Are you looking for a drone to have a racing experience like never before? You have come to the right place. If you are a beginner, you will require a drone one can efficiently fly to get a handle on everything and, is also resilient enough to survive a crash caused by a technical malfunction or human error. Fortunately, there are various great options under 300$. If you are looking to spend your bucks wisely then, consider having from the below-mentioned list of top best drones under300$, 2021. At such a price point, you can access durable, efficient and easy to fly a drone. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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1. Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The Holy Stone is the very first drone that we want to highlight in this list. Let us know the reason why it is so? It is known to be a popular drone in the market these days. It drives the set of amazing features that makes it the best choice for the people who are seeking for the budget-friendly drones. It has the ability to fly over 1300ft and delivers the best shots due to the presence of in-built lens.

The drone comprises a 2800mAh battery, which allows it to fly for around 25 minutes. Moreover, the company has employed a GPS to this drone so that it gets updated about its location and return securely when the battery is low. The drone features a quick-release propellor and a good remote control controller. The good remote controller assists the user to fly it well, and also allows streaming the things with the help of its camera. As compared to other best drones under 300$, 2020, it features a brushless motor which further reduces the irritating sound.

Further, the inbuilt multi-sensors guarantee hoverings with high stability and high-quality images which can be taken under different flying conditions. Functions, like one key start/stop, emergency stop, altitude hold and electric fence, keep it simple to control for even beginners.

2. Contixo F24 Pro

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Have access to explore the world with an easy to carry quad-core F24 Pro. It is known to be the best drones under 300$, 2020. the technology is equipped with a back bag which allows you to start your adventure right away. With access to 200 m range, Contixo F24 Pro is a great fit for travellers.

Coming to its feature-rich specifications, it comes with the primary functions you require to enhance the whole flighting experience. First things first, it has a good HD resolution camera that allows the best quality serial images. It has an advanced GPS assisted hovering, which also enable accurate features such as Auto Return to Home, Smart Return to Home, Failsafe Return to Home and Low Voltage Return to Home. The other common features include altitude hold, headless mode, one key takeoff and landing.
The best thing about this F23 Pro is that is considered being a beginner-friendly drone. If you are someone who is trying to fly the drone for the first time, then it’s okay, to begin with, F20 due to the assisted GPS hovering. Although, this doesn’t mean that it is the best fit for the beginners. However, it’s suitable due to its slight learning curve.
On the other hand, if you are an intermediate, you would probably delighted with its quadcopter’s performance. Made for travellers and explorers, F24 Pro is smooth and maneuverable, great to carry around with you in the included backpack.

3. Tello Quadcopter Drone

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
As a beginner, one may not be comfortable with the high-end options which are full of features. They should always try first with an entry-level drone and then decide on investing in a better option if they want to go forward with it. This peculiar drone is a recommendation for the people who are professionals in using drones.

Coming to its exciting set of features. The company has employed an app with the help of which users can control the drone as well as make necessary changes in it. The app is known as Trello which makes this drone quite convenient to use and in turn provides a friendly user experience to everyone. With the help of a remote controller, the user can experience a good control over the drone. Also, the drone eliminates the use of a button to initiate it, all it requires is to lift the drone up and it will start to fly.

The camera is a significant component of any drone. Here it features 360 degrees video, up and away and other things which enable the user to click best picture and videos. Also, the drone comes with a battery that provides a flight time of 15 minutes on a single charge. It is a very small drone so you wouldn’t need to think much about its storage space.

4. ElementDigital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Up next in the list is another affordable drone from ElementDigital. Rather than investing in an expensive drone, MJX Bugs 5W works quite well. One of the great thing about this best drones under 300$, 2020 is its design which looks futuristic and will definitely attract the one who likes it. Element Digital is recognized as a good company as it is known to manufacture different models of the drone in the market.

The drone is quite powerful, and its camera has the ability to take HD videos. It also has the ability to brighten up the surroundings whenever the user is flying in the dark. To maximize the flight time of the drone, the company has employed 3 batteries, each of which has the ability to work for 20 minutes.

The company utilizes an app through which one can control the drone and it also assists to look after the images that are being taken by the drone. Further, the drone comes with safety protection, which makes it stand out from the rest best drones under 300$, 2020. If you are planning to take good pictures of the world different perspectives, then this is surely the best option that you should go for.

