15 Best Doctor Games (Android/iPhone) 2023

To be a doctor seems to be the best way to take care of the people living in your country and all around the world. When you are in a profession where you tend to maintain health and cure other living beings, it is considered among noble professions. How amazing would it be where it could be possible for you to get dressed like medical professionals like doctors, dentists, and nurses? All these things are indeed possible to experience by playing the doctor’s games on your mobile phones. Any time you can bring the virtual doctor to your living room or kitchen, in fact, anywhere around the corners of your place. On the off chance that you were looking to establish yourself in a profession where you can feel positive by helping others, and you cannot do so in your real life, then have a perfect opportunity to get the same experience by taking care of your virtual patients. In this article, you will get to know all about the top 15 best doctor games 2023.

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Best Doctor Games Android/ iPhone


 Operate Now: Build your own hospital

Best Doctor Games Android/ iPhone

The Operate Now: Build your hospital android/iPhone is the ultimate doctor game. This game is a successful creation by the Spil Games. To be a surgeon is considered to be among the most challenging jobs that can be done. It would be best if you were very precise about every incision that you make on a living being has to be done with utmost care. The players will get to live the life of a surgeon. Manage your hospital and keeping an eye on the hospital staff are some of the crucial duties that you would have to perform.

 Dream hospital- Health care manager simulator

 Best Doctor Games Android/ iPhone

This is a real-time doctor game. Your hospital will be open to all kinds of patients throughout the day and night. No matter how busy the hospital staffs are, it would be your duty to manage the task of each of the hospital members. This is ensuring that the operation of the hospital is working smoothly. On the off chance that you are concern about the controls of the game, it is flawless, and you would not find a single glitch in the game as the developers constantly keep on updating the software of the Dream hospital- Health care manager simulator game. This doctor game is compatible with all Android phones as well as Apple phones.

 Surgeon Doctor 2018: Virtual job Sim

Best Doctor Games Android

Here, you have got another doctor game with a plot that revolves around the life of a surgeon. As a player, you need to prove yourself as a true hero who has the supreme power to execute each surgery successfully. To take care of medical hygiene, equipment needs to undergo sterilization once the operation is done. Surgeons are required to be mentally and emotionally prepared before they conduct the surgery. Get yourself ready for your first incision with this fantastic doctor game. You would be performing a lot of different types of operations, bog as well as small. Some of the operations would be related to the kidney, liver, heart, bones and many more body parts.

 Doctor Dash: Hospital Game

Best Doctor Games Android

There is a lot to examine and gain knowledge about the different specialties in medicine and science. The Doctor Dash: Hospital Game renders the user to build their dream hospital and treat different diseases that human beings are enduring. The different specialty clinics in your Doctor Dash hospital are comprised of the heart clinic, lungs clinic, and kidney specialist. There is also a chamber dedicated to the dentist to perform his specific routine check-ups. You will also be receiving patients with different bone ailments diagnosed by performing specific x-rays of the body parts. The hospital has a separate room to conduct the x-ray.

 Eye Doctor Hospital Game

Best Doctor Games Android

The much-known developer in the games market, Game Stars, has come up with a unique concept. The company has developed this doctor game for its android users. The Eye Doctor Hospital game is all about an eye specialist and his patients. He remains busy the whole day. From weekdays to weekends, he attains several patients with several eye-related problems. As an eye doctor, you have the leverage to pick the patients you would like to treat. Not only just that, but you will also be getting the facility to do the vision plus blond color test as well as the laser operation.

Amateur Surgeon 4

Best Doctor Games iPhone

Once you have started playing the game, “amateur” will be a word for you. This is because when you become the virtual doctor in the Amateur Surgeon 4 phone doctor game, you will have an entirely new experience of entering into the world of thrill and adventure. Take the sharpest chainsaw that is available near you to operate your patients. Yes, you got it right! The Amateur Surgeon 4 iPhone is entirely different from the other doctor games that have been mentioned in this rundown. Show your hidden skills to find solutions to various surgical problems. You would be playing with real players at the same time. Hence, you cannot afford to be second in the competition.

 Doctor for kids pretend play doctor – FREE

Best Doctor Games iPhone

When you will start searching, you will come across a number of interesting games on your Apple phone. One such game is the Doctor for kids pretend play doctor – FREE iPhone which is available to all the users of the iPhone free of cost. It is designed in such a way that a child from the age of 4 can begin to understand and play this doctor game. You may also utilize the game as an opportunity to educate him/her about body science? Let them find the answer to the question about what will happen if anybody part starts to malfunction due to any kind of abnormalities or dysfunctional organs?

