Print revolution!Does these words rings any bell? Let me curate you through the history of writing technology & record keeping. Remember “The Gutenberg Bible” eminent as the 42 line bible! With this auspicious book the world of mechanical printing book started its journey. Then comes the early springs of novels, revolution & renascence and In 1575, an Italian printmaker, Francesco Rampazetto, invented the scrittura tattile, a machine to impress letters in papers. Historians have estimated that some form of typewriter was invented 52 times as thinkers tried to come up with a workable design. Christopher Latham Sholes invented the typewriter in the year 1867. The first commercial typewriters were introduced in 1874. 

And then how can we forget “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, a literary work which every child has loved globally by the greatest Mark Twain written with a Remington. Thomas Edison invented an early form of electric typewriter which James Smathers pioneered as an essential in office use.

Too much of encyclopedic stuff! Now let’s figure out what are the essential to note while you purchase an electronic typewriter. There are two main types of typewriters: Desktops and Portables. The names are very self-explanatory, but they each have their benefits and drawbacks. Think of a portable typewriter as a laptop. Now let’s discuss about the spec you need to consider while you buy an electric typewriter.

  • Typing speed
  • Accuracy & easy to set margins with solid design.
  • Well spacing in keys
  • Professional results
  • Quality & durability

Below we have created a list to guide you, regarding what to buy. Note that these are the industry leaders & still have demand in their shelves. Don’t bother & buy straightaway the best product that suits your needs. 

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1. Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electric Typewriter

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020


The first product is an entry level portable daisywheel typewriter. Popular among many budding writers, students, small businesses & home users this product has many bounties for which this is adored so much. The Brother GX-6750 electric typewriter has a small footprint, and this suits it for small spaces, it is silent thanks to the advanced technology, and the high-quality ribbon together with the keys provides professional results. This unit nonetheless feels sturdier than the one I have and is also lighter. It supports different languages & also well-built and straightforward to move around with thanks to the excellent weight. Apart from being compact & portable it has many automatic time saving features one such is the 65-character correction memory. Give it a shot without a doubt in your mind, they won’t despair or despise you.

2. Wordsmith 250 Spellcheck Display Electronic Daisywheel Typewriter

Best Electric Typewriters 2020


The Smith Corona XL 1500 has all types of these fancy features like automatic centering, justification above all the memory based word erasing. You will find it very easy to type on it, not requiring much force at all to press the keys. It types quite fast but sometimes you may feel that you are out typing it if you are well versed typist, this isn’t even that expensive, plus the replacement ribbons are available cheap online. If you are a beginner then please opt this, before you spend bucks for expensive ones.

3. Nakajima AE-710 Electronic Typewriter

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

This device a bit heavy but a best pick for all the experienced users especially for office use. The Nakajima WPT-150 is recommended for the people who type for a living, from professional writers to all kinds of journalists & columnists. The ten-line correction memory is a boon which erases words up & sentences up to 700 characters, and also it is enabled with registering up to 20 characters per second. The 30 strokes key stroke buffer with a printing width of 11.5” makes it worth buying.

4. Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter

Best Electric Typewriters 2020

For starters, the one-line LCD screen lets you see the words you’re typing. The 16-character screen is not necessarily something to write home about but enough to make the typing job easier. The Word-Spell, 70,000-word dictionary with error-locating FIND feature, is awesome though. As far as we’re concerned, this feature basically rivals high-end spell checkers apps/add-ons/software pieces. The feature even provides typographic and phonetic corrections. The Brother SX-4000 looks pretty unassuming, the machine is anything but. You’ll be able to quickly and efficiently type/write for hours on a daily basis. The typewriter will let you keep the texts neat and error-free. Plus, the machine is as durable as they come, so you’ll be able to rely on this device for years to come.

5. Nakajima WPT-150

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

It has a high-yield ribbon that will handle lots of work before it needs to be replaced and delivers very clear work. Similar to other top modern types, the unit is space and energy efficient and will provide long-lasting service. It doesn’t come with a spell check feature nor does it include an LCD display. Nevertheless, like we said earlier, some of the newer technologies are simply too useful and convenient to get rid of, so the manufacturers made sure to include a pretty solid correction system that is limited to 90 characters. On top of that, the Nakajima electronic typewriter also comes equipped with a programmable choice of 12 different tabulation options and an automatic centering solution.

