Top 15 Best Emulators Pc (Windows/Mac) 2022

Are you fed up with the limited screen size of your Android phone or iPhone? Don’t worry; here we bring you the best emulator window/ Mac 2022, which are the best and easiest way to run android and iPhone apps on your PC and laptop. Almost every person must have listened to Bluestacks, but in this article, we are talking about many more emulators with advantageous features.

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Best emulators Window/ Mac 2022


 Bluestacks Window/ Mac

 Best emulators Window/ MAc 2022

On the top of the best emulators for PC and Mac list is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is the Best Emulator window/Mac 2022. It has been trusted by millions of users because of its amazing development and easy access to mimicking the interface of an Android tablet. This software will run all your Android/ Mac apps and game smoothly, and you can also use the option of the gamepad as this emulator will also make you able to integrate different gamepad features. This emulator has the best compatibility with games and applications. Additionally, Bluestacks is mimicking an exceptional emulator that is also compatible with Windows OS; thus, it gives you an edge to run many apps and games. Window/Mac

Best emulators Window/ Mac 2022

This Emulator is probably another Best emulator for window/ Mac, and it is an online iOS emulator which assists in running iOS apps and Android apps on PC at the same time. This Emulator allows you to consider it one application with a two-in-one solution to your app needs. With this application, you can access a wide range of apps available at the user’s disposal because of single software. Also, this application is an amazing tool for testing apps as a developer to test any app.

 MobiOne studio Window/ Mac

 Best emulators Window/ Mac 2022

MobiOne Studio is also a great emulator on this list, allowing you to run all iOS and Android games and applications for free on Windows PC. This application performs for developing cross-platform apps between iOS and android platforms. With the help of this emulator, you can use Android and iPhone games and applications on your PC for no cost. Try this software now!

 YouWave Android Emulator (FREE) Window

Best emulators Window 2022

This emulator is one of the best emulators, windows/Mac, and it will convert your PC into an Android device and lets you have the experience of using an Android device on your PC. This application is the most commonly used emulator available for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Windows XP. This emulator comes with a feature to support multi-player online games, which will full fill the craving of every game geek. Additionally, this android emulator also has its app store via which you can access a variety of applications.

 Genymotion Window

 Best emulators Window 2022

This software is a user-friendly window emulator which will provide all Android developers a great chance to test their Beta apps without harming them virtually. This emulator is available for numerous Android operating systems, and thus it becomes a great option in the emulator’s race. This software is smooth, and it gives users the liberty to set RAM and internal storage for relevant devices.

 iPadian Mac

Best emulators Mac 2022

Padian is another best emulator Mac 2022, and this will let you get the iPhone experience on your PC. This application has an understanding interface, and it looks amazing. This software assists in bringing multiple features of apple’s new iOS 10 on the Windows platform. This application will allow you to watch OS and TvOS very easily. It is very user-friendly and has many highly customizable, advanced features. Try this application now and enjoy the iPhone feature on your PC.

 iPhone simulator Mac

Best emulators Mac 2022

This emulator is a unique and different kind of simulator which not only lets you emulate the apps but also provides you with the interface of an actual iPhone. This Software will allow you to enjoy a variety of iOS games and applications on your PC. This emulator has amazing graphics; thus, it also lets you test iPhone features such as a clock, calculator, and even a list of setting preferences and much more.

 Smartface Mac

Best emulators Mac 2022

This software is also both an iPhone app emulator and tester. This emulator will help you to develop apps on cross platforms for native iOS apps. This emulator is the smartest emulator with full debugging options and thus gives the app developer the best opportunity to work with it and develop apps.

 Andy Android Emulator (FREE) Window

 Best emulators Window 2022

This emulator is a fun application that has tons of features as an added advantage. This emulator will let you use whatsapp, Viber or any other app along with playing any game or using any app you like. This emulator is perfect, and it also proves itself to be the best competitor of another popular emulator. This emulator is full of advantageous features, and it fills up the difference between smartphones and PC. This emulator is the simplest way to get an Android phone experience on a PC. Try this application now!

 Remix OS Player (FREE) Window

Best emulators Window 2022

Remix OS Player is another famous emulator about which even software illiterates have heard about it. This software is one of the amazing android emulators for high configure PC, and it has the power to run any android app on a PC. This application is advanced, and it gives you the option to open an independent window of PC. This amazing software is a multi-tasker that allows you to run up multiple applications without causing any system-related disturbances.

 Windroy Window

 Best emulators Window 2022

Windroy is another great Android emulator which works with the Windows kernel. This is a type of emulator that works on a real machine, and it can make the device super fast. This software comes with all the best Android features which you can have on your PC. With the help of this application, you can easily control and use android apps using a mouse. This emulator will allow you to use android apps on your PC easily. Have this emulator now!

 Android-x86 (FREE) Window

Best emulators Window 2022

Android-x86 emulator is another great way to turn your PC into an android device and use android apps on your pc, and this will give you all of the best and famous features of Android on your PC or laptop. This software is developed to the mainstream just similar to Bluestacks, but it let the user run the android device on Intel x86 or AMD processors. This software is mostly used by android developers to test their apps. One of the best features is that it allows users to test the feature of all the apps of different versions of android. With the help of this emulator, you can easily create a virtual android machine on your Windows PC with the virtue of this android emulator.

 MEmu Window

Best emulators Window 2022

MEmu is another Android emulator which lets the user turn their PC into an Android device. One of the significant features of MEmu is that it lets users run android devices on Intel x86 or AMD processors. With the MEmu emulator, you will be capable of running multiple apps and games simultaneously. You can easily download and install this emulator and then can run any of the android app or games on your Windows PC. You can have this emulator for games, and with this, you can play the best of your android games on your pc. This application lets you access the latest version of Android on your PC.

 Droid4X Window

Best emulators Window 2022

This emulator will provide you an entirely new experience of gaming. With this emulator, you can download and install any game such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Clash of Clans on your PC. This application will enable your PC compatible with all the latest games not only from playstore but from other app stores also. Have it now!

 Nox Player Window

 Best emulators Window 2022

Nox Player is also a very famous emulator for PC. This software is basically for game lovers. This application comes with the feature of play store, which will let you install any of the android apps and games, and you don’t require worrying about apps. This emulator also has the feature of file explorer so that you can also install apk and apps from a third party.


So these are the Best emulators pc window/ Mac 2022, which are the best way to run android and iPhone apps on your PC and laptop. I hope you find this article useful. Please do like, share and comment us which emulator you like the most.
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