There is no doubt that soccer is an incredibly popular sport. Fans have thousands of teams to choose from, hundreds of leagues, and an untold number of players. Soccer apps are also fast gaining popularity, a way for fans to let of steam and play their own version of the game on their Android devices. But there are so many of them, some good, some bad, and it’s hard to know which ones are best to go for. Some of them allow you to play your favorite players on the field, while others are simulators but they all allow you to choose and play your own team. With so many to choose from, we took some of the hard work away from you and found ten of the very best Football apps for Android users.

Top 10 Best Football games for android 2020

Top Ten Soccer Apps for Android:

We have personally tested every app we included in this list to make sure they all work – they do. We’ve chosen a good selection of games for you, some of them paid and most of them free with in-app purchases.

Final Kick – Free – in-app purchases

An arcade-style game, Final Kick is a simple game that lets you replay any shootout as often as you want. Obviously, the idea is to score as many goals as you can and, to do that, you get some pretty decent graphics, online multiplayer gaming, online and offline tournaments, and the game controls are easy to master. It isn’t the most complex of games but it will let you happily pass an hour or so.

Football Manager Mobile – $8.99 + in-app purchases

The first paid app in our list, Football Manager Mobile offers a decent game for your money. It comes to use from Sega and lets you build up your team and play in the championship leagues. The game is licensed for most of the major European leagues, USA and South Korea and is a full simulation game. The updated version provides more teams, more players and many more features without the annoying ads you get with freemium games You can download the games from appstore.

Head Soccer La Liga – Free– in-app purchases

A neat arcade-style game, La Liga is the official game for La Liga in Spain. Two players play one another in a 1v1 match (or one player against the computer) in a pong-style game. You get real players, the option to upgrade, collect items along the way and even a few power-ups. It’s a very simple game that helps kill some time.

Dream League Soccer – Free– in-app purchases

Another freemium game, this time one of the biggest you will find for mobile devices. It is a sim game where you build your team up, train them and play them in complete games in an attempt to win championships. The game controls are intuitive and the graphics are not bad either. Features include six divisions, Play achievements, leaderboards, and a lot more besides. Available for download on the PlayStore.

FIFA Soccer – Free– in-app purchases

This has to be one of the most popular soccer games on the Play Store but it is freemium and you will find them somewhat merciless in their ads and attempts to get you to buy in-app purchases. However, you can have a whole lot of fun without paying. The graphics are decent, you get to choose your players from more than 550 teams, play online PvP, join the single-player campaign mode, and a whole lot more besides.

Kevin Tom’s Football Manager – $3.49

Another paid offering, This is a cool soccer simulator. The graphics are not fantastic – pretty much stick figures and four-five pixel balls. However, you do get to choose your team and your players, and there is a certain amount of strategy involved to win. There are lots of tournaments, four divisions to choose from and is a lot of fun for what is no more than a port of a retro C64 game.

PES Pro Evolution Soccer – Free– in-app purchases

Another freemium game, this time the biggest competitor that FIFA has on mobile devices. There are those who think this is a better game than FIFA, too, you can make your own mind up though. You get decent graphics, the ability to build up your own team, online multiplayer and local multiplayer gaming, tournaments, challenges and more.

Rumble Stars – Free– in-app purchases

One of the newer soccer games to be released, Rumble Stars is an arcade-style game with cool graphics, animals, and players with some daft abilities. You can play online PvP with loads of different characters, all of which can be customized. You can chose from leagues, clubs, competitive challenges and more and you even have the option of watching game streamers in-game. You do need an internet connection and it is competitive but in a fun way.

Soccer Star – Free– in-app purchases

Anther freebie and another fun game, although not the best on the list. It is designed purely for mobile and offers plenty of features, including collecting players and items. The game controls are simple, the graphics aren’t bad but, unless you go for the in-app purchases, the game will get harder to play.

World Soccer League – Free– in-app purchases

This one is better than many of the soccer games already in the app store but it doesn’t get the recognition like PES and FIFA do. However, it has plenty of features to tempt you – whole games, more than 2000 players and 120 teams to pick from, four different game modes, leaderboards, and a whole lot more and you get all that in a choice of 15 languages. The graphics are good, game controls are OK and the game mechanics are simple, albeit a little slow.

That is one comprehensive list of soccer apps, something to suit pretty much any type of player. Whether you want a free game or a paid one, simple or more complex, we’ve got you covered here. Make your choice and enjoy; do tell us if we’ve missed any off the list that you think should be included and don’t forget to share this with your friends.