20 Best Fake GPS Apps (Android/IPhone) 2023

It is effortless to track your location nowadays. GPS is the best way to get your site using mobile. Many apps are used based on location. The only thing is to use location-based apps; you need to enable GPS on your smartphone.

Some apps work on GPS within the country’s restrictions. If some apps are not available for your country or area, you can use fake GPS apps in their place. It allows you to change the current location and set to counterfeit the site.

Below are some of the fake GPS apps that can be used to give fake location instead of real ones:

best fake gps apps 2022

Fake GPS location By Hola

 Fake GPS Apps (Android/IPhone)

The fake GPs Location is developed for Android users. The best fake GPS app is free to download, install or share.

The app is capable enough to gather your actual locations and amend fake GPS locations for some other apps that are strictly dependent on the GPs locations. It is an easy app with simple tools that everyone can use.

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Fake GPS run

Fake GPS apps android 2022

Fake GPS run is another mock GPs app that is tremendous in surprising people with your locations for android users. Any user can change its locations information with super ease. Also, it permits teleport your smartphone anywhere on the globe.

You can share your fake location with your friends and connections with this awesome fake GPS app 2023. It has a spectacular system configured that track any location out in the world. the

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Best Fake GPS apps android iPhone 2022

Fake GPS another smart app developed for Android users. It permits you to change your location easily throughout the world. Also, it let you easily get the GPS location of any destination just in simple tricks.

You can also use it to share and surprise your friends with your unexpected visit and chat with them on your smartphone just for free. It is a useful app for the Geo location-based apps that probably don’t function without sharing location or turning on your location. one of the best fake GPS app android 2023.

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Fake GPS location changer

 Fake GPS Apps (Android/IPhone)

Fake GPS location changer is truly an astounding mock GPS app which ensures fetching a fake location on your android phones. It is an absolutely free fake GPS app that is simple to use and can be used anywhere throughout the world without even revealing your actual location.

also, it gives access to some GPS dependent app that needs to be synced with a GPS location to be functioned further. This feature can be done by a joystick in the iPhones if needed to share their location to surprise people around you.

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Best Fake GPS apps android/iPhone 2022

VPNa is a latest but popular fake GPS apps for android users which allows you to easily change your location. It is also known as Virtual Phone Navigation App where you can easily get fake location on your android device.

It is easy to use app where you can easily choose a new location and hide your current location with your friends and relatives. One of the best feature of this app is to allows you to save any location and use them later with different map styles and look.

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Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS app for android 2022

Fake GPS 360 is another popular fake GPS apps for android users which let you to easily change your location on your smartphone. You can easily hide your current location and share a new location from around the world with your friends and family.

One of the best feature of this app is to allows you to get and use location without using GPS system on your smartphone. It has option to put co-ordinates so that you can get the location without using internet on your smartphone.

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Best Fake GPS app android 2022

FGL Pro is a similar GPS app like other ones. Which can give you tool to change your personal location with hiding your actual location whenever and wherever you need it. You can drag any preferred location either near by or far away that you like to fix as a Mock GPs location and can share with your connections to distract them from tracking your location if any.

This app is a bit different with some additional features like speed changer, walking, driving etc. All this inslucively make this app more easy and preferaable for Android users.

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Find location by Magic poket

Best Fake GPS apps iPhone 2022

Find location by Magic poketis popular fake GPS app trending for iOS. He app ensure users to easily generate any temporary location on iOS devices. It is completely a free app for iPhone users with lots of detailed features that can be used by every one.

It has a feature where user can simultaneoulsy select its actual and fake GPS location and set them for others to disguise them. You can use this feature when you prefers not to talk or share your feelings and want to stay some time privately. It gives you access to the world wide locations.

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Spoofer Go

Best Fake GPS app iPhone 2022

Spoofer Go is another amazing fake GPS app renowned well that changes your GPS location. It is paid app for iPhones that fetch any location throughout the world. It is a tremendous app with enhanced interface that locate any location all over the world on your iOS devices.

you can search for any destination through your iPhone by long pressing the inbuilt map to extract a new fake GPs location and relpace your current location with it. This transition is done in no time and give you a faster access to other referred apps as well.

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Fake GPS location iCubemedia

Best Fake GPS app for iPhone 2022

Fake GPS location is also a recent fake location app designed by iCubemedia Inc. The app has some smart features that gives you a virtual access to the diifferent locations around the world.

iF you can share your fake locations and amaze your friends and family. It has very simple features to use that give you easy access to other android apps that opens only when the locations are turned and kept on.

