17 Best F-droid Apps (Android/iPhone) 2023

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I hope you all are doing fine. Here in this article, I will tell you the 17 best and most genuine F-droid apps (2023) on your android or iphone. If you are among those people who don’t know what F-droid is. Read this,

What are F-droid apps?

F-droid is a kind of repository application. It works the same as the Play store does, and it is a platform for downloading open-source applications for free. Some people can consider it not as safe as a play store, But it also has a shared base of fan followings.

F-droid has so many incredible apps that you can not differentiate each other. But in this article, I tried to give you some fantastic apps that can replace your already installed apps on your phone. Also, they can sometimes provide the solution to any issue you are facing many times.

To know the best apps, you will need to read the whole article.

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K-9 Mail

 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Are you Fed up with using the same old Gmail or Yahoo for sending mails? Personalize the way you send mails using K-9. The app can be downloaded at zero cost. You can sync between accounts and configure the settings as well. The K-9 mail allows you to integrate between multiple folders. You can add your signatures, photos, files, and whatnot. Sending mails hasn’t been more comfortable than doing it on the K-9 mail.
The K-9 mail, just like Gmail, allows you to add carbon copy (cc) and blind carbon copy (bcc). Multiple emails can be sent simultaneously using K-9mail mail, which is another feature that resembles Gmail. The best part with K-9 mail is that your privacy remains intact, unlike google accounts. The K-9 mail is available for both Android as well as iPhone users.

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Fennec F-droid

Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Fennec is the Mozilla Firefox version of F-droid. It is an open-source browser, just like the famous Mozilla Firefox. The best part of Fennec is it doesn’t save your cookies and browsing history. Once you close the browser, everything gets deleted. Your privacy remains unharmed.

The Fennec F-droid, just like Mozilla Firefox, is fast and reliable. It is available for both Android as well as iPhone users. 


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

ownCloud helps you store your stuff on the cloud. You no longer need to worry about the space on your phone. The ownCloud is similar to google drive. If you are looking for a suitable replacement, then this is the one. It allows you to edit files online, provides access to your documents on any device, and can sync over accounts easily.

Open Camera

 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Most phones don’t come with face recognition, detection, or do not support HDR. This app gives you that freedom to capture HDR photos comes with external microphone support and also provides widgets. The Open Camera is available for free on F-droid.

For those concerned with having a phone with poor pixel, then this app will do wonders for them. You’ll like the way it works.

Face Slim

 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

You can’t find a better replacement for Facebook than this. Faceslim is a social media platform similar to Facebook. Unlike the large amount of storage space that Facebook occupies, Face slim takes up only about 1.3 GB, and that too, it comes with an inbuilt messenger application. It also supports Dark Mode and has an excellent user interface.

The messenger part of Face Slim allows you to send direct messages and helps you connect with people across the globe. It is integrated into Facebook; therefore, you’ll be able to communicate with anyone on Facebook as well. Face Slim is supported for both Android as well as iPhone users.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

OsmAnd has turned a lot of heads around with its extraordinary efforts to come up with an application similar to Google Maps. It provides even offline support with very little energy consumption. The OsmAnd offers an accurate and precise location. With pinpoints and guideways, the app is definitely worth downloading.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

With most of the celebrities and influencers expressing their views on Podcasts, it has become mandatory for almost everyone to use a podcast manager application. AntennaPod will serve to be a better option while managing podcasts. Just like Spotify, it allows you to export and import content in the form of URLs, OPML, and gPodder. It also provides the user to download stuff without the consumption of a considerable amount of data.

Posting podcasts online can be done easily using AntennaPod. Antenna Pod is only suitable for iPhone users.



Most of us, we actually tend to connect our mobile data with our pc or laptops. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do the opposite? With SimpleRT, you could actually use the data from your computers on your phone. It allows you to set DNS servers that are customized and even provide multiple tethering. Now, you don’t have to worry about recharging your phone. Rather you could actually connect it to your computer instead. 



As a youngster, it is easy for me to access apps and hop through various social media platforms, but it is not the same for people twice my age. BaldPhone gives such people the ease of operation. Once you download the app and install it, all the applications on your phone get enlarged, making it easy for you to have better access. 

Apart from that, the best part about the app is that it gives you reminders on when to take your medicine and when you need to get a doctor’s appointment. It also has an SOS button that can give out an alert at the time of an emergency.



Best F-droid Apps 2022

Almost the entire world uses Youtube, and I am a huge fan too. There were many such apps developed, but nothing could match its prowess. NewPipe is an app that has emerged as a tremendous prospect. It is in every way similar to Youtube, and it consumes very little space. The app even allows you to watch Youtube videos. With Newpipe, you could download videos at minimal data consumption and also not worry about privacy being harmed as Newpipe does not require you to be connected on Google accounts.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

With the name itself, you might have already figured where we are going. Yes, Twidere is the new twitter. You can download it for free on F-droid, and the best part is it does not consume that much space. The user interface and everything else is almost similar. You can make tweets, connect with people, send direct messages, and you can even automate your responses on Twidere.