 Hospital Surgery: Doctor game

Best Doctor Games iPhone

There an ample amount of games in different genres that have been created and developed by the Fat Lion Games Sp. z o. o. They are known for their excellent user-friendly controls and features. The Hospital Surgery: Doctor game iPhone doctor game is one of the examples which prove that the creators care about the quality of the game app. The details that you would get to encounter while playing the role of a doctor is top of the mark.

 Best Surgeon- Doc Game

Best Doctor Games iPhone

While creating a dedicated rundown for the top doctor games and forgets to mention the name of the ultimate doctor game, the Best Surgeon- Doc Game iPhone, and then it would not be fair at all. You have to tighten your belt and get yourself ready to dress up like a doctor. You have your hospital to take care of. The time will be set for every operation that you perform. Show your inner doctor skills to do the incision and command your fellow mate to help you out to carry the operation with excellence. Apart from taking part in a very critical surgery, you also have to take care of children who are very ill and they need they need you the most.

 Hospital Dash- Healthcare Time Management Game

Best Doctor Games Android/ iPhone

This doctor game is loved by a huge number of players all around the world. This popularity is due to the easy control of the game as well as the accessibility of this game over two major platforms which are the android and iOS cell phones. The Hospital Dash- Healthcare Time Management Game is a little bit different from all the other doctor games which have been already mentioned in this list. The player will be playing the role of a nurse in it rather than being the doctor. This unique plot for the game has been thought the developers named Tapps Tecnologia da Informacao LTDA.

 Offline games: Doctor surgery games for girls

Best Doctor Games Android

Have you ever given it a thought that how thrilling it could be to save the lives of other people? If you want to get the feel of ultimate emotions that come after you get successful in securing the life of a living being, it would be the choice to play the Offline games: Doctor Surgery games for girls doctor game. You will have to take the responsibility to diagnose and treat the disease of the people in your town. You are already a hero for them and that is why you cannot afford to go wrong. Else you would not only lose your reputation but also the faith of the people around you that you have earned after a long hard work.

 Heart Doctor ER Hospital manager: Hospital games

 Doctor Games (Android/iPhone)

The Heart Doctor ER Hospital manager: Hospital games Android is supreme in every aspect. The features of this doctor game are entirely 3d. You will get real-life experience in this virtual world of doctors, nurses, and patients. As the best heart surgeon available in the city, it will be your responsibility to handle an emergency where you need to secure a patient’s life with a heart attack. The hospital of Heart Doctor ER Hospital manager: Hospital games doctor games will be open all day and night to attend to all the types of patients.

 Doctor game

 Best Doctor Games Android

A lot of Android fans have loved the Doctor game for quite a long time. This game has already got more than 10 000 000 downloads. You will be attending six different children in your clinic with six different health cases. It is your responsibility to take care of those children and send them back home fully recovered. There are 15 pieces of medical equipment in your clinic. Whenever the doctor completes any task, you will hear applause and hailing from the background. The operations performed by you as a surgeon would indeed be as if they are being performed in real life.

 My Hospital bu Kuu Hubb Oy

 Best Doctor Games Android

It is time for you to get control of all the diseases around the world. It is only possible in the My Hospital bu Kuu Hubb Oy Android. In this doctor’s game, you will the in charge of your hospital. There are more than 80 unique diseases that need to be cured. You can cure them with your personalized medicines. The ingredients have made all these medicines of the plants on your farm. The players can customize the interior as well as the outside of the hospital.

 Heart’s Medicine- Doctor Oath- Hospital drama by GameHouse

Best Doctor Games Android

The game’s main plot is based on the people who would come to visit you in your heart specialty hospital. The plot of the game has a romantic twist in the game. From visual effects to sound effects, everything is fantastic and entertaining. The Heart’s Medicine- Doctor Oath- Hospital drama is such an addictive game that you would never want to leave your virtual hospital. Compared to several games in the same genre, this game tends to excel in its way. From medical equipment to operation gloves and masks, you will get them all to maintain the protocol of the medical institutions.


Get indulge in the doctor games to render yourself the experience and the satisfaction of taking care of those who need you the most and curing their health. These days the genre of doctor games is treading a lot. This is because this type of game tends to keep you away from the social negativity around them, plus it also helps you be a better person in life by thinking about others.

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