6. Brother ML-100 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

We have this expert touch write for simple and snappy composing. The all-around put quality keys enhance the precision while the blunder revising capacity guarantees your work is free of oversights. Amateurs will value its basic outline which will enable them to enhance their composing abilities and speed. The unit is made of scratch-safe and tough plastic. Essential to any professional typewriter, all Brother ML series computers include the standard U.S. English and international daisy wheels. With the ML100, you are able to easily access the international characters necessary for typing in a number of languages including English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Additional keyboard settings allow you to choose the proper character set for specific international characters.  It comes with 1-year warranty.

7. ROYAL(R) Scriptor II 69147T Electronic Typewriter, Taupe

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

Being a productive writer doesn’t necessarily mean constantly staring at a screen. The Royal Scriptor II is a great typewriter with all the features you would ever need. It has a great 2-line LCD display, 80,000-word spell check and more. The unit can deal with any work including printing reports, round out structures, and article work. To help a few dialects and changing starting with one then onto the next is direct

8. Portable Typewriter by Around the Office, 

Best Electric Typewriters 2020

This is a sturdy typewriter that supports several languages including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. It types very smoothly and silently, thanks to the superior design and technology. It writes easily and quietly on account of the predominant plan and innovation. The incorporated word reference together with the adjusting instrument kills. You will love the great speed regardless of whether you are the quickest typist and the thin profile that enhances stockpiling.

9. ADLER ROYAL Satellite 40 Typewriter by Luminira

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

Luminira are specialized OEM in office supplies & devices like typewriters, paper shredders, electronic calculators to name a few. This 15” max paper width device is designed with bold & centering functions, additionally having automatic paper insert but misses paper support in back. You don’t have to worry about its minimalistic & attractive design you won’t regret while using it because it has 1-year manufacturer’s warranty which offers it in a product dimension of 21.1×18.3×8.3”.  Remember one thing that this is the best value device which you will find in the market. This sleek device is a must pick for tailored office needs.

10. Brother ML-300 Electronic Display Typewriter – Retail Packaging

Best Electric Typewriters 2020

ML-300 Daisywheel Electronic Dictionary Typewriter is the mid-level portable typewriter. The 78,000-word, built-in dictionary encourages letter-perfect spelling. Unique features include its international keyboard, bonus international daisy wheel and the Perfective professional-touch keyboard. Typewriter offers easy access to the characters necessary for typing in a number of languages, including English, Spanish and French. Design also includes a 16-character LCD; 12.87″ carriage; 9″ typing width; and 10, 12, 15 pitch typing (Pica, Elite, Micron). Typewriter uses Brother 1030 correctable ribbon.

11. IBM Correcting Selectric III 

Best Electric Typewriters 2020

When you look at it weigh it and slowly familiarize with it, you will see that time has stopped. That doesn’t make it worthless, but in late 80’s this device was the best seller in the market of typewriters. Most of its parts are still made & used which makes this antique a unique antique. This is the last of the great American office machines. The sturdy keyboard boasts its durability among every others typewriter.  If you are fond of modern classic type typewriters then please go for it.

12. Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Inspired Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

The Qwerkywriter S is the original typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard. New wired USB mode with NKRO and multi device wireless connectivity! Dual scroll knob encoders and Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches! Integrated tablet stands up to 12 inches and a macro programmable return Bar! All new scratch Resistant aluminum chassis and round typewriter inspired keycaps. This pick is for those techies who want to have seamless operation with typewriters & yet not felt left out with what people are doing with computers. This device is pristine looking compatible to new needs typewriter. I mean its what old typewriters should look after commencement of technical advancement. You won’t find these features anywhere else. Surely one of its kind, out of the box.