Reddit is an app that most of us use. Slide is something that is similar to Reddit, where you can get all the information you need on Slide. The app supports different themes and has the best user interface. It is quite reliable and keeps you updated on the latest news. The features are amazing, and it is supported only for android users. It can be downloaded for free on F-droid.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Are you fed up with ads popping and disturbing your screen time? Not to worry, the DNS66 prevents malware by creating a server that filters ads. The DNS66 can act as a suitable replacement for AdAway. For those not familiar with AdAway is a similar type of app that prevents irrelevant ads popping up. It supports both Android as well as iPhones.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Amaze helps you manage your files. Apart from the general features like compress, copy, paste, the app also allows you to work on multiple tabs at the same time. With amaze, you can actually get to track all the files that are in your device. It sure is a suitable replacement for your inbuilt mobile file manager. The app is supported only for android phones. 


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Markor is another app that has created a whole lot of buzz. You could edit text and make notes, and it is quite similar to Keep from Google. It is more like a text editor with many features. You can sync in documents and switch accounts. It also allows you to integrate with apps like Syncthing. The app is supported for both Android as well as the iPhone.  


Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

GitHub is developed and published by the Github brand itself. If you are sick of switching your browser to stay in touch with your team, the app is a relief for you. The app sends you a notification as you receive it on your desktop. The app is fantastic for quick PR searches. It works well in issue making, or you can also spend your time browsing various projects. The app is no less than GitHub’s Desktop version. Even it will not let you miss your desktop time.

You can do so many things on GitHub, and it also doesn’t require any complex development environment. You can do some work online on GitHub, like sharing feedback on a design or idea discussion, Reviewing a few lines of code. You can do the job without requiring any particular place. You need to download the app and take your career wherever you are. With the help of this app, You have an opportunity to stay in touch with your team; you can discuss the complex issues and manage the files prepared by you or your team. Here are some special features that make the app unique and considerable to download-

  • Receive the notifications- The app requires permission to send you information so that you can not miss a single important announcement, guidelines, warning, or anything crucial to know by you at the right time. You can also browse your notifications once you have time to scroll up the phone. And then you can get the idea of what was announced when you were not online or were busy.
  • Read, React and Reply- As the app links you to your team, You can read the messages of other members of your team. Also, you can vote your expression or reaction by reacting at that time. And the Reply option is suitable for letting others know what you are looking for.
  • Manage your pull request- You can also review and merge pull requests you received. The app is suitable for managing these kinds of requests.
  • Well organize your issues- If you are annoyed by managing the problems like arranging labels, assigning works, Preparing projects, etc. You should surely try this app to organize these kinds of work issues, and it will give you a chance to work like a professional even when you do not have your PC.
  • Ratings- 4.7
  • Downloads- 1M+

 Orbot: Tor

Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

The Tor Project develops the app. It is a free proxy app, and it empowers the other apps on your phone if you want to use the internet more securely through these apps. It works by encrypting Internet traffic and then hiding it through a computer chain worldwide. Tor is free software and an open network protecting your internet activity from surveillance that controls your freedom, privacy, and Internet security.

The app is the only app that provides you with a real private internet connection. The best thing to know is that Tor won the Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF) Pioneer Award in 2012.

Here are the features of Tor applications.

  • Accept No Substitute- If you constantly worry about your internet safety, Orbot is the safest way to browse the internet on your phone. It does not connect you directly like VPNs and proxies. Instead of doing it, Orbot bounces through several internet connections in computers worldwide. You may need to wait for a little while because it takes time to process, but it gives you the most robust privacy and provides the best identity protection.
  • Privacy for apps- If you have installed any app on your phone and are now in a dilemma to allow accessing your contacts or privacy, You should use the Orbot app. Any installed app on your phone can use Tor Via the Orbot VPN feature. Or you can also try searching on the private web.
  • Privacy for everyone- When you install any application or access any website on the internet, They seek to look into your personal information or try to access your contact information. There are high chances of misusing your data or sharing your data with any third party without your permission. In such conditions, Orbot protects your privacy from someone watching your connection from the apps you are using or any website you visit. If someone tries to monitor you, they can see that you are using Tor.
  • Security and anonymity- The Orbot app is designed to protect your security and anonymity. Also, they are upgrading their software to encounter time-to -time evolving threats and bugs so that it can provide you protection from the modern methods of privacy hunting.
  • Ratings- 4.2
  • Downloads- 10 M+

Friends, these were the best 17 f-droid apps. I am confident that you came across some apps suitable for solving your problem. If you have reached some apps helpful to you, download them by the link below. I am also going to write a new article for you.

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