hey guys need face swap apps android/ios 2021 for your smartphone ?
here I pick some awesome app for you which helps you to swap your face with friends/family members in second.
Take pictures and make funny videos with it in second.
Just turn on the app and see swap face in front of your smartphone screen.
Its totally fun.
If you are getting bored and you have nothing to do it’s may be interesting stiff for you and your partner.
Enjoy crazy moments of your life with it.
Lets move into list.
best face swap app

1.Face swap

face swap apps android 2018
Some of the best face swap app available on the google play store and iOS store.
It’s developed by weather radar forcast.
more than 10 million downloads.
Great awesome face swap with live filters,stickers and much more.
Swap each other face and apply live filters and enjoy.
Best high quality live filters you will find it here.
Lets download and start swapping now.

2.Face swap

best face swap app
Don’t confused by same name its a different app from wombatica gold.
totally awesome app for face swaping with your friends/family members.
Lots of crazy masks you will find it here.
Lets apply it and have fun time with your friends and gang.
It’s totally awesome.
5 millions downloads on google play store.
Awesome app for face swap lovers.
Lets go download and swap each other.

3.Face swap -photo face swap

best face swap app 2018
Another great app for face swaping just choose upload or direct live swaping.
Best app for swaping face each other in seconds.
simple and easy to use.
More than 10 millions downloads.
Lets download and enjoy face swaping on your smartphone.
Fast and easy to use app.

4.Face swap p 123

best photo swap apps 2018
Another great face swap app in this list.
Best app from enjoy entertainment developers.
5 millions plus downloads on google play store.
You find great awesome funny cute doggy filter and much more treanding filters.
Lets go and explore something new on face swaping.
Lots of awesome stuff for face swapping users.
Do something more this with special face swaping app.
Lets set download and enjoy swapping.

5.Face swap live

face swap app
another great app available on the both android/iphone users.
Just visit the website and download for your android/ios.
lots of awesome face swapping filters and much more.
add hats,glasses,eyes and much more.
Killer 3d effects and much more.
Lets download and enjoy swapping.
Lets go and download now.

6.Face swap live beta

swap face app 2018
it’s also a block buster app for face swap lovers.
You can swap your faces with celebrity look live filters and much.
Most interesting filters stuff is here.
Make talk swap videos and much more.
Share with your friends directly and have fun.
Aweome app with lots of awesome features.
Lets download it and enjoy face swaping.
let’s play swap swap.

7.Face swap celebrity camera

best face swap apps
If you love celebrity filters than this one is for you.
All the best and top rated celebrity look like filters and stickers here.
Awesome filters,wrap filters effects and much more.
Animal faces/stickers and much more.
Lets download the app and enjoy swapping with your friends/family members.
Lets go and swap now.

8.Face camera

best face swap apps 2018
Another great app for face swap lovers.
This app from photo able inc.
It’s not just a face swapping app but you will also find some cool artistic effects and stickers here.
More than 10 millions downloads on google play store /ios store.
Click swap selfies apply awesome filters and enjoy.
Lets download and start swaping now.

9.Face swap – live face stickers

best face swap app
It’s another blockbuster app from lighthouse inc.
Everything you need is here.
Just download the app and enjoy swapping each other.
Celebrity look like stickers/filters and much more.
Lets download and enjoy.


face swap app
It’s a completely free app available on both platforms android/ios.
Swap each other in second with awesome live celebrity,movies,cartoon mask stickers and much more.
Insanely awesome app with interesting loaded stuff.
Millions of downloads hits on both apps store.
One of the best face swap app android/iphone 2021.
So guys these are the best face swap app iphone/android 2021 collection.
I hope you like the apps and enjoy crazy moments with your friends and family members.
See what happen when you interchange each other faces.
It’s totally awesome experience.
Snap it and set dp on your WhatsApp account if you are comportable with it.
So guys I hope you spend a great crazy face swap moments with these apps.
If you like this post and these apps don’t forget to comment below and share with your friends/family members.