15 Best Firestick Browsers (Latest Released) 2023

A fire stick gadget is a tool that has a moderately small size equivalent to a flash disc. When firestick gadget is plugged in, the HDMI port of your TV helps us access any networks services like live stream and Wi-Fi. When it is installed, fire sticks will come with a browser that will help you access the web and find your favorite search in the comfort of your sitting room using your TV.

For you to install a firestick browser on your fire stick gadget, the following are some of the steps that you will be required to follow;

  • First, you need to use the device menu provided and type the ideal browser that you are looking for that is compatible with fire TV.
  • After searching, then use your pre-installed mouse, scroll down and select the icon of the browser searched, and then click download.
  • After downloading, you then open the file to access the browser interfaces. You then use the mouse to selects the web pages you want to surf.

The following are the top 15 best firestick browsers that are recommended for fire TV or fire stick TV users. Each browser has unique features that make it different from the other. The firestick browsers are as follows:

 Best Firestick Browsers 2022


 Best Firestick Browsers 2022

Silk browser is a product designed and created by Amazon fire TV and has an online presence in more than 100 countries. It is among the most popular browser used by fire TV users. A review from Amazon TV show when using this browser a user can customize their home screen using a Fire TV remote. For you to use a silk browser, you have to follow the process to download it. The following are some of the best outstanding features of Silk Browser:

  • This browser is compatible with the first and second generation of fire Sticks.
  • The browser is user friendly, and its remote can be used to control web videos and music.
  • When using this browser, it saves your passwords, thus saves a lot of time during your next logins.

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 FIREFOX for Fire TV

 Best Firestick Browsers 2022

  • Another good Firefox browser is Firefox for Fire TV. This browser is a product of Mozilla, and it is known for its excellent features. This is one of the high rated browsers from its consumer, and it is used worldwide. This browser is associated with the following features.
  • The browser can do a thorough search across the internet, and fire TV consumers can easily watch its video.
  • It categorizes all the best videos you have watched and availed them on your home screen.
  • It gives quality recommendations to it fire TV consumers on the latest and best content that is worth their time.
  • This browser has a good history that saves frequently visited sites on the home screen. Thus making it easy to access a video efficiently that a user is looking for

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Best Firestick Browser 2022

This browser is among the best and highly rated by Fire TV consumers. The browser has a good browsing speed, and its file is tiny. With its pre-installed content blocker, it keeps the user safe from watching irrelevant ads. It has a Facebook mode which is also unique and has a Facebook messenger sidebar. The following are the website two distinct features.

  • The opera browser has an excellent phishing filter that helps the user to detect unwanted website sites.
  • This browser has a perfect bit torrent communication protocol, which is used in data distribution and downloading of huge files. During the process of downloading the opera, the browser uses very minimal internet bandwidth.

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Best Firestick Browser 2022

Aloha browser is one of the browsers that are recommended for Fire TV. It comes with an unlimited VPN that gives a guarantee on your privacy. This browser was manufactured by Aroha mobile. The following are some of its distinct features;

  • It does not allow any unwanted Ad, and its ad-block is amongst the best in the market.It has the capability of doing both music and video download.
  • Its VPN is given for free to all its users.
  • It also comes with a VR player.
  • It offers private and confidential web browsing to its users.

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Firestick Browser 2022

Google chrome browser can only be loaded as a sidebar in fire sticks like Amazon TV. This is because firestick allows the installations of a third-party app. Applications such as downloads are used to assist in the installations of chrome browser on firestick.

Chrome browser is associated with the following features;

  • This browser offers privacy to all its users.
  • It is easy and fast to start hence time-efficient to its user.
  • The reliable browser has a strong phishing filter and malware protector that keep your system safe from the unwanted website.

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Firestick Browser 2022

Bing search browser is one of the best-rated search engines that can be used by fire TV user’s browsers. It is a product of Microsoft Corporation, which is associated with quality desktop themes. Bing search browser has the following features that make it stand out.

  • When it comes to songs or music, this search engine gives a quick search.
  • Concerning other pursuits, this browser has been modified and is more straightforward than it has ever been.
  • Because it is produced by augmented reality, when using bing 360, you enabled to search in a whole new a ray.


