It can be an extremely important part of optimizing your computer setup to find the best fan controller for your PC. There are several reasons you would like to find a fan controller of high quality. One explanation is that the computer fan speeds can be controlled exceptionally.
With a fan controller module, you can optimize cooling inside your computer case, which can help extend the life of your computer and all the sensitive parts inside the case.

What’s a Fan Controller doing?

A fan controller module provides an easy method for regulating all the fan speeds inside the case. With a premium fan controller module, rotation speeds can be easily adjusted which can connect multiple fans to avoid overheating through a cooling system. Each case fan is controlled by the fan controller from one convenient unit.

How to find the best fan controller for your PC?

A fan is a simple device, but it should be understood that it simply does not cool anything. What it does is to move the warm air from the areas affected so that you can’t get the problem of overheating. So, if you have several fans running inside your computer system–either in a constant-use office network or a very powerful gaming console–you need a way to regulate them and keeps the air flowing so that it does not overheat your device. This is where the best fan controllers come in and they are very smart and accessible.

These devices are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and power levels, and are very versatile. Certainly, you’ll find one to fit in our list, but do you need one? It is safer to be safe than sorry for using a PC in an office environment, gaming or running one constantly for whatever reason, as overheating can cause several potentially costly and damaging problems.
Such devices are external devices for your PC and are supplied as control panels with the necessary software and connections. It’s easy to fit if you are competent with computer functioning and you’ll find it cheap and a welcome bonus on your system.The good news is that a thorough look at several different options will be offered by this buyer guide. These are all available on the market at present. Premium end products will reach the highest ends of the price continuum while others will be delicately balanced with value and quality. The way each product is listed or presented also includes customer feedback and opinions. The following will contain all the information about your PC’s best fan controller products.

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1.Aerocool Fan and Temperature Controller with USB 2.0

 Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
You’ll get a top-performance controller with this model. There should be no problem with using it at all. The vivid LCD should be the one thing that drives more people to use it. It’s also special with all the details you’d need to control your fan.
The most important thing is that the model also provides an important LCD for reading information. When it comes to reading the different content quickly, you will not have to struggle.
You are in a position with the controller to choose between the automatic or manual fan speeds. It’s nice to always know which one you’re looking for the most. As for temperature, the model also allows the same.
Another highlight is having smart fan control. This means you’ll quickly memorize your custom settings in the controller. Even when the computer restarts the fans and temperatures will be maintained correctly.

2.NZXT Sentry 2 Touch Screen Fan Controller

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
This is another fan controller with a top performance that you could use today. It will allow you to always achieve the best control over your fans. The best thing is to have an intuitive interface. This is the kind of interface you can easily use without going on learning about it for hours.
Ultimately the interface makes it easy for you to easily handle the cooling of the rig. You just need to swipe the finger when a touchscreen is used.
The other thing you would love about the model is its big screen. This color monitor is 5.4inches wide enough. Now, when using it, you should have it simple. It should be easy to make various changes, as all the information you want is visible.

3.Kingwin Fan Controller with USB 3.0 Hub

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
Sometimes you just want to use a simple control that has simple features. Okay, making this kind of model will answer your prayers. When you use it you never have to think about the complexities.
The design and layout allow for easy monitoring and control of 2 fan speeds and temperature sets. Knowing the temperature at which the fans are operating to make it easy for you to control them. In terms of design, the Kingwin FPX-003 is a quite simple fan controller but it’s not something people would immediately dislike.
The front panel is for people who have always appreciated the finest ports they can get. You will have access to many ports that are necessary for the fans and other accessories to control.The two USB 3.0 ports should be impressive. Those ports are critical at all times for fast data delivery. With such connection capabilities, you should have an easy time using the model. If you ever have to use it, there’s a card reader too.

4.Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB LCD 6 Channel Fan Controller

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
You will like how this controller works. It appeals quickly to many users, due to the many features it has to offer. You can change the output voltage of the device. This is different from other models currently available on the market.
Thermal control that comes with the model should be the other thing you would enjoy. By checking the display, you can always monitor the temperature. You will always know where heat resides so that you can do the right thing.
A temperature warning alert is still available to the customer. You never have to fear to overheat the system because the temperature can be set.
How about the number of control channels that can be allowed? Let’s say you have a lot of fans, you want a model with more fans controlling options. The good news is that it enables up to six fans to be controlled.

