Delicious game is series involves a number of time management games that was initially developed by Zylom studios and later by Gamehouse Studios. Zylom started developing the first series to the 6th and from the 7th game up to date, Game house has been responsible for the development. Basically the games are about a waitress called Emily who aspires to run her own restaurant one day. She is working in other hotels and restaurant to get money that will help her achieve her dreams. Delicious games are a highly loved game that has received excellent reviews from many gamers across the world.

Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

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1. Delicious : special Winter Edition game

Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

Delicious special edition was released on 21st of September 2006. In the game, the players were mainly challenged to run eight restaurants successfully and that process went for five day each player. This first game did not have much story line but it focused mostly on the gameplay. It was an interesting game with excellent graphics and that was enjoyed by many. The competiveness of the game made it to be loved by many people. Gamezebo rated the game with 3.5/5 starts and in the year 2007 it was named the best casual game of the year 2006.

2.Delicious 2: Jakko Van Hunene

 Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

This was launched in on 29th of June 2007 and it has improved features as compared to the initial game. Among the features included the ability of the player to decorate the restaurant that they wanted. The player was also able to put items on the plates ahead of time instead of only putting them at the head time when ordered by the customer. Contrary to the first game, this game contained five restaurants where you could work for ten days instead of eight hotels where you were working for five days as it was in the first game.

The storyline of the game was that Emily was being asked by her uncle to help him by working in his hotel when his own son, Marcello had ran off to leave him work alone at the hotel. Jakko Van Huen game received 3.5 stars from Gamezebo which was the same rate as the first game.

3.Delicious 3: Emily’s Tea Garden

Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

Emily’s Tea garden was launched on 24th of September 2008 marking the third game in the series of delicious games. The game has similar features to the second game. The only changes are that there is variety of dishes in the hotels and restaurants as well as conducive reservations. There is also a minigame where the player collects mice from the hotel to keep it clean and safer for the customers. The main storyline of this game is that Emily wants to realise her dream of running a tea garden.

For the dream to be realised, Emily has to apply for a loan at the local financial institution and for her to do so, she needs help from her uncle who she was working with. Her Uncle Antonio helps Emily by connecting her with his friend’s restaurant where she will serve as a waitress in the hotel. It is from the work in the uncle’s friend’s restaurant where Emily will get some cash that will help hr realise her dream of having a tea garden. As she was working, she got several referrals and ended up working for three restaurants where she finally got her money to start her tea garden. The game was rated 3.5 stars too.

4.Delicious 4: Emily’s Taste Of Fame

 Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

Delius game 4 was released on 3rd of June 2009 and it was named the Emily’s Taste of Fame. Among the features that were included in the game included special events and many others. Also the game was abit unique from the previous games because it has changed it theme from the normal time mamnagment game. The game also had casts more than thirty characters making it the only game with most talking characters in the world at that time the main story line of the game was explained in the next paragraph.

Emily is giving a chance to host her event which was a cooking show on a television station. As she was heading to the studio, her car and breaks down on the way. She therefore decided to look for a mechanic to fix it so that she can continue with her journey. On his course of looking for a mechanic, Emily founds herself helping other people who were in problems and they needed some help.

The game was nominated to participate in the Game House Great Game Wards in the year 2010. It was nominated three times in the following categories respectively: The game of the year, The Top Time Management Game and The Game of the Yea People’s Choice. However, it successfully won the award of the Top Time Management Game It was rated 4.5 stars by Gamezebo.

5.Delicious 5: Emily’s Holiday Season

 Delicious Games In Chronological Order

Emily’s Holiday Season was released on 18th of November in the year 2009 making it to be the fifth game of Delicious Serious games. The story is about Emily who had settled in Snuggford, a little where she was spending her holiday with her family and friends. During her stay at the town, Emily was approached by one of his friend alongside other two men namely Paul and Richard. It is at this time when the two handsome men were introduced into the life of Emily. Emily started having a feeling towards the two and had to choose one of the two to make him her boyfriend. At this time of dilemma, Emily was also dealing with some problems form his family and friend. The game was rated 4 stars by Gamezebo and they praised the dialogue and the well written story.

