10 Best Dog Stop Barking Apps (Android/ios) 2023

Are you looking for the best way to manage your pup’s barking habit? Searching for an app that will help make life with your furry friend a bit smoother?

Look no further!

We have done the hard work of researching the 10 best dog stop barking apps (Android/ios) 2023 that can help you take control of your pup’s vocal habits and enjoy a peaceful household.

Dog Whistle – High Frequency

Best Dog Stop Barking App

You can train your dog with Dog Whistle, a free application.

Due to the fact that dogs have much better hearing than humans, dog whistles are ideal for training dogs since they emit high frequency sounds. Humans are only able to hear up to 20 kHz, while dogs are able to hear much higher frequencies.

The Dog Whistle app emits high frequency sounds between 100 and 22,000 Hz.

Please remember that just because you cannot hear it, doesn’t mean your dog can’t.

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Dog Whistle: Dog Training Tips

Best Dog Stop Barking App

The dog whistle app emits high frequency tones through an audio tone generator. Humans can only hear up to 20 kHz, but dogs are much better at hearing. As dog whistles are less audible to humans, but loud to dogs, they are ideal for training them. Dog Whistle Frequency Generator is perfect for training dogs.

You can use this dog whistle – audio tone generator app to stop your dog from barking or whining.

In this app, you can train your dog in a fun way by blowing the whistle. Your dog will hear it when you blow it. In some cases, the dog may not respond. For this purpose, you can try different frequencies and durations in the dog training section.

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Dog whistle & training app

Best Dog Stop Barking App

Introducing EveryDoggy, the all-in-one puppy & dog training app, created by certified canine experts. It comes with a built-in clicker for training sessions, fun tricks, essential commands, puppy FAQs and many more!

With our built-in whistle, you can train your dog.

Whistles for dogs emit a high frequency sound inaudible to humans.

A dog whistle generates frequencies between 22,000 Hz and 25,000 Hz.

You don’t have to worry about your pet chewing on your favorite shoes or making your new carpet into their toilet with EveryDoggy.

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Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training

Best Dog Stop Barking App

More than 4’000’000 parents and their 5’000’000 happy dogs use Dogo App, one of the most downloaded dog training apps.

The Dogo App was named Europe’s app of the year.

You will have tools such as a dog clicker and puppy whistle to support your dog training at home.

Dogo is revolutionizing the way people raise and train their dogs. The app offers professionally tailored programs for dog parents that are curated by experienced dog trainers and veterinarians. In addition to sharing videos and pictures of their pets, users will also be able to exchange experiences with other dog parents. You can also use our Dog Clicker to teach your smart pet obedience!

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Dog Whistle – Dog Trainer

Best Dog Stop Barking App

Dog whistles emit high frequency sounds. Humans can only hear up to 20 kHz, but dogs can hear much higher frequencies. Since dog whistles are silent to humans, but loud to dogs, they are perfect for training dogs. Dog whistle – High Frequency Generator is a simple app to use to train dogs.

Using this app, you can emit high frequency sounds between 100 and 22,000 Hz.

You can use a Dog Whistle to train your dog, stop your dog from barking, and teach your dog tricks.

Thank you for downloading the dog whistle app.

The DOG WHISTLE app helps you train your dog for free in a fun way. Just blow the dog whistle and your dog will respond. The app uses the traditional dog whistle to interact with your pet.

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Dog Whistle: Dog Translator &

Best Dog Stop Barking App

The Dog Whistle app helps you call your dog, train it, teach new tricks, and stop it from barking loudly.

Dog whistle training is a method of dog training that helps you pair a high-frequency sound with any behavior you decide and you want your dog to do. You can use this 25000 Hz dog clicker and whistle from your phone to easily tame your dog and teach it all the tricks you want!

Change your dog’s behavior by teaching him obedience and tricks!

Select a frequency between 100 Hz and 28000 Hz using the frequency generator slider

Whenever you find your dog’s sweet spot, you can save this frequency to the dog whistle and use it whenever you like!

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Barking Dog Responder

Best Dog Stop Barking App

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This is a simple app that can help you in a variety of crazy situations.

You want to respond to your neighbor’s dog’s barks with another barking dog as well as with an irritating sound (you may consider using portable speakers).

When your dog barks, answer it with a specific sound or with a voice asking him to stop.

You are tired of whistling to stop your partner’s professional snoring.

Is it because you are used to misplacing your phone that you want it to answer when you shout for it? (>ლ)

You don’t want to repeat “Bathroom is busy”, you want to shoo unwanted birds, …. use your imagination.

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Barkio: Dog Monitor & Pet Cam

Best Dog Stop Barking App

Stay close to your pet with the Barkio dog monitoring app. Watch live video of your puppy or cat. Hear when your dog barks, and interact with your pet remotely.

Here are some helpful Barkio features for pet parents:

  • You can watch your dog, puppy, cat, and other pets in live HD video
  • During monitoring, record video and take a picture
  • Check to see if your dog barks, howls, or whines
  • Check to see if your dog is calm (motion detection)
  • Give a new purpose to your old cell phone or tablet by upcycling it
  • WiFi and cellular data allow you and your dog to communicate over unlimited distances
  • Communicate remotely with your puppy
  • You can prerecord commands to calm your dog
  • Two-way video so your dog can see you as well
  • Check out your pup’s activity log to see what he’s been up to
  • Watch your dog from your phone, tablet, or laptop

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Best Dog Stop Barking App

Download GoDog – smart guide for dog training and pet care. Are you a happy dog owner? Do you want to train your dog in easy steps?

You will find all the features you need to keep your dog healthy and happy, including a full lesson pack with step-by-step video instructions verified by professional dog trainers, a dog whistle and clicker built in, a health and care diary, a time walking schedule, and useful articles.


You can teach your puppy to be socialized and well-adjusted without overpaying for dog trainers’ services. Our lessons are crafted with highly qualified trainers.

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Woofz – Smart Dog Training

Best Dog Stop Barking App

Welcome to Woofz – the all-inclusive dog-training app for your fluffy friend.

Have you ever wondered what makes your dog tick? What do those barks mean? Or how to get rid of those bad habits? And create new ones?

The Woofz app is not just for training your fluffy pal. It helps you understand what makes your pet tick and create a more harmonious pet-human relationship.

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