You can promptly search and share any location near or far away around the world.
easy to use, free and fun fake GPS apps for iOS which let you to easily share fake location. One of the best feature of this app is to search and easily select city and location and easily share the location.

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Fake gps byterav

best fake gps app android 2022

You can set the phone route and longitude as per your need in your phone. This application service allows you to share fake location with anyone by turning on “Allow Mock Location” on development settings.

It is also recommendable to switch the route mode to GPS mode or disable location services in order to avoid received cache mock locations while stopping Fake GPS.

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fake gps apps the app ninjas

best fake gps app android 2022

With overwriting of location facilities, this app allows user to test their location, select any other location and mock it as per their requirement via overlay joystick control feature. This application gives joystick option to make your excuses and plans simply looks like reality. You can change you real location instantly and share fake location details with anyone on one click.
In this app, you just need to set longitude and latitude directly from joystick control and change the location automatically. Location spoofing and routes can be pause and continue anytime as per your mood and interest.

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 gps emulator  ros team

best fake gps app android 2022
GPS Emulator is an application that allow users to place any location in their cell phones without moving anywhere. It helps you to set a fake route and location so that other application in your phones like Facebook, Instagram and many other app can tweak the accuracy of your fake position.
You can download this application and test this app by setting the GPS, finding people from different cities and navigate your GPS from one location to another without moving, setting up photos, share location on social websites or sharing it with anyone else for an excuse.

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fake gps free code and playvn

best fake gps apps 2022

Fake GPS Free is one of the best Location changer application for anyone to change their current location and share it with anyone on a single click. You just have to search one of the location you want to set to go anywhere like US, Canada, India, London etc.
It is very to use, you just have to enable the developer settings in your device. To enable the developer settings –
⦁ Go to Settings > about phone > and click the button on the android or iOS version for 7 times.
⦁ Enable Mock location and select the option for fake GPS free.
⦁ To start this service, please click on start button and to discontinue, you can click on stop button.

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 fake gps location  joystick & routes

best fake gps app android 2022

This application is developed to overwrite your location to the fake location to make third parties realised that you are that particular location which you have set up.
This app works in three specific modes – Fixed mode, route mode and joystick mode.

In the situation fixed mode, people can use this application free of cost, but this service allows users to use the premium version in GPS spoofing in route and joystick mode.

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 Fly GPS Location  

 Fake GPS Apps (Android/IPhone)

Fly GPS location is an app by which you can trick the actual GPS by making it believe that you are somewhere else. The contact numbers can be teleported to any place in the world. You can move around to any part of the world with the joystick.

This app overwrites your current location to a new location. It is upto the user to set fake location to any place as per their wish. This app is mostly used for testing and developmental purposes. 

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 Fake GPS Apps Android / IPhone 2022

It is one of the best fake GPS apps for iOS users. It allows users to change their GPS location easily. The location app lets the user check the present location and then turn it to any location worldwide.

The user has the liberty to select their favourite place. The app lets you have a fake location and share it as well. The exciting feature of this app is that it can notify your friends and family about your location via social networking sites.

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 Safe Locator & Family Control

 Fake GPS Apps Android / IPhone 2022

This app allows users to track kids with map location on iOS devices. The app is free. You can change your location and share it with your family and friends. This app also allows the users to hide the current location and get a fake site instead.

This works best if you intend to prank your friends and family.

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 True Location 360

 Fake GPS Apps Android / IPhone 2022

This is a popular app amongst iOS users. The app lets you look at the caller’s location with details like state, city, area, and pin code. It is simple to use. It has a user-friendly interface. You also get unlimited locations in the world to set up as a fake location.

True Location 360 app also has a search option to search for different places with different artificial location share options. One of the most notable features of this app is that it has a location history.

This helps to check which all locations have been used before. This ensures the user that no affected area has been used more than once. The interface is built up so well that it has become one of the most popular phoney GPS apps.

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 Fake GPS Apps Android / IPhone 2022

It is another app that gives fake GPS. Startrack S.A develops the app. The exciting part of this app is that it allows the user to visit the whole world virtually. The app also enables the user to share the location with their friends and family.

The app is user friendly and fun to use. It has so many inbuilt features. The app lets you create smart alarms, send messages or emails, and even locate your mobile device. The app is most commonly used to set a fake location.

It allows you to set a wrong location from anywhere around the world. This app is only available for iOS users.

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