5.Lamptron FC2 Fan Speed Controller 45wx6 Channel

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
We had always wanted to get a basic fan controller for a long time now. Okay, it can’t get more basic than that. Thanks to its efficiency, you will always find it easy to use this type of model.
It has been made as simple as possible by the manufacturer. No more complicated controls make it difficult for you to know what is going on sometimes. You will get six essential buttons for easily controlling the fan speed.
You must have noticed the above six knobs statement. This means that up to 6 fans can be easily controlled. Fans can be placed and easily controlled by the software in different locations.
For the house, you should like it quickly. Its size makes it fit into a 5.25 “drive bay standard. This is where you’ll get a quick time to reach it and change the fan speeds if the temperature rises.

6.Noctua NA-FC1

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
There are not too many fan controllers smaller than the Noctua NA-FC1 if the size is an issue for you. It’s less than 2 inches by 1 inch but it still gives you decent control over the fans of your computer.
It comes with 4-pin fan connectors and a 3-way splitter cable that gives you the option to hook it to one or three fans. If you know that your machine has serious heating problems, this is not the best option, but it’s just fine for someone who needs something easy.
It is equally regulated by a single source which affects all fans. It is not a button, however, but a dial. That provides you with more choices. There are also two modes in the Noctua NA-FC1 that you do not adjust manually.
Its automated mode will keep your fans up to 300 rpm, whilst its “no stop” mode controls your fans. Its compact design makes it difficult to break, but if something goes wrong this product comes with a 6-year warranty from the manufacturer.
You’ll need to change the fan speed in manual mode via an old school control dial. The PWM duty cycle can be set from 0 to 100%, and a no-stop mode is built into which fan speeds can not drop to below 300 rpm, preventing fan mistakes from arising from BIOS. By the way, with the ultra-compact NA-FC1 controller you can control up to 3 fans at the same time.

7.ZRM&E Controller

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
This is one of the least expensive items on this $10 list, but don’t be fooled by its price. The ZRM&E is a small, easy to install a fan controller that can be used to split power to eight different fans.
It means you won’t overwork a single fan trying to cool your computer. It also means that if you have more fans available, this product works better. The controller for the ZRM&E fans has metal and plastic components. It is only 2 cm by 2 cm so it is one of the smallest choices.
The dimensions of the computer make it easy for most computers to fit without problems.
With Molex or 4-pin connectors and a bit of glue, you can attach it to your fans and the central unit in your computer. Then it’s good to go.
For controlling your fans, the ZRM&E fan controller also has three simplified speed settings: off, low and high. If you are on a budget this is a good basic fan controller.


Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
One of the computer equipment issues is that there are so many different brands, all of which sell almost the same thing. This is certainly true when it comes to fan controllers, which have a limited starting capability. As with all markets, finding an average price you would expect to pay is simple, so when one comes along that is very cheap, you start asking why. This is one of those items: it’s very cheap at just over £ 10, so we need to have a look and find out why.
The truth is, that we do not know! All right, so it controls just one fan, but this is often enough, and there is a simple display showing the temperature, and so on, and you can pick three speeds so this is pretty basic. But when everything’s said and done, if you’ve got one PC and one fan, what else do you need? It even has a warning sounding when the fan is not doing their job, so it’s perfectly appropriate. Don’t be put off by the price–if you want a basic fan controller, this might be the one.

9.Aerocool Cooltouch E

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
The CoolTouch-E features a large display of 100x 25 mm covering the majority of the front panel of the fan controller. Choosing the desired channel and changing the fan speed at 0, 50, 75 and 100% will monitor each of the four case channels, thus maintaining consumption of up to 20 watts for each direction. It has a large digital touchscreen screen which can be changed quickly whenever you want, and a very clear display of 5.5 inches and a nicely designed monitor.
You have a choice of performance mode for optimal cooling and silent mode which can be selected for fans to avoid noise when things are running correctly. You can operate up to five fans individually, each with easy to use, simultaneous touchscreen power, and automatically select –with the system following and changing the temperature if appropriate-or manually, to switch instantaneously according to your preferences.

10.Rosewill RCR-300 5.25-inch fan speed controller

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
Rosewill, of which you might have learned if you’re a hardware enthusiast, deals with top-quality cases, peripherals, PSUs, toolsets, and electronics of all kinds in general. Now the reason we plucked the RCR-300 out of their strong catalog is that it provides a ton and in turn requires the least effort.
This fan controller is incredibly versatile although it might not look like much. You will note that model 300 is a combination of IC001, 11003, and 11003 if you are at least somewhat familiar with the RCR & RCDR series. It comes with a 11004 front panel, it rocks the all in the 11003 one card reader, and it features the IC001 model integral card reader.
The brand naturally wanted to ensure that its flagship model is as close as possible to perfection, so we can see quite some changes in the original design. Several previous models were not compatible with 5.25 bays, but while IC001 can take USB, now the RCR-300 packages four USB ports, all of which are compatible with virtually every operating system.

