Easiest Way to Complete Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Automatically

The use of cloud technology has grown dramatically over the past few years, which has made it easier than ever to back up data offsite. However, is data stored in the cloud completely safe? The harsh reality is that no data is definitely safe. This is where cloud-to-cloud backup tools come in handy. In this guide, we will introduce the best free cloud backup service, CBackup, and show you how to complete cloud-to-cloud backup with this tool.


What Is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

Cloud-to-cloud backup refers to the practice of copying data stored in one cloud environment to another. File backups saved on the second cloud service serve the same purpose as offsite backups.

Creating cloud-to-cloud backups can give you extra protection for your cloud files against accidental deletion and virus attacks. Besides, it allows you to recover from drive failure, system crashes, etc. quickly.

Best Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service – CBackup

With the right tools, cloud-to-cloud data backup is a snap. As a reliable cloud backup tool, CBackup can help you copy data from one cloud to another effortlessly. Except for that, it is capable of backing up local files to cloud. This software supports many mainstream cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and FTP/SFTP.

There are several powerful features available in CBackup. Follow and check them now.

Multiple Cloud Drive Support: Multiple popular cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and OneDrive are supported by CBackup. This allows you to migrate files between different targeted clouds without a hitch.

Automatic Backup: CBackup comes with flexible auto backup modes – One time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, which enable you to backup cloud data daily, weekly, and monthly according to your needs.

Local File Backup: In addition to cloud data backup, CBackup provides you to backup any folder to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and CBackup Cloud from your computer as well.

Cloud to Cloud Sync: You are allowed to use the Cloud to Cloud Sync feature of CBackup to synchronize files between clouds, so you can keep the data on two cloud services always the same.

Cloud Storage Combination: Its Combine Cloud function allows you to combine unlimited cloud accounts to get 10TB of cloud storage or more without paying.

File Filter: If you don’t want to back up certain files during the cloud backup process, the File Filter function can give you the ability to exclude files by type with ease.

Email Notification: After enabling Email Notification on CBackup, you will receive a notification immediately when tasks are completed or interrupted.

How to Use CBackup to Do Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Automatically

To perform a cloud-to-cloud backup via CBackup, download and install the CBackup client on your computer, then carry out the following simple steps. Let’s say you want to backup OneDrive to Google Drive:

Step 1. Create a CBackup account for free by visiting the CBackup website, and then log in to its desktop app.

Step 2. Click on the Storage icon on the left side, choose OneDrive, and then tap Authorize Now to connect your OneDrive account. Tap Add Cloud and repeat the cloud-adding step to add your Google Drive account.


Step 3. Go to the Backup tab and choose the Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud option.


Step 4. Select OneDrive or expand OneDrive to choose specific files and folders as the backup source. Then, specify Google Drive as your destination.


Step 5. Hit Settings, and set a backup schedule after ticking Set a backup schedule for automated backup under the Scheduler tab. Then, press Start Backup to initiate the backup task.


When your cloud files are lost or damaged, you can head to the Tasks page, click on the three dots position of the backup task, then select Restore to get back data at any time.


Final Words

Doing cloud-to-cloud backup is a great method to back up your important documents, photos, and other files. With the CBackup free backup software, you can easily create auto backups from one cloud to another and restore backups whenever needed.

Moreover, this all-in-one backup tool allows you to backup PC to cloud as well. Now get this tool and start your file backup now before it is too late.