13. Astrohaus Freewrite Smart Typewriter

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

Here at number thirteen we present you a smart typewriter, which uses retractable cable from type- A to C! Amazed right, this innovational design falls under the category of digital typewriters. The innovative RETRACTION design will leave you frustration-free! Always have your charger organized and ready; not knotted, tangled, and twisted! Just pull both ends of the miniSync to one of 10 PRESET LENGTHS for just the right amount of cable! When you are done, give a quick tug on both ends and VOILA! Watch the coiling mechanism fully retract to a very miniature and portable form factor! No more mess, no more tangle! Designed to work flawlessly with your Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen). SYNCHRONIZE your data to your computer or conveniently CHARGE it by connecting the miniSync to any standard USB power adapter. The miniSync supports HIGH SPEED USB 2.0 data transfers so that you can have the data on your Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen) backed up and transferred in no time! Made of DURABLE high-quality polycarbonate material and HEAVY-DUTY ribbon-style cable that is built to last!

14. IBM Lexmark Personal Wheelwriter 2 Typewriter 

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

With Cartridge Print Wheel/Auto Pitch Select you can change the type style and look of any document at any time Cassette Ribbon and Correction Tape – for easy word or complete sentence instant correction at a touch of a button Spell Check – the WWll prompt for spelling errors. It has got Express Cursor Keys word tab erase auto centering Boldface/underscoring auto carrier return/word wrap superscript/subscript decimal tabulation Alternate Languages Keyboard – with the selection of a different print wheel Impression Control – for those thick forms and multi-copy forms that need a strong letter impact. Stop codes Temporary margins Right Flush Line Find Reprint feature saves many of your keystrokes Dimensions: Writing line: 11.0″ Correction Buffer: 6k 10, 12, 15 and Proportional Spacing Full Page Automatic Correction Word Tab Word Erase Line Find and Relocate 1 Line Correction Memory 14.75″ Paper Capacity Back-Up Battery.

15. IBM / Lexmark 6781 TYPEWRITER WHEELWRITER 1000

 Best Electric Typewriters 2020

Lexmark IBM Wheelwriter 1000 typewriter includes a printwheel, ribbon, lift off tape, and a newly installed battery. Features such as Pitch: 10, 12, or 15 characters per inch and proportional spacing Line Spacing: 1, 1.5, 2, 3. The Paper Capacity: 14.75″ Writing Line: 11.0″ Keyboard: 96-character Print Speed: 16 CPS bi-directional Spell Check supplies an interactive 50,000 word-dictionary for locating spelling errors. It also leaves room for you to create your own unique 300-word dictionary to meet special needs. Automatic Correction: allows you to lift off or erase any of the last 4,000 bytes you typed or a full page of text easily and efficiently. Reprint helps you save time as well as trips to the copier by printing multiple copies of an original. Stop Codes allow the typewriter to be stopped during reprint to change text, type style, ribbon or line spacing. PC Printer Option allows you to connect to a computer during the reprint to change text, type style, ribbon or line spacing Programmable Top Margin lets you set the top margin. Word Tab lets you automatically jump left or right from word to word. Word Erase permits you to erase entire words at a time. All general typing tasks such as envelopes, labels, forms, memos, and letters Functions: Alternate Languages Automatic Carrier Return Battery Backup Bold Print Continuous Underscore Correction Buffer: 6,000 Decimal Tab Express Cursor and Relocate Keys Line Find PowerWise Energy Conservation System Relocate Reprint Right Flush Selection of Pitches (10, 12, 15, PS) Selectric Touch Keyboard Spell Check Subscript and Superscript Word Tab / Erase / Underscore.

Summing Up

It’s all about legacy!

The professional use of typewriters is on extinction. Computers are becoming smarter & better every passing day. If you gave birth to a bright young son, doesn’t makes you forget your genius father right. People out there are still using this device to jot down their feelings to form novels, script their thoughts to create revolutionizing columns & articles. If you are a student then it is a must that you work on it & have the feeling which your fathers & grand dads had. If you are new in this world better you compare things, dig deep about all the pros & cons customize yourself to know the reality before you pick. Rest assured that the above list reverts you to the end of your search, these are the only & the last of their types. Read vividly this guide to ensure a right purchase.