11.CRJ Blackout

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
It is a highly compact one that connects via a braided cable to a single 4-pin connection and offers a total of five fan connectors for the device. With the aid of the 3M adhesive mounting pad on the back, it is easy to mount to the interior of the case.
It isn’t a perfect product now that it’s an extremely affordable low-end solution. The only important thing to notice is that only one channel is used by PWM. What this means is that all the attached fans turn at the same speed as the CPU fan, unless their speed is manually changed.
All in all the solution that we could suggest for those with motherboards with a limited number of fan connectors, the CRJ Blackout is fine, but an extremely important solution. Those wanting more influence over their case fans will look with a higher price tag for something.

12.Electop Fan Controller

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
This Electop fan controller is quite similar to CRJ Blackout because it is also a highly affordable and usually straightforward product. This distinctly varies, however, from the blackout’s 5, by helping 10 fans overall. It also draws power via a SATA connector thanks to the high number of fans.
While the product does what it’s supposed to do, there are some questions about its durability over the long term. Of course, due to the high number of connectors in such a low-priced fan controller, some issues with the build quality are to be expected, but it is something to keep in mind if you are looking to get a fan controller for the long term. And as with the Blackout, it’s restricted to just one channel.
Needless to say, this is the perfect device for those who need a large number of fans to attach but don’t want to spend too much on a fan controller. But as always, you are getting what you’re paying for. This Electop product will get the job done but you may need a replacement a little further down the road.

13.SilverStone Technology Silverstone 8-Port PWM Fan Hub

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
The SilverStone 8-port fan hub is a perfect device for the Silverstone Software. Customers have shown their support on the market overwhelmingly. This fan hub is particularly appreciated as it permits fan speeds to be measured and their computer fans accurately controlled. This fan hub is PWM 4 pin header compatible and also provides limited support for computer supporters with 3 pins.
With this fan hub, there are no concerns regarding durability. Customers have shared that, after the original purchase, it can last years. Many problems with this particular product are difficult to identify, which is why it has been put in the top 15 best fan controllers.

14.Corsair Commander Pro

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
The Corsair Commander Pro is an internal fan control system that emphasizes functionality. It not only comes with a total of six 4-pin fan connectors, but also has two RGB lighting connections, two USB 2.0 headers, and four different thermistor inputs for those who might want more accurate temperature control. The software used to control all linked internals is the excellent Corsair Link software.
There are no glaring flaws to talk about in between the excellent build quality, high versatility, and functionality, as well as the very meticulous control software. However, as is usually the case for goods of such high quality, the high price tag is what ends up keeping away the less demanding, budget-conscious consumers.
When you want the best and don’t regret the expense, this is the way forward, all considered. The Commander Pro is lightweight, reliable and filled with all the features you could want of a fan controller.

15.Sunshine-tipway fan controller

Best Fan Controller Pc 2020
Sunshine-tipway’s model is one of the better ones as far as middle-priced fan controllers go. Finally, we look at a company that does not have a speciality in the manufacture of PC components, but as it turns out, it produces outstanding quality fan speed controls. Maybe it could be regarded as their error not to mark their devices, but there are quite a few.
We have selected this particular model because it provides almost optimal value for money and efficiency compromise. It can fit within a standard 5.25-inch bay and can power up to four fans at once, much to our surprise.
One of the interesting things about this fan controller is that it has a patented thermal design, which means it starts operating at just below 38 ° C.
As far as the mid-price controls go, the all-manual operating method is quite simple, but it’s nice to have a bright display just over the buckets which shows all the parameters required.
Moreover, this unit comes with a PWM speed control circuit that effectively reduces the noise output, ensuring you will not encounter distracting clicking and humming.

Final Verdict

The best way to keep the PC temperatures favourable is to invest in fan controllers. An excellent fan controller should not limit you but allow you the freedom to maintain optimum fan speeds and times.
A great controller for fans is a good way to increase your productivity. Do not let extreme temperatures on your CPU affect the performance of your PC. Enhance your experience by selecting the best fan controller that fits your requirements.