Firestick Browser 2022
Puffin TV browser is one of the growing web browsers for fire TV. A survey done by Troy Points in 2019 rated this Browser as the best app. Puffin TV browser is associated with some of the following unique features.

• The Puffin TV browser uses a fast and good JavaScript engine.
• It also can support adobe flash.
• This Browser also optimizes all video playback features.
• When it is navigating, it uses an interface puffin’s Browser, and by this, it proves to be the best.
• This web browser is also free to its users.


Firestick Browser 2022

The Tor browser was developed initially by Us Navy. It was later opened to the public, and today it is a non-profit browser. Because of its excellent security features, many Fire TV users who are in the process of securing their IP address prefer downloading and setting Tor as their major Browser. The following are some of the features associated with this Browser;

• It is a combination of the Firefox browser and tor project.

• Because of it, protecting the IP address it provides an unknown identity to your website and servers.

• Using this Browser, fire TV users can visit a website that cannot be viewed using any other browsers.


Firestick Browser 2022

Microsoft Edge is one of the excellent browsers that were produced by browsed bad guys. It is a popular browser in the market and is known for its great features. This Browser can be used to support fire stick TV. The following feature characterizes this Browser;

  • When it comes to speed, Microsoft edge is fast and reliable when browsing.
  • This Browser is good when it comes to privacy, and has been incorporated with an excellent tool that guarantees security when browsing.
  •  This Browser is also useful in history; it can save all the sites that one has visited as an application. This can be very useful to the user when tracing references in the future.
  • Its customization window is so good and attracts one to its privacy and excellent service.


Firestick Browser 2022

Vivaldi is one of the best browsers that have unique docking and useful tab –stacking. This Browser can work wells with fire sticks TV. One of the distinct goals that it optimizes so well is customization. Been a brainchild of one-time opera software innovators, everything in this Browser focuses so well with the user interface. This Browser is known for the following features.

• Vivaldi’s Browser can be incredibly customized.
• It has an excellent creative interface.
• This Browser can work with and endorse chrome extension.
• When it comes to procrastination, this Browser is not good.


Firestick Browser 2022

  • AOL released the Netscape browser.
  • Its latest version is based on Mozilla firefox.
  • This browser is reliable and secure, making it a choice for many users. It has the following features.
  • It is integrated with search engines.It is very dynamic with HTML.Dynamic HTML


Firestick Browser 2022

This unique Browser was developed by apple inc. has the ability to support fire TV well. Safari browser RSS-reader is one of the best features online, and it can track several websites that one has visited. This Browser is commonly used with Macintosh Browser. The following are some of the features associated with this Browser:

• It also can import Browser from any other browser while securing your browsing.
• Its fast and reliable Browser


Firestick Browser 2022

This Browser by Microsoft is one of the popular operating systems with many internet users. One of the downsides of this Browser is that It has a startup problem. This has been one of the issues that this Browser has been going through, thus making it not competitive in comparison with other browsers. The following are the main features of internet explorer:

• Privacy security-Internet explorer enhances the privacy of the user using the browser. It improves privacy by having control over the cookies that are often used in collecting web browsing information.

  • One of the best features of internet explorer is that it has an exemplary smart screen.
  • Reporting of errors-It allows its end-user to report incidences of failure they encounter while browsing.
  • It also enhances personalization in web browsing.
  • It also supports standard features, DOM, and CSS level.


Firestick Browser 2022

Slimjet Browser is powerful hence making it reliable. The Browser has an inbuilt extension that allows the browsing of the internet smooth. A Blink engine powers Slimjet Browser, and it does support all chrome app. It also promotes other builds in apps which are extensive. The following are some of its features:

• It is an efficient, secure, and reliable browser.
• It can be downloaded through YouTube and allows social sharing.
• Its blocks Ad and act as a download manager.


Firestick Browser 2022

Slim Browser is another excellent browser that is fast and secure. It’s a powerful and robust engine that is based on Internet Explorer’s Trident Engine. It has a user-friendly feature that ensures your safety and maintains privacy while surfing online. Once installed, it immediately starts browsing. The following are the basic features of slim Browser:

• It uses Omni bar ode
• It uses Ad Blocker and photo Salon as its integrated plug-in
• It has low bus and low crash