7 Best fake Message Sender Apps (Android/iphone) 2024

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Here is the list.

 fake text messages android

7 Best fake Message Sender Apps
It’s one of the best app available on the Google play store for sending free anonymous texting SMS with just one click. One of the best and easy to use the app
You can easily send a free anonymous text message to any us citizen person
By a real us number
Try it now and prank your friends
You can also secure your conversation with a passcode
So your privacy maintained, and nobody will able to see your devil mind plans.fake Message Sender App.

smiley private texting sms iphone

7 Best fake Message Sender App
it’s another great app for sending an anonymous message
Just download the app and start using it now
Create your fake number and use your evil mind now
All the facilities you need for anonymous message prank is here
Fast message sent service so you can easily see the reaction of your prank instantly
So guys, let’s download and send a message now.fake Message Sender App ios 2024

I am not.me android

Best fake Message Sender App

It’s another one of the best apps for anonymous message
Just enter the message and receiver name, and you all set
One of the best and fast delivery anonymous message service app
You can send a message all over the globe without showing your identity
Just download the app and start pranking now
It’s one of the best apps for sending anonymous SMS. Best fake Message Sender App android 2024


best fake sms anonymous sending apps 2022


One of the main reasons why you need to consider this app is because you can readily send fake messages through any number without getting identified. You can also receive anonymous text messages, making it quite a private app.
Well, the functionalities of this app don’t end here, but you also make calls from any number for free for a restricted period, and you could receive some calls as well. Most importantly, the app is also available on the play store, so you can download it right away to enjoy its amazing free messaging services.

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best fake sms anonymous sending app

Android    /  iOS

This application is another way to share and receive anonymous text messages and is readily available for iPhone and Android Phones. The whisper app offers you excellent privacy so that your identity is maintained as a secret throughout. However, you could always reveal yourself if you wish to.
The app gives high importance to privacy so that you can have faith in them and that your messages are kept safely. The owner of the app itself would not be able to have access to your texts. One of the salient features of this app is that it does not disturb you with loads of ads.

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TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts 

best fake sms anonymous sending apps 2022


TextMe Up is quite an impressive app when it comes to sending anonymous SMS. A great feature of this application is that it also lets you make free calls to any phone number. Your single account itself can hold numerous fake numbers and is, therefore, the best way to enjoy a pranking campaign. With so many benefits being offered, this app is definitely worth giving a try. So, download it today and give a shock to people with your anonymous messages.

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 multi sms sender

fake text message app



Though this website allows you to send messages of up to 140 words, it does manage to cater to your requirements as you can easily use it to play pranks on your friends. With the help of this website, you can get to send anonymous comments and text messages to your friends and have a fun time. Not to forget, the services of this website are quite fast. So, you will be able to prank your friends in just a few minutes!