15 Best Ds Emulators PC 2023

Sometimes we crave to play the older consoles that were amazing in the previous years. However, we fail to know the opportunities that can help us play the games on our current operating systems. These emulators have various customizable features that give the older games excellent graphics to make them more exciting.

Have less worries cause there are various emulators in the market that can help you enjoy playing the older consoles in your new devices. This article is going to describe the top 15 best DS emulators that you can use to play DS Nintendo games on your PC.


Ds Emulators PC 2022

This is one of the perfect emulators that can play Nintendo DS games on your computer. I am open source software that works effectively with mac devices and also in all windows. So regardless of the type of laptop that you have, the software can be installed in it. The developers of the software have improved the software making it to be free from bugs. The DeSmuMe emulator also has a lot of customization features that give you the freedom to change the controller settings and the graphics to fit your preference. It also allows you to save your game on the current status.

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MelonDS Emulator

 Best Ds Emulator PC 2022

This emulator also supports all the Nintendo games that you can play on your PC. It has low-quality graphics properties, but the advantage of this emulator is that you can connect to your wife. It is also designed to help you play with your friend and families, some games which need multi-players. Customizable features like saving the game at the current status and others are also available in this emulator. It performs faster than most of the other PCs. It is also compatible with Mac and Windows computers.


 Best Ds Emulator PC 2022

This type of DS emulator gives you the opportunity to enjoy playing Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games on your PC. It offers you excellent graphic qualities. As if that is not enough, the software has the option of customizing the emulator’s settings to suit your needs and demands. It can also work well on PCs of low quality and is also the classic computers. However, for you to play comfortably in low-end computers, you will need tweaking processes. Among its amazing features is that you can save the game you are playing at the states where it has reached.


Best Ds Emulator PC 2022

Retroarch emulator is an emulator that can play various game systems on the PC ranging from DS Nintendo games to NES, DES, DSI, and 3DS games. It plays the games with quality graphics making it among the best emulators for playing games on the PC. The personalization and navigation feature makes it to be a bit harder to use during the first days of launching it. However, afterward, you will start enjoying the excellent features that will help you to customize the games easily. It supports Mac and Windows, and the emulator allows you to increase your graphics depending on the device you are using.


Best Ds Emulator PC 2022

Do you love playing old games such as Pokeman on your PC? Then this is among the excellent DS emulators that can help you enjoy your play on your computer. It can run all Nintendo DS games with high graphic designs and full settings. The emulators are equipped with features that are customizable. Among the features is the adjustability of the graphic resolution, which you can do it depending on the computer devices that you use. Citra also allows you to use WIFI connect and external controllers to play with your friends and families on multi-player games. It is an emulator that is compatible both with Mac and Windows devices.

DraStic DS Emulator

Ds Emulator PC 2022

This is one of the simple DS emulators that are compatible with almost all the devices ranging from Android to Windows and Mac devices. You can run your favorite Ds Nintendo games on this emulator, and you can configure it to suit your needs and demands. You can customize the controllers, graphics, and many more features, just like other emulators. It works on android with no problem, but when you want to play it on Windows, then you will have to run it through an android emulator.

R4 Nintendo DS Emulator

Ds Emulator PC 2022

If you want to have the best experience while playing your Ds Nintendo games on your PC, then install the R4 Nintendo Ds emulator on your computer. It can play any type of DS game on your computer. What makes it best is the fact that it operates with excellent performance making you to play the game with comfort since the game is not slow. After you finished installing the emulator, it gives the privileged to locate the games you want from the game folder easily. The games will then play just by clicking them. R4 Ds emulator offers you excellent graphics that make the game to be real.


 Ds Emulator PC 2022

An emulator that you can use it to set the game the way you want it to be is the best one. The Ideas emulators are a DS emulator that is equipped with features that you can easily customize them. The graphics are adjustable; therefore, You can easily change them depending on the quality you want and the device that you are using. All DS Nintendo games are supported by this emulator, giving an array of choices to select your favorite one and enjoy playing it. It runs all the games smoothly, and the emulator is always updated by its developers to suit its consumers.


