15 Best Fire Emblem Games To Emulate 2022

Are you a fan of gaming, the game fire emblem has many series in which its players are granted the experience of using a tactical strategy which has been known to provide an avenue of players being interested in the success of the characters they use. These games have different modes whereby one gets to think critically, lest one of their characters dies and never comes back from playing. However, this mode is optional.

Radiant dawn

 Fire Emblem Games To Emulate 2022

This grid-based game is a hardcore one in the series, and casual players are usually advised to start with another series. It is basically divided into four parts, which are different and expose a different kind of conflict. All these four divisions are all eyeing the ruler’s seat of the continent of Tellius. One gains control of the rebellion army of Micaiah. The game was first introduced in the year 2007 after being published by Nintendo. Just like other series, Radiant Dawn is the 10th production among the Fire Emblem productions. This series development was first done by a company known as Intelligent systems. The Radiant dawn is a development to the path of Radiance, which is its requisite pre-production.

Radiant Dawn began development in 2005 for the Wii after the success of Path of Radiance
• Some people like it because it requires great wit to win it.
• It is considered by many as one of the most intractable games in the fire emblem emulators

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Blazing blade

 Fire Emblem Games 2022

This particular game was released by Game Boy Advance, and it involves three characters; Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. Eliwood and Hector are connected to the family of previous characters of the fire emblem series. It is divided into two segments, and the first segment involves Lyn’s quest to helping her grandmother. In contrast, the second segments follow the battle between the three characters and Nergel, the sorcerer. You as the player gets to be the tactician as you assist the three characters. The Blazing blade is the seventh production of the Fire Emblem games and a second series of the Game boy. At first, when it was released, it was just referred to as the fire emblem until other series among the Game Boy Advance were released too.
• It is easy to follow through as there are only two segments hence one of the less complex and easy to understand even for new gamers
• The player isn’t much involved in the three character’s journey; every ac entirely depends on the characters.
• The first segment has been reported to annoy some players as it isn’t as fun as the second segment.

Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Games 2022

The shadows of Valentia is part of the Fire Emblems echoes productions that were available in 3D platforms. The game is about two childhood friends who are on a quest to restore the peace of their nation, Valentia. The classic and casual modes are the only modes in this game. The difference between these two modes is that there is permanent death in classic mode while in casual mode there character gets knocked out in only that battle. One gets to choose between the two warring sides.• Players who are usually more focused on the story side a game will find this game enjoyable. The storyline is also interesting and needs a player input technique to win.Not ideal for those layers who enjoy the tactical side of a game.


Fire Emblem Games 2022

This is another game that is best for the fans who are heavily invested in the fire emblem emulators. Each level is different from the other levels in the sense that each has different conditions for the player to win. The said conditions are surpassing the kill everything condition. The missions in which the player is sent to accomplish are usually very difficult to win. The characters which you are given as a player dislike each other from the beginning.
• It is great for the hardcore fans; it not that straight forward. It needs a player’s input and expertise
• Not ideal for casual players
• The socializing aspect is difficult


Fire Emblem Games 2022

One gets to be introduced into the fire emblem fate series though this game. It is similar to the conquest game because both of them have the same continent setting. The scenarios exposed to the player are muted as compared to the conquest game.It is easier to play.Casual players find it enjoyable not enjoyable to the hardcore tactics fans.

Sacred stones

Fire Emblem Games 2022

One is usually advised to play this after playing the blazing blade game. However, its content is different from the one based in the Blazing blade game. It is more focused on Erika and Ephraim as they unravel a plot that has been planned against their continent. You also get a chance to explore Magvel. It is similar to the blazing blade, especially in its mechanics.Some people aren’t impressed by the repetitive and familiar` sound effects.

Path of radiance

Fire Emblem Games 2022

Its storyline is quite different from the other fire emblem series; however, it is set in the Tellius Continent. It is also the fire game in this series that is designed for a home console. Ike, the character, is followed by the players as he operated his father’s mercenary company, which is located in Crimea. What drives one to this game is the conflict that exists between the human beorc and the beast laguz. This is a fictional game that involves a kingdom called Beorc attacks Crimea; the game evolves around liberation and attacks of the kingdoms involved. The game was one of the best on the Japanese chart, having sold well; hence was played more.
• It is well-paced; the player needs to catch up; hence the expertise is essential too.