5. Altair Outlaw SE

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Up next in the 5th category we have a drone from Altair Outlaw SE. it comes with some incredible features and is displayed from a top-notch brand. It is the best drones under 300, 2020 for photography and videos and it employs some slick features for that purpose. On this drone, it’s hard to beat the 1080p camera which tends to deliver high-quality images all around.

One also gets some features which make the flying incredibly easy. It employs GPS integration to enable better stability in the air. Moreover, with the help of one-touch take-off and landing, you will never stress about landing the drone safely. All these set of features combine to make the experience of piloting this drone approachable for all levels of drone lovers.

6. Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Quadcopter

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The Hubsan H501S X4 is a great investment for the beginner as well as intermediate who are looking to purchase a drone in the budget-friendly range. It is designed by one of the most renowned brands in the market. Hubsan X4 H501S is the ideal quad for quadcopter lovers due to its great performance and all-round package with a built-in LCD monitor.
H501S packs a very interesting and fun-loving features such as a GPS positioning, follow me mode, a failsafe mode which allows the drone to return back when it loses connection to the controller and of course the other major features such as headless mode, return to home and altitude hold. This is the reason why it is one of the top choices among enthusiasts. Overall, it is an absolute blast to fly and with all the bells and whistles it is worth giving another shot.

7. Parrot Bebop 2

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The famous Parrot Bebop 2 is one of the best looking and most fun drones in the market. It provides an amazing value to its price, it’s a drone that stands out from all the best drones under 300$, 2020. It is one of the desired drones in the market. The reason brings its performance and operation. It offers very seamless performance and stability and is ideal for the beginners during all season round.

It is capable to fly for as long as 25 minutes per battery. It also employs an amazing control range up to 300 meters. Looking to record fascinating aerial videos or perfect selfies? Well, Bebop’s fish-eye lens ensures you to capture all the best moments with a 14MP 1080p built-in camera. It also boasts other features like digital stabilization, GPS, dual-core processor with quad-core GPU and a flight plan to map out your drones journey.

8. Best Drones Under 300$ 2020

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Are you looking to buy a drone which can provide a professional look and good features at a reasonable price? Consider having one from Potensic. It is quite yet functional and possesses all the incredible features from having the best cameras to a great design. It is the best drones under 300$, 2020 that you can find. The company offers an aluminium carrying case which enables you to safely carry the drone from one place to another.

This amazing yet affordable drone provides stunning picture quality of 1080p HD to satisfy all your needs. Further, you have an advantage to changes the angles of the camera according to your preference. It also features a gyroscope, GPS which makes it user-friendly and accessible to follow me the option. It has a control range of up to 300 meters which is quite good for POV shots. On top of that, the user has access to streaming the live videos directly from the camera. The simple and compact design of the drone enables it to control for a longer time. All in all, these features provide a great viewing experience to the users.

9. Cheerson CXHOBBY CX-20

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Cheerson is a brand that is recognized for its great products in a lower price range. Out of so many products, CXHOBBY CX-20 is one of the best nano quads drone. It is a great quadcopter which is really efficient to fly and employs a quite prolonged flying time of up to 20 minutes in which the user can cover the distance up to 500 meters.

The CXHOBBY CX-20 does not employ a camera but it is GoPro ready which gives you an ability to mount your camera and get in the air straight away. What you will like most about this product is that it has a vision positioning system which is great for indoor flying. It flies smoothly through a few tight door frames and passes all the test with decent results.

Moreover, it also features auto-return functions to get back the drone at a single click, 4-way stunts, stable flying, voltage protection and 360-degree flips. It also employs several flight modes such as position hold mode, handles mode, flight direction hold mode and height hold mode. All of these modes work perfectly. Overall, this aircraft is perfect for anyone who is looking out for a great drone under $300

10. dronexpro

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The drone x pro One is frequently regarded as the cheap alternative to the DJI Phantom drone series, even though its design and the camera resemble DJI’s line. Upair One plus is a powerful aircraft equipped with great hardware. It is the cheapest 4K drone that you could even recommend to our family or friends. It’s very easy to control, even if you are a beginner and flying a drone for the first time.
It has an astonishing flight time of up to 20 minutes with a maximum control range of 2 km. Its other fun and useful features include full GPS lock, position hold and automatic return. The UPair One comes with all the fun and useful features that you will need to get the most out of your quad. First of all, it has full GPS lock which allows you to search and lock on 8 satellites, position hold, micro SD card support of up to 32GB and automatic return accessibility. Not the best set of features, but definitely has all you need. The GPS helps the flight, enhancing the whole experience. It truly feels like you are flying a high-end drone.