 Ds Emulator PC 2022

NeonDS is a fantastic emulator that allows you to plays all the Nintendo Ds games on your PC. It is also equipped with excellent features that are customizable. However, the emulator has not received any update off late, leading to the depreciation of its standing value. When you play the game, it still has the old bugs. The advantage of these emulators is that it runs your favorite Nintendo games with excellent performance and accuracy.


Ds Emulator PC 2022
The best part of playing games on the PC is the graphics. A game that has excellent graphics becomes more real and enjoyable. If you want to enjoy your old age games on your PC, then have the TranDS emulator, which offers you perfect graphics. Besides, the emulator also gives the chance to personalize your settings such as the controllers and graphics so that the emulator can suit your needs. The advantage of this emulator is that you can play all types of DS intend games with it on your PC. It is compatible both for Mac and Windows devices.


Ds Emulator PC 2022

OpenEmu is a DS emulator that can work for both Microsoft Windows and Mac pcs and can also support more consoles. It is one of the best DS emulators for PCs because you can several games using it. However, the emulator lacks graphics, unlike others which have quality graphics. When I say it lacks graphics, I mean you cannot adjust the graphics properties so that the game you are playing looks clear on your computer. The advantage of the Ds emulator is that it can support various controllers and has a classic UI and interface.


Ds Emulator PC 2022

DS Nintendo games are games that require an emulator that can make them look clearer because most of them are old games. The 3DMOO is a DS emulator that can help you enjoy your gameplay on your PC. Its developers are dedicated to improving the emulator, and they are now working in eliminating the bugs which were present in the previous software version. It is an excellent emulator that can play all the DS Nintendo games on your PC. Installing the software is free as you can get it from the Microsoft store. The software runs excellent graphics and provides you with high performance. Do not be irritated or annoyed by the bugs because the software is still at its development stage, and many changes are being made to make it a perfect on. Most of the games will crash when they start playing, but that is being worked on.

Pretendo NDS Android Emulator

Ds Emulator PC 2022

Pretendo Emulator is among the highly reputable Ds Emulators that have been known for a long time. It allows you to play all the Ds Nintendo games on your computer without bugs. However, the emulator does not provide you with perfect and clear graphics. The fantastic feature about this emulator is that you can use Wi-Fi to connect other players and enjoy your play. You can play with multiple players and enjoy them. Gamers find it exciting when they play with others becomes the fun behind any game is the competitiveness of the game. The emulator is compatible with MAC and Windows PC though it is an android emulator for it to play in a PC it needs and an android emulator. It autosaves your game when you shut down the computer either deliberately or mistakenly.

NDS boy

Ds Emulator PC 2022
A good emulator is the one that can support most games so that you get the chance to choose the best game that is your favorite. Among the emulators that can accommodate almost all the Ds Nintendo games in your PC is the NDS boy emulator. However, the emulator does not display high-end graphics because it has not undergone development off late. When installing the emulator on your PC, you will have to have a high RAM in your computer for it to work effectively. Otherwise, if you have a low Ram in your PC, the game will be crashing every now and then. NDS emulator can work for both Windows and d Mac but with the aid of an android emulator.

Ultimate x3DSx

Ds Emulator PC 2022

The Ultimate x3DSx is also a good DS emulator that you can have in your PC for your Nintendo Ds games. It can run in your Mac and Windows PC with the aid of an android emulator. The emulator is featured with external controllers that can help you enjoy your games to the maximum. The emulator is also equipped with excellent features that are customizable. For example, you can adjust the graphics settings so that you can have the best display of your choice, depending on the device where your game is playing.


The mentioned above are the best Ds emulators that you can install in your laptop as Software and start playing your favorite consoles. However, it is crucial to look at the size of your PC before installing any of them. Some of them need your PC to have specific RAM storage capacity; otherwise, the game will keep on crashing while playing. Also, download or purchase the emulators from genuine sellers and providers. Failure to doing so, you will end up installing malware in your PC, which might render its performance and cause completed damage to it.