for Instagram stories.

In addition to basic editing tools like trimming and cutting, InShot also offers advanced options like adding text overlays with customizable fonts and colors. You can also use the app’s collage feature to combine multiple images into one cohesive post.

Another great thing about InShot is its user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate even if you’re new to video editing.

If you’re looking for a versatile video editor that has plenty of features while still being easy to use, then InShot could be a great choice for creating engaging content on Instagram in 2023!

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YouCam Video

14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

YouCam Video is a free Instagram video maker app that is perfect for both beginners and professional videographers. It allows users to create high-quality videos with various features such as filters, effects, stickers, text overlays, and music.

One of the best things about YouCam Video is its built-in AI technology which can automatically enhance the video’s quality by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation levels. This feature ensures that your videos look their best even without any editing experience.

Another great feature of YouCam Video is its ability to add voiceovers to your videos. This means you can easily narrate or record your own audio while creating content for social media platforms like Instagram.

YouCam Video also offers a range of customizable templates that users can use to create unique and engaging videos quickly. These templates are designed according to different themes such as food, travel, fashion so users can easily find one relevant to their niche.

YouCam Video provides all the essential features needed in an Instagram video making app while still being easy-to-use for beginners. Its advanced tools make it ideal for professionals who want more control over their content creation process too!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

VideoShow is a powerful video editing app that offers various features to enhance your Instagram video content. With VideoShow, you can create stunning videos with ease using its vast collection of filters and effects.

One of the highlights of this app is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for anyone to use without prior experience in video editing. You can add music tracks from your library or choose from the built-in music options.

Another unique feature of VideoShow is its ability to compress videos without losing quality. This means you can upload high-quality videos on Instagram without worrying about file size limitations.

VideoShow also allows for multi-language support, making it accessible to users around the globe. Additionally, it has a social media sharing option so that you can share your creations directly on Instagram and other platforms.

VideoShow provides an excellent platform for creating engaging Instagram videos with minimal effort while maintaining high-quality standards.

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

KineMaster is one of the most popular video editing tools available for free on both Android and iOS devices. The app is loaded with features that allow users to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily.

One of the best things about KineMaster is its intuitive and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for even novice editors to create great videos. With a wide range of customizable themes, visual effects, animations, transitions, and more, you can make your videos look as impressive as possible.

KineMaster also comes with an array of audio editing tools such as voiceovers, background music tracks or sound effects which are essential in creating immersive content. Additionally, it allows you to add layers for text or graphics making your content more engaging.

With KineMaster’s sharing options directly from their website not only are you able to compress but optimize files in order to upload on Instagram without losing quality.

KineMaster has something for everyone who wants to edit high-quality videos without paying a premium price.

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

VSCO is one of the most popular Instagram video maker apps used by content creators for its advanced camera and photo editing features. Users can shoot, edit and share videos with ease using VSCO’s integrated tools such as presets, filters, cropping options and more.

The app also offers a unique feature called “Discover” that lets users collaborate with other creators to explore new ideas and styles. With VSCO’s premium subscription service, users can unlock even more advanced features like exclusive presets and video editing tools.

One of the standout features of VSCO is its community aspect – it has become almost a social media platform in itself. Users can connect with others who have similar interests or aesthetics through following each other’s profiles or joining groups dedicated to specific topics.

VSCO offers an intuitive user interface coupled with powerful editing capabilities that make it an attractive option for Instagram video makers looking for a comprehensive toolset.

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A Color Story

14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

A Color Story is a photo and video editing app that’s perfect for those looking to brighten up their Instagram feed. The app offers over 400 filters, effects, and presets to choose from, allowing users to create stunning visual content in just a few clicks.

One of the standout features of A Color Story is its ability to adjust colors with precision. Users can tweak everything from exposure levels to saturation and temperature, ensuring that every shot looks its best. Plus, with the ability to save custom filter combinations as “recipes,” it’s easy to recreate your favorite edits again and again.

In addition to its impressive editing tools, A Color Story also offers plenty of creative extras like light leaks, textures, and bokeh overlays. And with frequent updates adding new filters and effects all the time, there’s always something new to try out.

Whether you’re an influencer looking for polished visual content or just someone who loves playing around with photos and videos on social media, A Color Story is definitely worth checking out – especially since it won’t cost you a dime!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

VivaVideo is an all-in-one video editing app that allows users to create professional-looking videos effortlessly. This free Instagram video maker offers a wide range of features, including various themes, templates, effects, and transitions that make your videos stand out.