• The challenges in the game are very creative. One needs to be very innovative to navigate the fights and survive.

• It is slow, even new players can get enough time to catch up.

The animals are not of the best quality. In modern gaming, players might consider even the appearance of the setting, as this makes it more interesting.

Blinding blade

Fire Emblem Games 2022

If you remember Eliwood from the blazing blade game, then this game is a continuation of it, although it is 20 years later, and the players follow Roy, who happens to be Eliwood’s son, who lives in the Elibe continent. Roy is fighting against Bern, who is an invader that threatens the peace of the Elibe continent.

• It has a wonderful interface design

• It has a deeper storytelling aspect

Shadow dragon

FireEmblem Games 2022

This is actually a remake of the first fire emblem game, and its storyline is that the Archanea continent is invaded by the Dolhr Empire, which is under the leadership of Medeus. Marth, who is the prince of Altea, is on a quest to reclaim his principality, Altea. The development of this game first started in the year 2007 and has an added advantage of a good soundtrack compared to other earlier productions.
• If you play online, you can get an online multiplayer option. This encourages more players to try the game online, where it can be accessed in many places as soon as you open the game.

• The interface is actually user friendly; it is more straightforward and, to some extent straight forward hence can be a good try by the new players.

• Some players might be confused mid-game

• Has a boring storyline


FireEmblem Games 2022

This game focuses on the story of Prince Chrom and the Ylisse Kingdom. Instead of the permanent deaths that are common in all fire emblem games, this particular game, there is a combat knockout hat that has been introduced.


• It is friendly to the newcomers of the game. The pace and even commitment required to play are friendly enough for new players to try.

• The characters can be customized to suit what you’ll like them to execute.

• Characters can perform two moves at the same time while on the battle


• One might encounter some technical difficulties, especially for new players who haven’t tried gaming before.

Fire emblem heroes

FireEmblem Games 2022

This game is good, and the best part is that one gets a chance to try it out for free. Some new characters are introduced in the game while some characters are actually retained.

• It’s free to try it out

• The battle tends to become repetitive after you have established a strong team

• The mechanism used to find new allies isn’t as special as most of the games in the fire emblem series

 Fire emblem warriors

FireEmblem Games 2022

This particular franchise puts on emphasis on battles and rosters. Actual attacks have replaced the turn-based combat, and it’s quite different from the rest in the sense that new characters have been brought in. The player is against many enemies all at the same time
• One can change the character as they please

• It doesn’t possess the storytelling aspect like most fire emblem series

• Some lines have been repeated which makes it less exciting

• There are some instances where the game has stuttered

Fire emblem Gaiden

FireEmblem Games 2022

This game is different from the rest of the series as it involves the players maneuvering some units on the battle. One can consider whether or not they want to go through forests and hills before attacking. Its storyline of quite intricate and detailed. We follow the character Kaga and his team after they have built a world full of towns and dungeons, and one has the freedom to explore it. The weapons used in this game have defaulted; hence it can never break.
• Some players enjoyed the fact that it had a refined and intricate storyline
• Some players weren’t intrigued by the many differences it had.

The legend of Zelda: The Minish cap

FireEmblem Games 2022

This particular game focuses on the storyline of Vaati, who is an antagonist that petrified princess Zelda the hat which was rescued by Link has made Link tiny. It has become part of the minish creatures.
• It has a consistent charms
• The design of the dungeon is fantastic

• Some deem it as too whimsical

The binding blade

FireEmblem Games 2022

This is also a slight step from the blazing blade, and it starts with a detailed game, and the game continues and introduces King Zephier, and it is in this series that Hector dies.
• It works well
• Has a detailed storyline
• The save feature tends to freeze for a minute
• Some items do not work in the spell books
• The hit rates are terrible

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