How to send direct message instagram from (mobile/pc)

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Now let’s start with how to do it !!!

if you are using the Instagram app then this process is pretty simple for you

I add all the best step-by-step guides for sending a direct message from the Instagram app.

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But what about sending an Instagram direct message from pc or laptop? It’s not possible !!!!!

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It’s possible but only by third-party plugin or app

Just follow the steps and send an Instagram direct message successfully

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So guys, let’s check out how to do it !!!

 How to send Instagram direct message from app/laptop/pc

From Instagram app 


  • Open the app
  • Go to Your friend profile whom you want to send message
  • Now on right top side you see three dotted button click on it
  • Now many option you see select send message

  • Now enter your message and hit on send button

Instagram direct message


  • Congo you successfully send a direct message

Instagram direct message from pc/laptop

Windows store
If you are using latest windows like 8 or windows 10 then you can easily send direct messages from your pc or laptop
Just go to windows play store and download the latest version Instagram
  • Now open it
  • Sign in on it
  • Select your friend whom you want to direct message
  • Now click on the send message
  • Wrote your message and hit send button
  • Congo you successfully send a direct message from your pc or laptop



I think you know about it.if not then let’s show you how you can use bluestack to send direct message from Instagram on your PC or laptop
  • First of all download bluestack
  • Now open Google play store
  • Search Instagram
  • Download it
  • Open it and sign in
  • Now follow the first step guide above which I add in the starting go and send now
So guys these are the top 3 ways to send direct message from app/laptop/pc

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It’s pretty simple  !!!
All the best guide you need for sending direct message is here
So guys now what are you waiting for just go to your friend profile and send him/her a direct message
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