6.Delicious 6: Emily’s Childhood memories

Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

This is the sixth game of the delicious game series which was launched on the 3rd of February 2011. In the game, Emily who is the main character goes to the house where she was brought up because her parents are planning to sell the house. While in the house, she is sited with her parents, her sister Angela and her friend Francois. The group was having a good tie remembering all the things that had happened to the during the early lives. Emily also reminded Francois how they met up and how they started their relationship. The game was rated 4.5 starts by Gamezzebo because of the excellent storyline that makes it real.

Emily’s Childhood memories game won several awards including the Best 2011 award by Jayisgames under the category of time management games. Dutch game awrads also offered delicious game six an award of the best casual game of 2011. A special edition of the game was also launched in the same year that had excellent features making it more enjoyable when playing it. The concept of the video was lit. It has an amazing screen saver that will make one want to play the game bu just looking at it. The game strategy guide was also provided and it was comprehensive and clear. It also included six additional upgrades.

7.Delicious 7: Emily’s True Love

Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

Emily’s true love game of the delicious game series was launched in the year 20011 on 30th of November. This new game happens one year later after Emily has successfully opened her hotel and she is running it comfortably. Suddenly, she receives a letter from nowhere and it is a love letter which confuses her and makes her mind going agape. Emily decided to travel across the world to find for her true love but as her s travels she keeps on helping people on their restaurants and hotels. This is the first game to be rated 5 stars by gamezebo. The game also launched a special edition in the same year and it had special features like the ten bonus game play levels. It also had ten exclusive hotel items and came along with the playing guide. It had a delicious screen saver and wallpapers too.

8.Delicious 8: Emily’s Wonder Wedding

 Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

This game was divided into episodes and it was the first game to be divided in episodes. It was launched on 29th of June 2012. It had a total of twenty five episodes and more than forty levels with two levels in each episode. In the game Emily is marrying Patrick and in the course of the marriage , Patricks mother together with his ex-girlfriend turn up to the wedding and cause chaos in the event. A special edition of Emily’ Wonder Wedding was also released in the same year. The premium version had features that included a restaurant with additional five episodes. It has an awesome musical soundtrack, delicious wall appears and a gallery of Emily’s pictures through her life.

9.Delicious 9: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise

 Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020
This is the second game in the series that was also divided into episodes and the competed game was released on 26th of September 2013.Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise game has seventeen episodes in the normal game while the platinum eversion of the game has more that seventeen episodes. The storyline of the game is that Emily and his husband Patrick are going for their honeymoon on a cruise. Patrick is telling Emily that he wants to have kids but Emily is not ready. While still on the cruise, the two discovered that the whole family is helping on the cruise.

In this game, the players control characters that are not email in the game whether in the shop, restaurant or Ian any other places. The premium version of the game was released the same year too and had additional features. Some of the features include a concept art, a bonus restaurant and delicious wallpapers for your computer.

10.Delicious 10: Emily’s New Beginning

 Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

This game was realised in the year 2014 and it was initially playable for only Zylom and Gashouse subscribers. Later non-subscribers were also in position to play the game. In this game Emily and Patrick have been blessed with a baby girl and they are taking care of her. The name of the girl is Paige. To Emily this is a challenge as she is longing her restaurant business. The game mainly brings about the concerns of Emily balancing her work and playing her role as a wife and a mother. It received excellent reviews from gamers and on Christmas day, the game received a special edition which had exclusive features making it more enjoyable while playing.

11.Delicious 11: Emily’s Home Sweet Home

delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020

The game was released on 4th of June 2015 and it could only be played the Zylom and Gamehouse subscribers. Later on 18th of June 015, it was released to be played also by the non-subscribers. It was then officially launched on June 19th of the same year. In this game, Patrick and Emily have purchased a new home to bring up their family in the house but things are as good as it seems. Paige becomes the best ally to a neighbour child called grace. Grace engages in an accident while in the house of Emily and her mother stops her from going to the house again.

12.Delicious 12: Emily’s Hopes and Fears

Delicious Games In Chronological Order 2020
The game was released on 18th of November 2015 and it could be played on Kindle, Android, iOS devices only that it was restricted to subscribers of the two developers of the game. After two weeks it was released to the public for them to have an opportunity to play it too. In this game, Allison heart is also featured as a character. Allison is character in most of the famous Gamehouse Games like the Heart’s Medicine, which is a medical drama game. The story of this game is that Paige is sick and he is suffering from mysterious disease. Patrick sets outs to go and find a flower that he believes it will cure the disease that is ailing her daughter.