17 Best F-droid Apps (Latest Released) 2023

If you’re a fan of Android or iPhone apps, then you’re likely aware of best Fdroid apps, a repository of mobile app and file sharing applications. The website was founded in 2009 by two engineers from Google and has since grown to over 350,000 apps.

This year, F-droid celebrates its 10th birthday with a new collection open source of top Android and iPhone app categories. From gaming to productivity, there’s an app for everyone to check out.

Best F-droid Apps

K-9 Mail

 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Are you tired of having the exact same Gmail or Yahoo to send mail ? it’s an alternativer to your mail. Customize how you mail using K-9. K-9 is available for download at no cost. this is an open source app.You can also sync between accounts and change the settings, too. K-9 mail permits users to join multiple folders.

You can include your signatures, images documents, signatures, etc. It’s not been any more easy than sending them via K-9 mailer.this is The Best F-droid App 2023.

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Fennec F-droid

Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Fennec is the alternative to Mozilla Firefox version of F-droid. It’s an open-source browser that is similar to the well-known Mozilla Firefox. The most appealing feature of Fennec is that it doesn’t save your browsing history and cookies.

When you close the browser, everything is erased. Your privacy remains unharmed.this is one of the best F-droid App 2023.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

ownCloud lets you save your data in the cloud. It is no longer necessary to be concerned about space in your phone. OwnCloud has a similar structure in alternative to google drive.

If you’re looking for an alternative that is suitable, this is it. It lets you edit documents online, offers the ability to access your files from every device and also transfer files between accounts quickly and easily.one of the best F-droid App android/ios 2023.

Open Camera

 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Many phones do not come with face recognition, detection or support HDR. This application gives you the ability to take HDR photographs. It comes with an external microphone support, and offers widgets.

Open Camera is available for free on F-droid. Open Camera is available for free on the F-droid play store.top of the F-droid App 2023.

Face Slim

 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

There is no better alternative to Facebook other than Faceslim. Faceslim is an online social media platform that is similar to Facebook. Contrary to the massive storage space that Facebook takes up, Face slim takes up just 1.3 GB.

That also includes an integrated messenger application. It also has support for Dark Mode and has an outstanding user interface. Best F-droid App available on the play store for android/iphone 2023.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

OsmAnd has been able to turn heads around thanks to its remarkable efforts to develop an application that’s similar with Google Maps. It also supports offline navigation that consumes very little energy.

The Osm And gives you a precise and precise position. With pinpoints and guidance this app is worth downloading.one of the best app available on the play store.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

With the majority of famous and influential personalities speaking out about Podcasts It has become a requirement for nearly everyone to utilize an application to manage podcasts. AntennaPod is an ideal choice for managing your podcasts. Similar to Spotify and other services,

it lets users to import and export content using URLs OPML or gPodder. It also permits users the option of downloading content without the consumption of a large volume of files.Best F-droid App for android available on the app store 2023.


We often connect our mobile data to our laptops or computers. What to be able to reverse this? With SimpleRT it is possible to utilize the information from your computer to your mobile. It lets you create DNS servers that can be customized and also provide multiple Tethering options.

This means you no longer have to worry about charging your phone. Instead, you can connect with your PC instead.Best F-droid App android available on the app store 2023.


Being a teenager I am able to me to use apps and browse through the various social media platforms, however it’s not the same for those who are twice my age. BaldPhone offers users the ability to operate with ease.

After you download the app to install, applications that you have on your phone will be expanded, making it simpler for you to get greater access to.Best F-droid App android 2023.


Best F-droid Apps 2022

The world is flooded with Youtube as a platform, as do I, and am a big fan of it too. There were numerous applications that were developed however none could compete with its capabilities.

NewPipe can be described as an application that has been hailed as a great opportunity. It’s in every way like Youtube and takes up only a tiny amount of space. It even lets users to view Youtube videos.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Based on the name it is possible that you have seen where we’re heading. It’s true, Twidere is the new twitter. It’s available for download absolutely free from F-droid. the best thing is that it doesn’t consume a huge amount of space.

The interface for users and the rest is very the same. You can create tweets and connect with others and send direct messages and even automate your responses to Twidere.


Reddit is an application that the majority users make use of. Slide is is identical to Reddit which allows you to find all the data you need on Slide. Slide is compatible with a variety of themes and offers the best user interface.

It’s extremely reliable and is always up on the latest developments. The features are incredible and the app is available only by Android users. The app can be downloaded free of charge through F-droid.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Are you tired of ads that are constantly popping up and affecting your screen? Do not worry about it DNS66 can help. DNS66 can stop malware through the creation of a server which blocks advertisements.

The DNS66 is an ideal replacement for AdAway. If you aren’t already familiar, AdAway is a similar kind of application that blocks irrelevant ads from appearing. It works with Android and iPhones.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Amaze helps you manage your files. In addition to the standard features such as compress, copy, and paste it also lets users to work on several tabs simultaneously. Incredibly,

you can actually keep track of every single file on your device. It’s a great replacement for the inbuilt mobile file manager. It is only available by Android phones.Best F-droid App  android/iphone 2023.


 Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

Markor is another application which has generated a lots of attention. It allows you to edit text and take notes. It is very like Keep in Google. It’s more of an editor for text with numerous options.

You can sync your documents and change accounts. Additionally, it allows you to integrate with other applications like Syncthing. It is available for both Android and iPhone.


Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

GitHub is created and published by Github. Github brand it self. If you’re sick of switching to a different browser in order to stay in contact with your colleagues, the application is for you. It will send you an email when you get the notification on your computer. It is great for quick PR search.

It is great for the process of issue creation, but you can also use it to spend time looking through various projects. It’s no lower than the GitHub Desktop version. The app will not make you be late for your desktop.

 Orbot: Tor

Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

The Tor Project develops the app. It’s a no-cost proxy application, and allows other apps to be used for your phone if are looking to access the internet more secure with these apps. It does this by encrypting Internet traffic, and then obscuring it behind the computer chain that is worldwide.

Tor is a free program as well as an open-source network to protect your online activities from surveillance, which controls your privacy, freedom, in addition to Internet security.Best F-droid App available on the play store android 2023.


Q1. Are all apps on F-Droid open source?

Froidroid is an easily-installable catalog of FOSS (Free and open source software) applications for Android platform. It makes it simple to search, install, and track updates on your Android device with the client.

Q2.What can you do with F-Droid?

F-Droid, an open-source and free app store for Android, is a community-sourced independent app store. F-Droid allows you to browse more than 1,200 open-source apps, search for and install apps from existing repositories or create your own .

Q3.Is apps in F-Droid are safe?

F-Droid is an unpaid volunteer project. You can use the repository at your own risk . Although every effort has been made to ensure safety,

Q4.How do you use F-Droid on Android?

F-Droid, an Android app store, provides free software apps that are secure and friendly. F-Droid must be downloaded from https://f-droid.org before you can use it.

Q5.How many apps does F-Droid have?

F-Droid hosted over 4,000 apps but you only get approximately 2,600. This is not nearly enough to match the 2.5 million apps available on the Google Play Store.

Q6.How do I find hidden apps on my Droid?

Tap on the three dots at the top-right of your device screen. This will take you to the Hide applications menu.

Q7.Is F-Droid better than Play Store?

F-Droid has a smaller selection of apps than the Play Store . There are 3,000 apps, compared to 3 million in Play Store .so answer is no.

Q8.Does F-Droid require root?

F-Droid doesn’t need root permission.