11. Altair Aerial AA300

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The AA300 is another addition to great quad from Altair Aerial, the US-based drone company known for its best affordable beginner drones. It is best at its features. It gives you the ability to make it fly better while adjusting different styles accordingly. Its quadcopter features a GPS connectivity that enables for an easy flight and great stability to aerial photographers.

It employs tons of features such as one-touch take-off and landing, follows me mode and altitude mode. It has the ability to stream live videos up to 100 meters. It also comes with a really cool matte-black finish and everything you need to start flying right away such as a battery charger controller, two sets of props and of course the drone itself.

12. Snaptain SP600 WiFi FPV Drone

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Up next to the 12th category, we have Snaptain, which is another affordable yet best drones under 300$, 2020 available in the market. It has all the set of features that one requires for flying a drone. Out of all the features, the best feature is that, it can be controlled by the user’s voice. The in-built HD camera has the ability to click to pictures and videos. It can also assist to stream videos even when it is 200 meters away. It is a great option for beginners as well as children to supervise the drone without any trouble.

Talking about its exciting set of features. It employs a gyroscope which allows its to stay stable even in windy situations. The auto return mode allows the user to set the auto trajectory path. It allows the user to efficiently add the battery so that it can capture the photos and videos with the best precision under 15 minutes per charge.

On top of that, it supports virtual reality headsets which are much required to have a greater viewing experience. The compact design aids you in handling the drone without any problem. The design of the drone is perfect which makes it look more professional and expensive even though it is quite affordable.

13. JJRC H68 RC Drone

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
Most of us look for a drone that ensures a long flying time and for this reason many users might settle for the inexpensive drone with the common features. If you really want to have a drone that will ensure a prolonged fly time, then consider having one from JJRC. It is one of the much-loved product in the market for beginners as well as children.

Talking about its amazing specifications. The camera of this drone is quite superior and also comes with anti-shake properties so that the pictures or videos don’t come out shaky. The user also has access to adjust the camera according to their needs. At the time of flying the drone, you can directly provide the live stream on your smartphone if you connect it with the Wi-Fi present in the drone.

Apart from that, it has all the necessary features that you will require in a drone to make it user-friendly. The flying time of the drone increases when it employs multiple batteries. Moreover, it is equipped with a gyroscope which tends to make the drone stable even in harsh conditions. One even has access to shoot amazing things as it is capable of the 360-degree flip. Overall, this product is great in terms of its size, cost, performance and durability.

14. Force1 F100 Ghost

Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The F100 Ghost by Force1 is undoubtedly one of the best additions to this list of drones. It costs less than $250 and at a low price point, it comes advanced technical specifications and capabilities which seems to be too good to be true. It is equipped with powerful brushless motors that offer a quite, long flight without overtaken by a single breeze. It enables the user to perform 360-degree stunts in the air while being stable enough to avoid doing a nose dive into the ground.

The drone employs an HD camera which also helps the user to record everything that they want during the flight. It features powerful brushless motors and manual control which enables the distance up to 500 meters. It also comes with a 4 spare propellor which makes it easy for the user to set and take it down.


Best Drones Under 300$ 2020
The MJX Bugs 2 is the best replacement for the widely popular Bugs 3. In short, the MJX quadcopter nails it. With improvements in virtually every sphere over the Bugs 3 so it should be easy to see why we included it in our list of the best drones under 300$, 2020.
The MJX Bugs 2 is a brushless quadcopter available at a very enticing price point. Although it can not compete with high-end top brands nevertheless, it has a very reliable machine which allows the user to experience a real delight to fly. The drone is perfect to have a fun time for beginners and even for professional drone enthusiasts.

As far as specifications are concerned, at this price point, you can’t get anything even remotely close to Bugs 2. It provides a flight time of 15-20 minutes with a control range of up to 330 meters. The camera comes with a 1080p resolution that enables the user to capture high-quality aerial pictures and videos. The other features included in Bugs 2 is headless mode GPS, altitude mode, one-key return and LED lights. Detailed telemetry and reliable foolproof make it a worry-free product.


Drones can be really expensive if you look for peculiar features, so we have thought to put together a few best drones under 300$, 2020. This will surely help the ones who want to invest in a drone that will work for them and stay with them for a prolonged time. A lot of drones may seem way out of your budget range but, these 15 have proved to be reasonable while ensuring great quality. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to purchase a cheaper option, because you might require some time to learn the flying skills.