One of the standout features of VivaVideo is its ability to capture high-quality footage directly from within the app. Users can record their own clips or import existing photos and videos into the platform. From there, they can trim and edit their content as desired using the intuitive interface.

VivaVideo also offers a variety of tools for adding music and sound effects to your videos. Whether you want to use pre-loaded tracks or upload your own custom audio files, this app makes it easy to add an extra layer of interest and excitement to your content.

VivaVideo is an excellent option for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful tool for creating eye-catching Instagram videos. With its extensive set of features and user-friendly interface, it’s no surprise that this app has become one of the most popular video editors on both Android and iOS platforms today!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

VN is a free video editing app that allows you to create stunning videos with ease. It offers an array of features, including trimming, cutting, merging clips and adding music, text and filters. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to use while offering advanced features for professionals.

One unique feature of VN is the ability to adjust the speed of your video. You can slow down or speed up specific parts of your video for added effect. Additionally, VN has various templates available so you can quickly create professional-looking videos in just a few clicks.

Another great thing about VN is its compatibility with social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You can easily export your edited videos directly from the app to share on these platforms without having to worry about formatting issues.

VN is a fantastic option for those looking for an all-in-one video editing solution that’s both powerful and easy-to-use. Whether you’re creating content for personal or professional use, this app has got you covered!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

Powtoon is another great option for creating engaging and animated Instagram videos. This free video maker offers a variety of customizable templates, characters, and backgrounds to choose from. You can also upload your own images, music, and voiceovers to create a unique video that fits your brand.

One of the standout features of Powtoon is its drag-and-drop editor which makes it easy for anyone to use. You can add text overlays, transition effects, and even include interactive elements such as clickable buttons or forms.

Whether you’re looking to create an explainer video or a product demo for Instagram marketing purposes, Powtoon has everything you need. Plus, with the ability to export in high-definition format up to 1080p resolution without any watermarking restrictions on their free plan – this tool is definitely worth checking out!

If you want professional-looking videos but don’t have the design skills or budget required for expensive software – give Powtoon a try!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

Magisto is a popular Instagram video maker that provides users with the ability to create stunning videos in just minutes. With this app, you can easily turn your photos and clips into professional-looking videos without any editing skills or experience.

One of the standout features of Magisto is its artificial intelligence technology. This feature allows the app to analyze your footage, identify key moments, and automatically edit them together with music and effects to create a cohesive story.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to navigate through the app’s various tools and options. You can choose from different styles, filters, and fonts to match your brand or personal preferences.

Magisto also offers access to a vast library of licensed music tracks that will add an extra layer of emotionality to your videos. Plus, you can customize text overlays with different font sizes and colors for maximum impact on social media platforms like Instagram.

Magisto is a great option for anyone looking for an intuitive yet powerful video editing tool that doesn’t require extensive training or knowledge in video production techniques.

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

Animoto is another great option for creating stunning video content for Instagram. This tool allows users to create a professional-looking video in just a few minutes. Animoto provides ready-to-use templates that can be customized with your own photos, videos, and music.

With Animoto, you can choose from over 50 different templates based on the type of video you want to create. You can select any template and start customizing it according to your needs. The best part about Animoto is that it allows you to add text overlays and captions, which makes it perfect for businesses or individuals who want to promote their brand or product.

Another great feature of Animoto is its drag-and-drop interface that lets you easily add images and videos without any technical skills required. Additionally, this tool offers stock footage and music options if you don’t have your own media files.

Animoto is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-use tool with plenty of customization options. It’s intuitive, flexible and quick – giving creators more time back into their schedules while still being able to produce quality content!

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14 Free Instagram Video Makers in 2023 (Apps & Websites)

And there you have it! 14 amazing free Instagram video makers that you can use to create eye-catching and engaging content for your followers. From CapCut to Invideo, each of these apps and websites offers unique features and tools that allow you to bring your creative vision to life.

With the rise of social media marketing in recent years, Instagram has become an essential platform for businesses and individuals alike. By using these free video makers, you’ll be able to up-level your content game on Instagram without breaking the bank.

So why not try them out today? Experiment with different styles, techniques, and themes until you find what works best for your brand or personal style. With a little bit of practice and creativity, who knows where these free video makers could take you in 2023!

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