Fast, free, and simple metric conversion with FoxConverter

FoxConverter: your way to convert units of measurement without wasting time and money

A metric conversion calculator is a thing that helps us when we struggle to make some basic decisions. How much flour to get for the cake if the recipe says “pounds”? Should you pack a warm sweater for a trip to Vancouver if it is 55°F in there? A metric conversion can also prove necessary for work, a better understanding of the educational content, etc.

Finding a good metric conversion calculator is another thing. An optimal online service should be costless and accurate. And if you have not yet found a website that suits you best, try


FoxConverter is a platform that allows you to perform online conversion of measurement units in seconds and for free! It provides accurate answers in an instant and offers more than 30 converters of various fields:

  • common;
  • engineering;
  • radiology;
  • magnetism.

With FoxConverter, you can calculate length, volume, weight, and dozens of other metrics up to the strength of the magnetic field.

Main features of FoxConverter

Any online conversion calculator you need can be accessed from the main page. If your conversion is pretty common, you can go to the necessary converter via a quick link on the bottom part of the page. Also, you can opt for an intuitive panel for fast navigation. It has short instructions and will take you to the unit converter calculator you need. The search panel in the top right corner works in a similar way.

If you just want to explore a bit, click a link called “Unit Converters” in the top left part of the page header. By the way, the header is always visible so no matter how much you scroll down or browse, you can always take a shortcut which is very convenient.

When you adjusted the units, all you need to do to perform a conversion is to enter the value you have. The result of the calculation will appear instantly in the other section of the converter.

As you can see in the illustration, this online unit converter works perfectly on mobile devices, too. You can perform any conversion on the go as long as you have an Internet connection.

For any gadget or conversion calculation, FoxConverter is a useful service that provides accurate and costless results in seconds.